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Moderator Meckell

Re: Top tip as a visual artist on Thumbtack!

Your profile really is so important! Thanks for the tip @kitcollins

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Good reviews are essential for winning bids. When I complete a job I always ask the client if I met their expectations or if there is something I need to change to earn a 5 star review. Anything less than 5 stars is unacceptable to me so I always make sure the client is smiling before I complete the job.
Moderator Jenn

Re: Tip

That's a great tip, thanks for sharing!

My Best Tip To Get Hired More!!

Although this is a service for professionals, it's vital to remember your customers are just ordinary people wanting extraordrinary services. Greet them by their individual names when you message them! They are a person, not just your next paycheck! You always want them to feel as though you are a friend helping them. 

Moderator Jenn

Re: My Best Tip To Get Hired More!!

@LunaPhotography, this is such a great tip! I'm sure after working with you they feel like you're their friend. 

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My Best Tip as a Top PRO

I'm a Thumbtack Top Pro. The best tip I can give in in your follow up. I ALWAYS follow up and when I do, I include recent pics of my work correlated to the customer's request. For example, as a  professional makeup artist, if I receive a request for wedding makeup, I follow up with pictures of my recent brides with the look that favors that of the request. I include multiple nationalities and complexion shades to show my diversity. Including pictures makes it easier for the customer to see your work and prevents them from having to look through 100s of pictures on your profile to find what they're looking for. 

Moderator Jordan

Re: My Best Tip as a Top PRO

Love the inclusivity ❤️

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Best tip

I try to always expand upon my template to make it more personal to the person’s needs. I feel as though it helps the person to get a glimpse of your personality and shows how you will be able to custom fit their needs as a client
Moderator Jordan

Re: Best tip

Clear communication with the customer and making that connection is a great tip! Hope to see you posting more thoughts in the community Smiley Happy

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My Best Tip

Followup. Followup. Followup. As a DJ, I continuously go through my Inbox and Requests to followup with dates I am available on. Every so often I will get a reply from a customer that hasn't made a decision yet....and land the gig.