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Community Manager DustiO
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Women's Dinner in Riverside, CA!

We had our final Women’s History Month dinner last night in Riverside, CA. The incredible Janae (@GlamorousDrinks) of Glamorous Drinks in LA partnered with us to host the evening (she drove three hours to get there!). She prepared a beautiful speech about the power of womanhood and it set the tone for a really amazing night.

We had 15 beautiful pros with us, and 7 women from Thumbtack. We met @craftyfunwpam, a school teacher who quit her job to go to French pastry school and now owns a cakery. We met @Penn-The-Moment, who credits Thumbtack not only with jumpstarting her photography career, but also bringing her together with her now fiancé. @JodiWeddings, a  woman who worked in healthcare, trying her best to help families in need - after years of dealing with all of the sadness and heartbreak, she decided to become a wedding officiant, so she can bring joy to people. These woman are business owners, mothers, wives, sisters, daughters - they wear all the hats and they do it brilliantly. We saw collaborations formed and friendships made, and felt so much gratitude and positivity. I'm proud that Thumbtack has played a role in each of these stories. 

If any of you have feedback about this event, or ideas for future meet-ups, please let us know here in this thread. Thank you for being an inspiration!


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Re: Women's Dinner in Riverside, CA!

Thank you Dusti and Everyone- it was lovely!
TackMaster Penn-The-Moment

Re: Women's Dinner in Riverside, CA!

So blessed and honored to be next to all these amazing women. Go us for all our constant hard work and providing for those around us. Thank You Dusti for you constant leadership and inspiration. Thank You Janae for helping bringing us together. And finally a big Thank You to Thumbtack!! Can't wait to spend more time with all you again and I look forward to more events together in the future! Much love and happiness to you all. 

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Re: Women's Dinner in Riverside, CA!

Thanks again! So nice to meet with women business owners! Keep it up ladies!
Community Regular

Re: Women's Dinner in Riverside, CA!

Thank you for the fun evening! It was so inspirational to see all of these fierce and fantastic females living their dream.

Thank you again Dusti!