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Invest in the Prospective Client

When getting ready to respond to an inquiry, really read the information that they've provided and personalize their quote by using their information.  This lets them know you've taken time to read and understand what they're wanting and also shows them that you are willing to invest in them if they choose to work with you.  Stay away from generic responses and standard replies and make sure you insert their own words back to them!  It only takes an extra minute, but may be just the step above the rest that wins the job!


Re: Invest in the Prospective Client

Thanks for sharing your tip @eyecandyballoon Smiley Happy

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My tip for success

Try to tailor your response around the customer’s needs and requirements in terms of what interests them (specifically for me, music lessons) rather than submitting a blanket general response.

Re: My tip for success

What a great tip, @Sim!

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My Best thumbtack Tip

When looking to get a quote accepted or even to get in on time before it closes, I have two ideas. Especially in a busy market like New York. First, be sure to save your quotes as templates to be able to submit more quickly. And have several different types of templates for different types of work you do and for consumers and businesses needing work. Second, even with templates you may need to customize the quote to the request. So I have a more universal selling pint for each type of job and start it with, “Requests May disappear quickly based on the number of pros that submit a quote. Below are some basics to how I can assist you. I will follow up right away with additional specifics to your request and provide you with sample work. “

Re: My Best thumbtack Tip

I really like how in detail you went with this tip @MetaFour. Thanks for sharing!

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Make it personal

Take the time to read each quote request and include some of their specific information in your quote. People want to know that they've been heard. Make them feel special by repeating their information back to them. If they want a 10x10 wall painted, don't give a blanket quote for a 10x20 wall. Edit your template to be specific to their needs. It will make your template seem like less of a script and more like a personal reply. Creating that personal connection will help to land you the gig.

Re: Make it personal

This is an awesome tip @Shellyrae1. Thanks for sharing and good luck!

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My best tip

Your profile and quote are your first impression to your customers. What makes your business stand out? and What do you like most about what you do? are important. Don't just say what you think customers want to hear, be genuine and put your heart into it the same way you did when you started your business.

When sending a quote, be confident in your work. You have to make sure the customer knows that you know what you're doing and you're the best person to do it. And always make sure to thank the potential customer for their business even if they haven't hired you yet. Confidence and genuineness sells! 


Re: My best tip

This can really go a long way. Thanks for sharing your tip @a_echo Smiley Happy 

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