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Re: "Customer Chose You" fault and solution.

LDZ.. Please don't get me wrong, I have a great deal of gratitude for TT and it's platform, without them I would probably still be beating the bushes for work. My profits have climbed tremendously in the past year since I've started using them. If you look at my TT p&l as a whole its outstanding but if you split up the charges on what I've bid on and the customer chose you platform the numbers are so far apart it's unbelievable. That platform needs some tweaking to make it a successful option, I would go under if this was the only way to use TT. It could be an awesome service for both contractor and customer with a few adjustments to the billing peramiters.
If I come off as ungrateful or unappreciative that's not my intention or how I feel towards TT. It's just frustrating to get billed each time when only a couple of the several people respond to the conversation they initiated .
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Re: "Customer Chose You" fault and solution.

@LZDNVG thank you for sharing the lead conversion rate information for contractors.
I have notice that the amount of money I'm spending on ghost leads is about the same amount I would pay for a sign-up fee on other lead generation sites. I remember paying between $3-$15 per lead years ago with TT and able to send personal messages to potential clients without being charged.
Maybe the system will improve and pros will be able to access more leads without going almost broke.

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It's now February 15th, and I have gotten exactly 1 job..... The promote feature and the way we are now getting contact -leads on jobs is NOT NOT NOT working !. The previous method , whereby a job lead was emailed and texted immediately to a pool (in my case bartenders) and then we quoted for that job WORKED!!! I was a top pro last year, this year that will not happen and I will deactivate my account- becuase the FEW jobs keads that do come my way thru promote have not panned out . They want to know when I'm available ? I then reach out to them and NOTHING ! PLEASE RECONSIDER YOUR JOB LEAD NOTIFICATION METHOD!

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Re: Promote


I got 3 small jobs for the month, but no leads(conversation starters) in a week! I am, along with many other Pros, in agreement with you that the job lead notification method needs to change, and very soon!

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Re: "Customer Chose You" fault and solution.

So, i personally shut off all of my promotes! After4 weeks, each costiing me over $200, with no active leads, I was livid. Especially since I was already busy and not looking for work. I still get requests for estimates, I'm just not prepaying for them now. ..
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Re: "Customer Chose You" fault and solution.

I didn’t even get a chance to respond to the customer and I have been charged. I’m not happy with this app due to this reason and it’s too bad because I “was” excited about it.
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Re: "Customer Chose You" fault and solution.

We couldnt agree more!! I've complained about this in the past with no resolution either. I feel your frustration. TT, we thought you were on our team....what gives?!?!?!
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Re: "Customer Chose You" fault and solution.

Every single "The Customer Chose You" referral we have gotten turns out to a customer ghosting us if we respond.  No exceptions ...right now I have a balance with Thumbtack for like $70 because I refuse to pay for "ghosting leads" where they customer does not even respond to the very first contact from us.  When TT decides to do away with the $70 charge on our account we will again bid jobs, but otherwise we won't...Oh and we are a Top Pro in the catering category, so it's not like we are newbies.