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Thumbtack Employee
Thumbtack Employee

Welcome to our newest users! (12/17)

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Re: Welcome to our newest users! (12/17)

My wife and I started our Video Editing and Production services on Thumbtack this year. We are growing slowly in terms of the number of jobs we do and use Thumbtack exclusively to get our jobs & customers.

We actively provide feedback to the TT service reps who pass it on to the products team and are happy to contribute to this platform's success, in anticipation that it will lead to our own success and growth in the video editing and production market.


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Thumbtack Employee

Re: Welcome to our newest users! (12/17)

@DNGVideo thank you so much for sharing!

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Re: Welcome to our newest users! (12/17)

Also thank you to these pros! You've joined us in the last two weeks and have already posted in our discussions. We'd love to hear more about you - how did you get started in your profession?

@VantagePix @Vasyl @VickiGC @VictoriaP @VincentRoazziJr @vrudolph @wandafully @WendeePease @Wildcat23 @Windhaven @Wooddefender @woodturner529 @Xtremqueen @YG @Zheesavage @ZONACPA
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Re: Welcome to our newest users! (12/17)

I got started professionally 2 years ago when I finally was brave enough to learn and do something I truly enjoy end love . After failing and being unhappy in so many other fields.
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Re: Welcome to our newest users! (12/17)

I was always passionate about getting myself into shape.
After achieving that I wanted to find a way to help others that’s how I found thumbtack)

Re: Welcome to our newest users! (12/17)

I started my photography business in NYC 3 years ago. My sister let me crash on her couch so I didn't have to get a part-time job to support myself. I tried every marketing tactic but what ended up working the most was Thumbtack and cold emails. Today, I fly around the country and the world for my clients, some of which were acquired through TT. Thanks for helping me launch. People will hire if they can get in touch with whom they're looking for.

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Re: Welcome to our newest users! (12/17)

Thank you very much!!!

Kind Regards
Amanda & Bryan
Vantage Photography