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Tip for Success

Follow up is EVERYTHING. People get busy. They forget. Life happens. Following up with a client is one of the best strategies to initially show them you care, while simultaneously giving them a gentle nudge to move forward.
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Re: Tip for Success

Yes @katie804 people do get busy and that's why following up is so important. Thanks for sharing your tip Smiley Happy

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This thumbtack site is wonderful it have a lot of different customer that need home service done for then because of the wellness I'm a business owner always excited to meet then to provided my service to them looking forward to meet menny others.
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Re: Service

This is amazing to hear @rasman21!

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A TIP Where Everyone Can Benefit

Know your client's needs and tailor your initial responses to how you can meet those needs. Under promise and over deliver!! By now everyone knows the mumbo jumbo standard responses so set yourself apart by personally writing different responses for each unique situation. It's more time consuming but it shows you are committed to that client and putting personal attention in to them. You will set yourself apart from others and definitely get hired more, for sure!!

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Re: A TIP Where Everyone Can Benefit

Thanks for sharing this great tip @anthonybly Smiley Happy 

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My best Thumbtack tip...

Ask everyone you have a discussion with for a review. Even if they don't hire you, more reviews can make the difference in getting the NEXT gig.

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Re: My best Thumbtack tip...

Very important! I've run into some pros who feel uncomfortable asking for reviews -which is completely valid. How do you go about bringing reviews up with customers?

Re: My best Thumbtack tip...

I mention the review process as the closing topic to the conversation... letting them know they can help a business to thrive at no cost to themselves. (Gives them a feeling of pride) Smiley Happy


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Successful quotes

I have found that conveying a welcoming, friendly tone in my quotes helps the customer have a glimpse into my personality.  They want someone who will be pleasant and easy to talk to.  I don't want to come across "all business" too much as a violin teacher.  I want them to know that I will be fun to work with and good with children. 

So I personalize each quote and try to get let the person get to know me a little bit.  This goes a long way.

What other ideas do you have for quotes that will attract customers?