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Why do you stay with Thumbtack?

After reading the overwhelmingly high percentage of posts on these boards that are begging for change in the system, identifying major issues and expressing degrading thumbtack client satisfaction, I wondered why do these people stay? What motivates them to come back here and post their concerns rather than just walk away and find business elsewhere?

For me, it really is two things. First, Thumbtack used to be a huge benifit for me as a good portion of my business was from TT. The system was productive, enjoyable to use, and one I could rely on to allow me to sell my services to potential buyers. I hope one day it will return to that. My view though is, if the system is to basically stay as it is, it will never be of much value to me again. The second reason (and I know not everyone has this same situation), TT is currently costing me almost nothing. I have 3481 views in the 4 week period, but about 5-6 promote leads per week (which seems to be getting less each week). If TT was costing me a material amount, I would have cut it off long ago. That's a view to lead rate of a whopping 0.6%. Virtually all of the jobs on the JOBS tab are not good, or too far away, or will never respond anyway, so I incurr no costs there. I will say that my ghost lead rate is now 100% - nobody responds anymore. 

So for me, the risk of staying is very low as my costs are basically nothing - but I guess my hope is that one day TT will begin to roll out major changes that again restore the system it once was.

So.. why do you stay???


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Re: Why do you stay with Thumbtack?


Great question!!!

Since I joined in late 2017, I had success for most of 2018. Began a decline in late Oct 2018. Since that decline, I don't use Thumbtack exclusively anymore. Other Platforms have come into play where I'm succeeding. System right now, as you said, if stays the way it is, it's not going to be of much value to me as well, and I'm sure majority of the Pros as well.

I've put Promote into play for almost 3 weeks now, mostly for research as I feel Thumbtack needs to see stats, as some Pros have posted here in the Forum. Where those stats end up, who knows? Maybe on @MarcoZ desk or someone who can relay the messages to him?  For now, I'm batting ZERO in bookings in 2 weeks, even though I'm number one DJ in my area! All 5 star reviews!! But, Over 300 views, and not one lead coming in the inbox, isn't being successful, but I'm told stay the course on Promote, it will get better. Yet, I've done everything that Thumbtack asked me to, even with the help of @DustiO . But it's more than frustrating, I'm sure that you share the same frustrations.

Prior to the Jobs Tab changes, I was receiving many local leads, and got several bookings. Then the change of "customer viewed" being taken away, as well as local jobs. Personally, the leads coming in the Jobs Tab now are jobs that I wouldn't bid on. It's as if Thumbtack is saying "See, we send you leads", but when I ask if they would accept those jobs, I get told that many Pros wanted those jobs in the Jobs tab, yet, they can't provide another stat for us. Thus, is the reason I am doing the research using Promote, to provide stats. What good they are, depends on who sees them and can help change the system. The old system worked very for you, me and majority of the Pros. Now it's like WeddingWire, where you are in the dark until a lead comes in. I gave up that Platform because of the similarity to Thumbtack.

So, I stay for now, with hopes it changes, hoping very soon.  With Promote on, I'm not losing money now, as no leads are coming in for some unknown reason. I can still dream of the old system coming back, because of the success that I had. It worked for many Pros, and we should be taken into consideration for that. We know which customers are a good fit for us, and shouldn't be matched as a dating site.

As I said, great question @MR . Thanks for sharing!

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Re: Why do you stay with Thumbtack?

I stay with Thumbtack because it's not costing me much. If expect I'll end up with get 6 or 7 new customers by year end and I don't expect I'll be able to retain TopPro status going forward. I can't really do about it because the platform is only capable of supplying a fraction of the leads it used to. I have very little confidence that Thumbtack are capable of changing that state of affairs because reduced leads is effectively baked into the system.



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Re: Why do you stay with Thumbtack?

Agree! I feel like the "leads" I got when I "Promoted" myself were a bit odd, it's not a dating site, and we should be allowed to bid on what we want. I took myself off of Promoted because I found that a lot of the time, the customer was also contacting 9-10 other pros, and a lot of the time, I would never hear back from the customer. I'm very thoughtful and professional when I reply back to customers, I ask a lot of questions and give them a nice summary of me and my business, so I'm not sure why they don't reply back sometimes. But then again, I have found some great customers on here, but most of the ones I find on my own. :-) I'm not a fan of being "Promoted" and having to pay $15.32 for something I'm not even sure if I want. I'd rather go after what I want, not what Thumbtack thinks I want. 

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Re: Why do you stay with Thumbtack?

My main reason for still being here is the same as yours.  I enjoyed great success with TT previously , I could ramble on about how well TT fit my needs. But, maybe I should start a new discussion? I was willing to give the new model 6 months.  It happens that I had just the absolute barest amount of success in Nov. to encourage me to change tactics and keep me on TT for the time being. But, I was(am) shopping for new lead generation sources.

Secondly, I'm here talking about because I hope we can steer TT either back to the model that works for us or to add the features we need in a new model that works better. 

Thirdly, I'm not on Promote.  I strongly believe Promote would have exceed my 6 month TT budget in a few weeks.  In my service category it was the norm for clients to spam 3-7 pros within 5 minutes I've seen clients who have contacted 14 pros.  TT prices are far too high to convert 1 in 6-10 leads.  At the current lead price I have to maintain a 1/4 conversion rate and a retention rate of 9 occurrences of service to make TT a viable source.  


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Re: Why do you stay with Thumbtack?

@MR @DJStevie @mrs @Lar thanks for sharing your thoughts about this. Upon that, thank you for sticking it out with us even though you aren't happy with Thumbtack right now. We've heard out all of your guys' frustrations and I hope that having conversations with us have made you feel more at ease. We truly care about each and every one of you pros and want Thumbtack to be beneficial for you and your business. One thing I can promise is that we're listening and our teams are working hard day in and day out to continue making improvements. 

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