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What Happens Next? - My suggestion for HELP

The "HELP" files need help. As I was reading to learn one feature and how it works, I know that I had read here at the Water Cooler a discussion about how the Job Posters find quotes sent to them by Pros who use the Jobs tab. This is obviously after the Job Poster has seached through the Promoted Pros and "Requested" that they send a quote.

Unable to find that discussion at the Water Cooler, I turned to the "HELP" files to read up on how to send quotes when we are not selected by the Job Poster. This is always the prefered way to learn How Thumbtack Works, right? Just to remind us all:

How it works.png

There I read about what I should do, but once I click the send button, the "How Thumbtack Works" doesn't describe anything about "What Happens Next".

So, we never get a complete picture until we either start a live chat session or stop by the Water Cooler. Most of us old Pros never go back to the "Getting Started section of the documentation. We just don't go there. I kinda expect that "How Thumbtack Works" should tell us all about How Thumbtack Works.

My suggestion is that after the help file describes what we are to do, it should then add a paragraph about "What Happens Next". The lack of that information is why many Pros have the feeling that there is a lack of transparency.

JCH ~~ 5-9-2019 ~~ Posted to Water Cooler

John C Hansen, LEED AP
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Re: What Happens Next? - My suggestion for HELP

@HansenJC thanks for sharing out your experience when working through our Help Center. I'll be sure to report your notes around some of the inconsistencies that you've expressed here. 

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