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My Best Tip

My best tip is to pay attention to all the details to make sure the job lines up with your expectations, and to make sure you can meet the clients expectations.
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Re: My Best Tip

Paying attention to details really can make all the difference. Thanks for sharing @Willyminnix

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My Best Thumbtack Tip

Upload lots of photos to your gallery. Even if you only have a few small projects, upload lots of photo angles of those projects. When the client respond to me, I always send a message with more pictures of my work from my gallery or even new ones that haven't been uploaded. This reminds the client your projects/gigs you've worked on and give them something to look at when they are in mid conversation with you. I find that not all my clients scroll through my gallery and by inserting them into the conversation, I usually have a much higher chance of winning that client over.

They say pictures are worth a thousand words. So throw in more pictures of your work in the conversation! Smiley Happy

Good luck! 

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My Best Thumbtack Tip

My advice would be to make the text of your opening bid very friendly, and word it as if you're having a face-to-face conversation. Use phrases like "I look forward to helping your vision come to life" might sound cliche, but they instill a sense of trust right off the bat.

Hope this helps!

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Re: My Best Thumbtack Tip

@primeaerial This is SO GREAT. You can also incorporate this kind of language in your profile/introduction so that when potential clients are diving deeper, they can see the kind of professional you are and the type of work you will do for them. Thanks for posting!

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My Best Tip

Be the first to respond. Do it right away! Many clients are looking for help ASAP and will go with the first competent pro that comes their way. BE THAT PRO!

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Re: My Best Tip

Thanks for this tip, @Raffi! We hear from customers all the time how important a quick response can be.  It definitely helps you stand out!


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Re: My Best Tip

Indeed, being able to respond quickly is important...but just as important is the ability to customize each response to personalize the project. Perhaps that is due more to my profession as a Photographer/Producer, where every client, and project, is unique and personal.

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My Best Tip...Keep Yourself Relevant! Being in the Communication Business Myself I Know SO Often Folks Forget to Communicate..Sell Yourself..What Makes Your Biz/ Service Unique..For Me it's Being a Female DJ! Sell it..then Follow Up!! That Keeps YOU Relevant in Their Minds!
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Top tip as a visual artist on Thumbtack!

Hey Thumbtack Pro Community!

My best tip is to be vigilant about updating the featured photos, reviews, & questionnaire answers on your Thumbtack profile to correlate with the type of work you're focusing on and the types of jobs you're applying for. Often the Thumbtack profile is the first thing a customer will click on after reading a quote, and you want them to immediately see how your work is relevant to their project! Updating web presences is a hassle - especially for those of us operating on multiple platforms - but it's worth it so that a customer doesn't get turned off by looking at work samples that are old or irrelevant to the project they're considering you for.