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My Best Tip

Always treat your customers the way you want to be treated. Respect, flexible, appropriate pricing, trustworthy, and dependable are all important.
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My tip for the day

Its is most important to show up at an appointment on time. Being prompt and responding to customers question in a quick and easy way that they will understamd the question they have asked. Making sure that your personal appearance and hygen is factor. And finally make sure that you deliver all written quote via email or in writing when you say you are going too. First look at reliability sets the tone for entire job. Thanks Brian with TQC & MASONRY INC.
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Re: My tip for the day

@Brian these are such great tips. I could not agree more. Thank you so much for sharing!

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Re: My tip for the day

Thank you so much for this tip! Very informative!

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Top tip for landing jobs

Be persistent and follow up on every lead.
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Re: Top tip for landing jobs

Very true, this is awesome @Sthefenceman!

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Show Me The Money! Share your BEST finance tip.

Hello fellow pros! 

I hope business is going well for everyone and you're enjoying living the dream! We all know how important finances are and keeping them in tip-top shape is the lifeline of your business' success! I'm going to share my top 3 finance tips that have been essential to our success.

1. Hire experts you can trust.

As a business owner you have to know when to call in the expert especially when it comes to finances. Carefully hire your team of advisers you can trust and are knowledgeable, preferably by referral. This starts with a Tax CPA (familiar with your industry), Accountant/Bookkeeper, Financial Adviser & Attorney (available just in case you need them). You don't have to spend a fortune to hire the best, try setting up a fixed price agreement with an accounting firm and make sure you introduce everyone. Get organized with QuickBooks, ReceiptBank and other helpful apps. Make sure you maximize deductions & tax savings and keep track of expenses religiously. 

2. Get paid ASAP.

Set up systems that make sure your invoices go out immediately after project completion or are available to collect payment on the spot. Getting paid for the work you do in a timely matter is one of the most important things you should focus on. This will help keep good cash flow and make sure you have funds to complete more projects. Make a habit to review A/R & accounting weekly and send out reminders if needed.

3. Financing & Capital

During growth access to capital can make or break your business. Make sure not only your business finances are in good shape but also your personal finances. If you're just starting out you need to be willing to share all aspects of your financial life as an open book with potential investors. After all if you're not willing to back your business' liabilities why would a bank or investor do so? Look into financing through SBA, local credit unions & smaller banks and make sure to weigh all options. Outsource aspects of your business you don't need full-time employees for but are crucial to your success like marketing/social media consultants, graphic designers, business coaches & mentors.

Ultimately your success depends on knowing and understanding your personal and business financial resources and assembling the right team of advisers and support from other entrepreneurs willing to help you!

What's your BEST piece of advice when it comes to small business finances that helped you turn that dream of yours into a money making machine?






Thumbtack Tip (Find out where people live before quoting)

Use your local property appraiser's website to try and narrow down the possible addresses for the job you are quoting.

For instance, if you have a quote for "Brad B.", you can go to the property appraiser's website, and do a search for "B*, Brad". The asterisk after the last name's initial tells the search engine to return everything that starts with a B and has more letters, so it might return "Behr, Brad" as well as "Bishop, Brad".

Sometimes you will get fortunate and there will only be a few results and you can guesstimate which house it is based on the quote details. This isn't surefire, and won't work for renters (since their names wouldn't be in the public records), but has helped me quite a few times as a lawn care pro to see if it is a house I want or not based on real data rather than the customer's completely inaccurate measurement of their lot size and grass height!

- Brad

Tips From An Experienced Sales Rep and Business Owner

The biggest concern for any business owner is "how do I get business?"

In my experience in sales and getting that client is to form a relationship with your clients. You never want to approach someone with just product. Because when you're only talking about your product/service, then all you're talking about is yourself. That's not going to get the person to trust you and willing to work with you.
You want to get to know them and find out what it is they need first! Then once you know their needs, you can talk about how you can fulfill those needs, whether it be your product/service or something else you might have knowledge about!

Remember to follow up! They say repeating something 3 tines will help you remember so follow up follow up follow up! People aren't going to get back to you. You have to set a day in your calendar to follow up with them!

Another tip that helps me is to respond as soon as possible! It's more than likely that the person has contacted more than one professional but if you're the first time respond, then you're more likely to get their business!

Thanks everyone for reading, I wish you all good luck!
Check out my instagram @deserthennacompany
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Re: Tips From An Experienced Sales Rep and Business Owner

Thanks for the thorough and thoughtful tips @deserthennaco!