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Withholding messages and photos:

Hello: On some of the leads where I have the option to accept and pay, or decline. It seems that Thumbtack is withholding messages and pictures until after I pay. 

I am very uncomfortable with this.


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Re: Withholding messages and photos:

Thanks for posting this Reese.


Re: Withholding messages and photos:

@ReeseTee it looks like this one was a partial match. When you get a partial match, you see all of the job details. Once you accept the lead, it will take you to the Thumbtack messenger and show you any other info the customer decides to share in the messenger (which in this case is a message and attachment). We always have just shown the request details before you accept. Since you said this makes you feel uncomfortable and you feel that we're withholding information, I'll be sure to pass along your thoughts regarding this situation.