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Community Manager DustiO
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What is your most memorable customer review?

By far the best review I ever received was this one:

"We absolutely love the cake Dusti made for our little girl’s birthday! The quality was second to none! Dusti was extremely professional and very accommodating! We scheduled a time for me to pick up the cake, but I was running late so she offered to deliver it instead - life saver! I would have been late to my daughters party if she had not been so awesome - thank you Dusti! When I brought the cake into the house our little girl loved it so much she wanted to give it a big hug (luckily she didn’t). Thank you Dusti for everything!"

I loved hearing about how the birthday girl wanted to hug her cake! There isn't much better than hearing about a job well done. As business owners, we can get caught up in the day to day and the struggle to balance everything. It's good to take a moment to reflect on the wins. Tell me about yours!


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TackMaster vaughn

Re: What is your most memorable customer review?

First of all, that is a gorgeous piece of art. I completely see that you were not only motivated for the end goal, but extremely disciplined in the process. Going above and beyond is just one of those little things that you need in order to have any longevity in business— and— in life as well.

Here’s an excerpt from a favorite review of mines:

“Not only is Vaughn approachable and humorous, but he genuinely wants to see his students succeed.”

There are few simple things that can describe complex motivations so well, but ultimately this is who I am. I want to be independent and be kind to people while they’re spending their hard earned money and time to learn something from me. It’s a discipline thing for me to wake up early in the morning, but I am plenty motivated to deliver an exceptional product while building and maintaining relationships with my students.
Community Manager DustiO
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Re: What is your most memorable customer review?

@vaughn Thank you so much for sharing! I love your approach.

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TackMaster ChefPaulStaley

Re: What is your most memorable customer review?

This was certainly one of the best reviews we had. The bride was absolutely  lovely to wqork with the entire time, up until wedding day. Ended up a complete bridezilla to most of the other vendors and somewhat to us as well. We went home expecting a bad review and were so pleased to have been met with this the next day. She also had pictures taken of the food and included those with her review! Apparently she was just unhappy with other things that were not realted to us or our service. It was nice to see a review like this from a client who was one of the most pleasant people we have met (99.9% of the time). She even sent us multiple messages throughout the planning process checking in on our pup who was going through cancer treatment at the time!


"Paul and Stephanie catered our wedding this summer and we were very pleased with their professionalism, the taste, quality, and presentation of their food, and their dedication in helping us realize our wedding vision.

I was first contacted by them on Thumbtack in response to our request for a wedding caterer. We had already exhausted options from The Knot Vendor List and had been both overwhelmed with prices and underwhelmed with food taste and quality. Paul and Stephanie reached out to us quoting a plated meal including beef and fish for the same price as the cheap chicken buffets we'd been experiencing.

They were kind enough to visit us in our home where Chef prepared generous samples of all the dishes we were considering. While we were eating, Stephanie took down details on the wedding and presentation. The food was phenomenal and hands down better than any other samples we'd been given. Chef even bustled about in my kitchen and found my Tupperware so he could package up the leftovers and leave them in the fridge for us.

We decided to also take advantage of their pastry side and get our cupcakes for our dessert table from them. Stephanie hand delivered them to my work so I could sample them with the Fiancé.

Chef did a great job at making me feel comfortable with everything he was preparing with his knowledge of gluten free cooking and baking and comprehension of cooking safety for individuals with Celiac. Nearly all our item we ordered were gluten free, and the ones that weren't, were kept separate.

The months leading up to the wedding was simple and easy communication, I wish I could have said this for all my vendors. Payments expectations were made clear and could be easily made by credit card. Stephanie made time to have two additional consultations to discuss food plating, food table decorations, and cupcake topping design. I supplied her with a binder and the weekend before the wedding she had a phone consultation with me to review the details and it was evident she had already looked at all the contents extensively.

The day of the wedding the catering team was on point. They jumped in and took over many of the duties our wedding coordinator was not attending to including setting up our appetizer and dessert tables and guest tables to my design plan. The food was excellent and all of our guests have said they couldn't stop stuffing themselves with delicious noms. The plating was lovely, the cupcake toppings were just as I'd envisioned, and the waitstaff and bartender were very attentive.

Stephanie was present at the wedding and Chef Paul had prepared most of the food but was catering another event. I was so pleased with her and her staff and her attention to detail and hard work helping us create our day. They packed up all the leftovers for us and we were told they were the last vendors there still working hard at helping everyone clean up.

If you are looking at catering a large event do yourself a favor and check out Paul and Stephanie. They are not only a great chef and planner duo, they are also incredibly kind and compassionate individuals. One of my biggest regrets is that I didn't know Stephanie was also a wedding coordinator, I wish I would have hired her instead of the girl we did. Additionally, their prices are more than reasonable and worth every penny."

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Community Manager DustiO
Community Manager

Re: What is your most memorable customer review?

@ChefPaulStaley This is SO AMAZING!

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Re: What is your most memorable customer review?

On the day I was to officiate a wedding, we were under the threat of a hurricane that was due to make landfall at 6pm. The bride scrambled to move the event to 1pm so that everyone could get home before the hurricane hit. I was happy to accommodate the time change. She left me a glowing review and said I "drove through a hurricane to get to her wedding." I thought that was cute. Smiley Happy

Community Manager DustiO
Community Manager

Re: What is your most memorable customer review?

@RoseMort This is so cool! I love to hear stories like this - that couple will never forget the amazing experience they had with you!