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Why a Water Cooler, when you can build a Feedback Portal!??

A Lounge by definition is a place to' Sit and Relax' It does not invite conversation, rather where conversation just happens to be. Therefore communication in the 'Pro Lounge' is not formal or actionable. The Pros here seem to want more than that. 

Consider how many times the same issues are being raised on these forums, and that these issues are then not trackable. Since cases cannot be raised from here, it must be taken at good-faith that the feedback is passed on. This system is clearly very frustrating to Pros. Not Lounge-Like at all. 

Maybe TT should urgently consider building a 'Feature Request and Feedback' space where Pros can post and vote for functionality of TT. It would then be clear to Product Builders, Pros and everyone invested in this paid service where things stand. This will give space for Pros to voice concerns, Peers to Support or Veto and also provide a ready, valuable and validated set of features for TT's next exciting change (Product Release) cycle.

Unlike any other product development, where the service is the product. With TT that is not the end. The service TT provides ends with only the experience, success of both the Pro & the User and the small business experience. So I'm sure we can all humbly agree that if we have only ever worked a job and never run a small business, the nuances of the experience cannot be understood nor is best explained in such a 'completely voluntary' lounge-forum.

It takes a great great amount of intelligence, insight and empathy to successfully build a service that we ourselves may have never experienced or never may use. Throw in there all the multitude(!) of varied verticals TT supports and I'm sure such a space would be far more valuable to TT than the individual Pros here.

To see how to use this huge amount input is being used would be a satisfying end to the time Pros take off to write in these forums. I'm sure TT is aware, the more time we spend on the forum, the less time we spend working and less time we spend on the actual TT platform. I look forward to hearing the thoughts of other Pros.

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Re: Why a Forum, when you can build a Feedback Portal!??

@MMM_Memories thanks for revising and sharing. For anyone else reading, feel free to view my original response to these thoughts and feedback HERE.