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Travel settings / Talk to client now bad review

Hi, TT & Everyone that cares.I'm an owner of a mid-size company. We consider our profession, just that a Professional skill. I have asked TT for a lot of things but this one gets under my belt. What I have asked them is to please find ... Read more
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Who is my Account Manager?

I'm trying to get in touch with my Thumbtack Account Manager but I've never been told who they or how to contact them.I did send a PM to Kameron four hours ago requesting this information but I haven't received a response thus far. I c... Read more
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Pro Community Meet-up in Miami

Meeting with a few of our amazing pros this evening in beautiful Miami. This warm weather is welcome after the frigid snow and ice at home! Looking forward to sharing a meal and hearing stories from our Miami area Top Pros! We partnere... Read more
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