my first post "I'm successful" EVERY LEAD IS IMPORTANT

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Hello all you entrepreneurs!  I hope all you reading this are successfully maintaining a business filled with problems, unseen issues and failures....... wait let me explain. 


Let me start out by introducing myself, my name is Mike and I'm co-owner/operator of a small service company here in MN.  We have been in business for 3 years, with a total of 3 team members currently.  We have been on thumbtack for over 2 years and have been hired over 250 times and have over 190 5* reviews and with every review and new hire it makes the customer feel more comfortable choosing us for there project.  It wasn't all ways easy though there are so many problems to overcome along the way.  So i thought Id share some valuable information for those who are feeling discouraged or frustrated with how there business is progressing on thumbtack.


 EVERY LEAD IS IMPORTANT!! (unseen issue)

if your new to the platform it will be hard for you to get a customers attention, trust, and job.  It can be frustrating to do work for less than you would like to make.  Don't look at these as a crappy job instead look at these as an investment into your companies future.  Use these jobs to grow your profile and your companies good name, the only reason leads/customers are on thumbtack is because they don't have a fair, reliable, and trustworthy business to turn to for there solution.  Make sure you impress your customers and encourage them to leave you feedback so your business can improve and grow stronger.  


When starting out you may not get ever....mos.....som....any jobs.  This is OK and don't think that because you didn't get the job that you cant get something from it.  Any time a customer chooses a different pro ask the customer "Could you give me some feedback to help me improve and grow my business in the future?"  The responses are gold,  you will know what your doing or not doing that other companies are.  Most customers are more than willing to send an email/msg telling some one why they chose a different pro.  I also found this information very useful when creating our templates.  The fact of the matter is you are going to pay for that lead in most cases so you minds well get something from it!



Its been a couple days and that beautiful template you sent out got opened and now its 3 days later and you haven't heard a response.  This should not discourage you, clearly the customer is curious and interested in a service you provide and would like some more information (if they hired another pro you would know).  You should follow up with unresponsive leads, it shows initiative.  Get there attention back or at the very least let them know your ready to help when there attention is back.  


These are strategy's that have worked well for us.  I hope you continue to overcome your problems and grow into a successful business!!!Capture.PNG


Re: My first post "I'm successful" EVERY LEAD IS IMPORTANT

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@JSGDS welcome to the Community, I love everything you've been posting. Congrats on all the success you've found on Thumbtack and I hope that you continue to see that success. Keep doing what you're doing!


Re: my first post "I'm successful" EVERY LEAD IS IMPORTANT

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@JSGDS thank you so much for sharing these awesome tips. Especially asking customers what you can do to improve, and what swayed them go a different route. Super savvy to get the most you can out of a lead that you paid for to get such valuable information even when they didn't choose you for the job. I look forward to more posts and insight from you in the future, keep up the great work!

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