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Q: Why are customers able to leave pros a review without hiring them?


A: We want to allow customers to share their thoughts on their experience with a pro, even if they decide to go a different direction. Their experience is still valid and might be useful for future customers to know.

Just remember, customers can’t leave a review if they don’t have a conversation with you. But once you’ve started interacting, then they can. 

We will continue to evaluate our reviews ecosystem, especially as we work towards understanding more about the hiring journey between customers and pros.   


Q: What determines how my reviews appear on my profile?


A: Customers like to see the work you’re doing, so the most complete and recent review will appear first. After that, the review order is currently determined by a variety of factors, including:

  • Keywords matching a customer’s search
  • Service category
  • Verified reviews
  • Media (such as videos or photos) 
  • Character count
  • Date Updated

For example, a recent verified review with a photo of the job will appear higher than an older unverified review without an image.


Q: Where can I see where I stand against other pros in my area?


A: To measure your reviews compared to other pros in your industry and location, be sure to check your Insights page. Just log in, and select insights from the drop-down menu in the top right-hand corner.