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Thumbtack Employee

Welcome to our newest users! (2/25)

Shoutout to the newest members of our online Community! If you’re tagged here, you’ve joined the Community in the last week and already begun participating in discussions. Engagement from great pros like you is what makes this community possible, so thank you! Check out my other post about how to get started using the Community to learn more.

We would love a quick intro from you! Reply below and let us know your name and your favorite thing about your job!

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Re: Welcome to our newest users! (2/25)

My name is Darek and my favorite thing about my job is that I am able to create personalized relationships with people that normally only comes from your closest friends, when people get results they trust me for life and thats a great feeling.
Thumbtack Employee
Thumbtack Employee

Re: Welcome to our newest users! (2/25)

Thank you for sharing @FitnessDarek!

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Re: Welcome to our newest users! (2/25)

My name is Heather Ahern my business is It Starts With Faith Organizing I love organizing my clients homes.