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Why don't we ever hear more about TT demand generation efforts?

Leads in my categories have been pretty slow for the last few weeks (in fact for the first time in a year I don't have a next project committed) which got me thinking - if TT is all about generating high quality leads, why don't I (we) ever hear about TT's marketing/demand generation efforts? I see ads all the time from Home Advisor (NPR, Nextdoor) but I can't recall seeing a single TT ad anywhere.

Maybe the answer is ads aren't effective or SF (my area) is so saturated, but nevertheless, from my POV, spreading the word is the most important thing TT needs to be driving and it would be great to get some insights on what TT is doing to help Pros get more leads. Thanks. 

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Re: Why don't we ever hear more about TT demand generation efforts?


I haven't seen a TT ad in a very long time on television. Only ads that I've seen lately are on social media. Leads in my category and area have been far and few between for months now.

Few weeks ago, there was this thread discussing why we aren't seeing ads.

DJ Stevie 6-14-2019