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My Best Tip

Make your images informative. Maybe you could even use Thumbtack to hire a graphic designer! They can help you create branded graphics that show your customers what you're all about.

Community Manager DustiO
Community Manager

Re: My Best Tip

@strongestate I love this so much! I used a Thumbtack pro three years ago to remake my website and it made a WORLD of difference.

Moderator Jordan

Re: My Best Tip

Yes! Images in general are so important. So simple, but makes all the difference when viewing a profile.

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Tip for a Pro

I think it's imperative to make sure that profile has all of the words in it spelt correctly, used in proper grammar, and the punctuation is correct. There is nothing worse that seeing a pro profile with incorrect spelling of words. Spend time on your profile. It will be your gateway for success!
Michelle G
Moderator Jenn

Re: Tip for a Pro

@Top2Bottom We couldn't agree more! 

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My tip for success

Hello! My tips for success are to first of all keep your response time your top priority. If the roles were switched, you would not want to wait 2-8 hours. Make sure you are keeping your response time low. When you meet up with your customer, be sure to remember their names and have invoices in order. Always make a checklist!! I also always like to make sure i keep a positive relationship with my clients because doing house cleaning, people like to feel comfortable with who’s in their home. Patience is always key when it comes to people. Practice it.
Community Manager JasonB
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Re: My tip for success

Thanks for these tips, @Paulette1996! No wonder you have such great reviews!

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First Impression Tip

I will try to say some stuff that hasn't been said already. First impression is HUGE. My tip would be to stay professional but personable when you give your info. Be straight forward of how things will work if you choose to work together and what the options would be but sound friendly and inviting rather than stern. From there you are competing with other pro's for business. Don't be ashamed of your credentials and start laying down all the things you've done in the past to show you could do the job. If you could write a book on the job, maybe give just the important ones. It will put the prospective customer way more at ease knowing they are in good hands with someone qualified. From there I always include a few picture attachments of my company logo but you could also do some pics related to the job.

Good luck in the contest by the way Smiley Happy
Moderator Meckell

Re: First Impression Tip

Hi @AllDayFitness, I love all of the tips that you shared. Thanks for contributing and good luck Smiley Happy 

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Re: First Impression Tip

Thanks for the response! My pleasure! Smiley Happy
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