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When Starting New Students

One of the things that I do is I will meet with the new student personally. If there is a need for the parent, then they must be present! I do not send over some one else for this meeting. They have read over my profile so I don't want any confusion. Confusion creates doubt!

While there at the clients' home I let them know that they are not obligated to pay for the first music lesson. This is similar to giving out free samples! With that I build the rapport with that customer. it shows the customer that I care about their decision to hire me. I have had a lot customers insist on paying me. This one simple gesture has gotten me hired well 100 times! 

Now I know that this does not work for every pro but for me it is the best approach because students know that I care about them!



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Re: When Starting New Students

@pgrether as always, thank you for sharing some great tips with the other pros here in the Community. With 133 hires and over 70 reviews, I'm sure you have a lot of advice and insight to give. Keep up the amazing work!