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What is being done to increase lead volume ?

For many of us, lead volumes have dropped off to near zero in some cases but pretty much all agree have decreased at least to some degree. We see this in the fact that the number of listing views has decreased overall in the categories so I am not talking about number of actual leads to a pro.

For example I have 1576 views in my category in the last 4 weeks. I get at least twice that number of impressions on my google ad every day and have had 69 thousand impressions on my ad in the same period which is similar to list views in TT. So people are Not going to thumbtack to search anywhere near the volume they used to.

Wondering what marketing changes or additions TT is doing to restore a volume that will bring better activity to pros. Also there is a lot of focus in atlanta which is disappointing because so many areas are left out of TTS focus. For example, I have yet to see an ad for TT here in the Chicago area nor a mention that something would be tested here. I will say that TTS competition does market here aggressively and are much more recognized in this area than TT is.
So is TT shrinking to a more regional focus as it certainly appears or is there still hope for us not in the TT favored regions?