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What should a bartender provide?



For the other private bartenders out there. When you bartend a party, what do you provide as a service other than your supplies. Do you supply any mixers, garnish? I already supply the cups, napkins straws. But should I be providing anything else? E.G the ice, triple sec etc...

Any help is appreciated!



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Community Manager DustiO
Community Manager

Re: What should a bartender provide?

@GlamorousDrinks do you have any tips for @dreasdrinks?

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Re: What should a bartender provide?

Thank you!
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TackMaster ChefPaulStaley

Re: What should a bartender provide?

It really depends on what the customer is serving. For cocktail service, we usually provide the ice, mixers and garnishes for the selected cocktails, and all of the tools needed, for example margaritas have freh lime and orange garnishes, salt rimmer, shaker, etc... If we are serving beer and wine, we always bring at least three wine keys/bottle openers. We always have fresh limes and lemons as well for the beer. If there is keg service, we provide ice bins for the kegs to sit in and always bring pitchers in case the beer is foamy. Usually bring a jockey box too, which sometimes eliminates the need for the ice bins. We also provide beverage napkins and biodegradable straws (we are in the process of switching over to 100% biodegradable for all disposables). The key factor is to charge for EVERYTHING! Even ice can add up fast and cut into your bottom line.

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Re: What should a bartender provide?

@ChefPaulStaley Biodegradable straws are the way to go! Thank you very much for making that switch and using your business to help the environment. So awesome! 

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