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Sometimes it’s not so easy to see which leads have the most potential. You’ve probably figured out your own way to spot potential from one lead to the next.

Maybe it’s as simple as looking for customers who include photos. Or maybe you look for a customer’s phone number. You know, those extra things you look for that tell you a customer is the right one for you (call it your spidey sense 🕷️if you will).

Whatever it is you’re looking for, when you find it, it sets those customers apart. With our latest update, those little signs pros told us they look for are now right on your leads.

Here are each of the tags you might see:


Pretty cool, right? If you see one out in the wild (i.e. on one of your leads), hover over it for more detail on what it means.

Most tags should be pretty straightforward. For example, take the tag “Shared availability.” It means the customer gave you a heads up on a few times that fit their schedule.

This is just one change we’re making to help you easily identify leads that are either more valuable or more likely to turn into hires. And now that you have a super-quick way to see what’s-what, it’s even more important to respond quickly.

Did you know? If you respond within five minutes to a customer that reached out from search results, you are 50% more likely to get a customer response.

Tell us what you think about the new tags below. We’re also interested in what tags you want to see — are we missing anything you look for? Let us know in the comments.

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Are you now providing us the lead's phone number if lead allows it?


Community Manager
Community Manager

@MR customers have always had the option to provide their phone number and they still have that option. Let us know if you have any other questions! 

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For me, this change is a non-event. It doesn't make things any worse, but it is of little help.

I will let other pros chime in to let us know how this will be of value to them.

For me, what would be better would be to have more visibility into the details of the actual particular needs of the customer so that I can best tailor my response to them. (This goes to the other major issue of removing questions when leads make requests) Many of these tags really have no relevance to many jobs I fear. And seeing a tag that there is a phone number is redundant - I will see that when I read the lead. Anything that is redundant on the screen is bad. They are also misleading. How do you know someone is a "great fit" if no info is received... someone may be looking for a family law attorney for an adoption... but you never ask what the issue is... how in the heck can you possibly say someone is a great fit???????

With more info, I can tailor my initial response to a lead. For example.. my response would be very different for a probate matter where someone has recently died vs a customer wanting a will drafted. That's where lead value can be increased!!! In probate, I may open with a "I am sorry for your loss..." to try to build a personal touch with the lead as the lead may be grieving from the loss of a parent.. 

Just not sure why TT has lost that view of the world.....

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To further my point when I said "Just not sure why TT has lost that view of the world....."

I know we all now live in a world of screens and smartphones and IM all day long and use technology for just about everything. And in some jobs and life styles that works just fine.

But for so many of us, in many ways technology is nothing more than a tool. Relationships still matter - the face to face meeting still matters - many of our jobs here are about people.

For example, I am currently working with an animal control issue - the guys and gals that come out to my area display wonderful customer service - they are nice, polite, and wonderful people - how do I know this, because I was able top talk to them! From my original request (not on TT) they knew my need was a chipmunk issue, so they didnt waste time asking of it was mice, skunks or ants... they were well prepared and gave a personal touch to my issue from the FIRST contact!

I just looked at animal control on TT  - no questions asked in the lead request...and I know for a fact from my shopping that several of the guys who show up on screen 1 DO NOT DO chipmunk mitigation as that has its own issues not all deal with... so I would have wasted their time and money

It feels like this has turned into an easy to play mobile game... no good opportunity to build repor from the first conversation...I dont know, I am rambling - but TT has lost the sense of the people interraction and value of the human to human relationship so it seems

I am rambling - but I also know where I will not find pros for house work as I need more that TT offers as a consumer.  I just dont know how TT thought these tags were going to help solve that  issue. I really hope a lot of time wasnt spent on that enhancememt because it is really a non event for the pro. But it also shows where the mindset seems to be - and that is not enhancing our ability to truly do our jobs effectively - build relationships, talk to people outside of a text box...  be the humans that we are!

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@KenzieL said: "Did you know? If you respond within five minutes to a customer that reached out from search results, you are 50% more likely to get a customer response."

None of us disagree - but we have jobs to do that make this difficult. I don't think the Judge would appreciate my asking for a 5 minute recess to answer a TT request.

So - stop saying this if you arent going to give is tools to do this... like auto response, Zapier integration, etc... the tech is out there, my other lead sources have it in place now!!!  As progressive as you are tring to be, you are actually behind the curve in what matters. Honsetly, all we need is an email that is generated from TT when a lead comes in with the leads email and/or phone... it is amazing what you can do with that using tools like zapier! once you start integrating with other tech tools you will increase the TT site value many times over. If you want it all to stay in your own universe you will be left behind the competition quickly.

Another example may be, lets say someone needs a service where they have to travel to the pro.. maybe its a service geared towards the elderly - how about after the lead is made and a connection made, a fast path to Uber or Lyft to schedule a ride to the pro.... make it so you, working with other providers, provide real value - end to end...  lots of other companies do that today... you still have the opportunity to catch up.

Community Manager
Community Manager

@MR thanks for all of your feedback about this. I really think pros can truly benefit from this update. You mentioned, For me, what would be better would be to have more visibility into the details of the actual particular needs of the customer so that I can best tailor my response to them. Can you share more on what's needed in your particular categories in order for you to achieve this? What direct questions do you want us to ask customers? What other info do you need from them? 

Upon that, I have taken your feedback regarding the Zapier integration and I'll be sure to continue passing it along. Thank you for expanding on it further!

I don't think I personally have heard feedback from other pros about integrating Uber or Lyft. I'd love to hear more of your thoughts about that! Go ahead and send me a private message with any ideas or info that you want to share. 

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I'm in agreement with @MR, this change is a non-event for me as well! I can see everything very well, they don't need to be highlighted. @Meckell ,If TT isn't making the cusotmer provide a phone number, then delete the phone number box. Leaving it there makes the Pros feel that customer forgot to put their phone number. But not to repeat myself from other threads, if I pay for a lead, I need some contact information(email and/or phone) Paying for a lead without contact information, leads to more ghosting.

@KenzieLI know all about responding within 5 minutes that I may have 50% chance of getting a response. But again, not to repeat myself from other threads,  not many of us can sit by our phone or computers 24/7, because of various factors. If a lead comes in a Pro's inbox, how are they supposed to answer within 5 minutes if they are in a meeting, driving, doctor's office, etc.? Please explain.


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@Meckell Regarding Upon that, I have taken your feedback regarding the Zapier integration and I'll be sure to continue passing it along. Thank you for expanding on it further!

Thank you. But just to be clear, the only way Zapier works is if we get an email with lead contact info.

Now, there may be a way to integrate Zapier in the TT site - but if you are not open to releasing contact info by default, the auto reply would have to be built right into the TT site itself as a function that the user can turn on.

For example... here's what could happen.

Pro scripts and saves  a canned message that says " I am sorry that I am unavailable at the moment as I am serving other customers, but your needs are very important to me. Please know that I am very interested in learning more. Please could you tell me a little more about your job or a number I can call you at? I will contact you just as quickly as possible."

Then, when a promote lead comes in, this canned message auto fires back at the lead so they get an instant response from the pro. Lead is pleased that the pro is so attentive.

Now, this will be an issue if they get hit with 10 pros auto responding - but I have always said limiting this lead to 3 pros makes a lot of sense at all levels.

To make it even more personal, allow the first name of the lead to be parsed automatically into the script so it starts out with a customized -"Hello Jane..."


Community Manager
Community Manager

@DJStevie but wouldn't you want to know if the customer provided their phone number? That tag will only appear if the customer does indeed share their phone number. Although it's not something we require from customers, they still have the option to share that info. 

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I do WANT that option!! But it should be a requirement for customers to provide.
Thumbtack requires ALL Pros to provide their numbers, why not customers? It should work both ways.
In my business, I require a customer to provide a phone number. Believe it or not, ALL customers provide their phone number. I'm sure all Pros will agree with me that their customers provide phone numbers
Community Manager
Community Manager

@MR thank you for expanding on this more. Have you utilized the saved replies feature by chance? Sounds like it may be useful for you. With saved replies, you can reuse messages you know have worked in the past without rewriting them over and over. 

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@Meckell Let me respond here on Uber integration as others may want to add more thoughts.

I am sure you have seen this functionality in airline mobile apps... when you land in your destination, you get a pop up from the airline that says "welcome to Chicago. Do you need a ride to your destination? We can set that up for you by just clicking here"

Works great - its a revenue share deal between airline and Uber/Lyft - I know, I worked on the contract for it for a major US carrier. The take rate on that function is actually quite impressive because the first thing people do is pull out their phones when the plane lands... almost every passenger is looking at a phone and the first thing they see is an invitation to book a ride or a hotel... many take the offer.

Anyway.. here, If a pro is marked as hired - and its a job where the lead has to go to the pro... when hired is turned on, app could send a pop up to lead that says.. "Great that you have made arrangements to see therapist Suzy! Will you need a ride to your appointment? If so, we can help you set that up... just click here and we'll get started"  and then the user gets sent to a captive TT/Uber/Lyft co-branded site that arranges the rideshare.

I hope this makes sense - loads of opportunity here if you just loosen up the thought that the whole world needs to be inside of the TT universe...TT has its place but is best served if it doesnt try to be everything.  I have loads of ideas how TT can integrate in all sorts of ways for all sorts of professions  as, as I said, I worked on those e-commerce projects for one of the world's largest air carriers.... 

Another example may be to send the lead to a co branded home depot site  to purchase a garbage disposal after they book an appointment to have a pro come out to install one. This gives the lead choices and feels like TT is so well integrated it is helping the lead take care of the whole thing by providing suggestions and options for more than just booking a pro as there is so much more to that process from a consuler view. You would have to bring back and even enhance the questions asked in the booking path to do this - but you should do that anyway - removing the questions was not the right thing to do as it severely limits TT's ability to shine.

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@Meckell For sure I use the save replies.. I am all about templates and time savings measures when they make sense.. 

So this would be the next level of saved replies..  in my idea a saved reply auto sends on a trigger event,

Hey-- another idea... may of us have saved replies for 1 day, 3 day, 1 week followup.. how 'bout being able to queue them up and schedule them for a specific time in the future?  and even send a "are you still interested?" note 1 month later... now you are starting to add a CRM and drip campaign function to the tool.

Then, if a pro is marked as hired, all of the scheduled messages turn off because you dont want followup messages to go to a lead after they hire a pro... that would be sloppy.

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@Meckell Just to add a bit to Another example may be to send the lead to a co branded home depot site  to purchase a garbage disposal after they book an appointment to have a pro come out to install one.

Note that this is not simply a swap over to the Home Depot site - this is a co branded revenue share deal - the site shows TT-preferred pricing and TT takes a percentage of the purchase price if the lead purchases through that site.

These are complex deals but can be worth a lot of revenue. People love the convenience in being able to take care of all of their needs in one "transaction"

I spent many years negotiating these types of deals... they can be amazingly profitable even with very small rev share percentages.

Community Manager
Community Manager

All of your additional thoughts are great @MR. As always, I'll pass them along 🙂 

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@KenzieL How about showing the number of lifetime hires this customer had? Or at least showcase achievement milestone hires, such as Customer hired via TT: first timer, 1 hire, 3 hires, 5 hires, and Top Customers with 10 hires, 20+ hires. Would be useful and reciprocate the standard that customers use to judge pros with hires, ratings, response times, and other informative widgets.

Thumbtack Employee
Thumbtack Employee

I love these ideas. I'm going to pass them along to our team working on creating these tags. 

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Well, theres a genius idea...so many easy solution's, phone numbers, more details, notifications when customers read your replies, limiting leads to only between 3 to 5 pros, ability to set a milage parameter ...just to name a few!
Thanks TT
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