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Re: My Best Tip for Getting Customers on Thumbtack is...

This is a great tip, thanks for sharing! Good luck @SEONYC

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Re: My Best Tip for Getting Customers on Thumbtack is...

I find a comprehnsive profile draws more inquiries. However, there is a knack to presenting the most attratcie draws about your business, as to highlight them. So, customers see your profile, both as button points to consider and a comphrensive picture of what you offer. When I recevie an inquiry, it is then about scheudling a time for a first lesson. 

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My Best Tip

My best tip is to be very specific in your quotes. Provide lots of detail in the message about your service and what the customer will get for the listed price above. I also always tailor my attachments and photo samples to their request to let them know I am capable of providing exactly what they need.


Re: My Best Tip

What a great tip @AnnaKay Smiley Happy 

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Thumbtack Tip

Im in the moving and furniture assembley buisness, and i learned that unresponsive quotes are typicaly due to high pricing. If a quote goes unresponisve for 24 hours, i always follow up with a last minute discount or promotion to land the job. Working for reviews and customer satifactions is always better than an extra few dollars.

Re: Thumbtack Tip

Hi there @Skeans1990 thank you for this tip. It sounds like you've found a lot of success with this method Smiley Happy 

Best Thumbtack Tips

Having a complete and polished profile, complete with a good photo, samples, and text content is critical to landing clients.  This is your professional presence, and should reflect the image your business wants to promote.

For your profile text, remember people are viewing this online and on phones.  Use shorter sentences, stick with the highlights (leaving out the extra fluff), and embrace white space. 

Keep in mind that not all potential clients work the same way.  I've had some who don't look at the profile at all, and others who go over it very carefully.  Try not to get frustrated when you have to repeat something a potential client could have read in the bid or your profile.

Shareen Mann
Freelance writer and editor with The Write Mann, LLC

Best Thumbtack Tip

Referalls, Referalls, Referalls!!!! Hands down the most important part of having an effective Thumbtack Profile is getting as many testimonials from previous customers as possible. The way I see it is that it is similar to shopping on Amazon, if people see a person who has way more reviews and those reviews are highly rated and descriptive then they almost always choose that professional.


Re: Best Thumbtack Tip

You're right @CarlSteeleFit, reviews are very important. Thanks for the tip! 

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Time is worth a lot more then money

From day 1 ive realized that time is one of the most important resources. Responding to your customers on Thumbtack as quickly as possible almost always puts you at the top, then show up on time to do your estimate...but equally important...just show up.