What price does the customer see?

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On more than one occasion I have received Leads where the customers apparently did not know the price. They asked me the price in a message. One customer ghosted me, and the most recent customer entered into a dialog about the job, but they asked twice about the cost. I asked this customer what price Thumbtack had showed them and they told me two prices. One price was about 50% of the price I thought she had seen. Why would she contact me and wish to hear from me if she did not know the price I was going to charge? I have only one price for that particular size job.

What price does Thumbtack show them that would leave any doubt in their minds? When Thumbtack shows me the Lead, I only see the one price that I would charge for that size job. MY PRICE. Didn't Thumbtack show that price to the customer?

The Pros still need a way to test the Thumbtack system so that we know what the customers see.

And, which Thumbtack prompt was pressed that generated the first message: “The Customer wants to hear from you." Did they actually press any prompt? I have never seen a prompt that says: "I want to hear from John"

My decision whether to accept a lead or not is based on which prompt the customer has chosen. Messages that do not correlate with a known prompt are unreliable indicators that a customer is engaged.

John C Hansen, LEED AP
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