Congratulations to our July 2020 Class of Top Pros

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We’re excited to announce the Top Pro Class of July 2020, and to celebrate this important accomplishment as a community!

Top Pros, we want to hear from you! Reply below and share your story about how you became a Top Pro and grew a successful business.

The Community is a great place to share inspiration with other Thumbtack professionals. Take the opportunity to converse with one another, share stories, and congratulate one another. 

Congratulations again and welcome to the Thumbtack Pro Community!

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Hello how are you! I am Julio Medina and I live in Kansas and since I am in the application it has been going very well for me because I like to serve customers! I would like to know how are the policies to obtain the pro logo thanks

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Hi all, I'm Adrian Lim @adastra from California. Congratulations to all the Top Pros, it's a real honor to be a part of this group of fine hardworking people.

Although we may make it look or seem easy, I know many hours of hard work and effort goes into making this happen. Personally, I first seek to truly understand what my clients want, and then strive to always go above and beyond their expectations.

In any case, keep up the great work Thumbtack and all Pros out there. Let's make this second half of 2020 a spectacular one!

Personalized Chinese Astrology by LimFengShui -

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Glad to be apart of the community. Great to see my Thumbtack client base catching up with my regular client base. If you need headshots, events, or corporate photography in the DC area hit me up!

Veteran owned!

You can find me at 

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Greetings, fello Top Pros. Though my husband, Jerry, can take most of the credit for our speedy responses and netting clients onto the schedule, I will introduce myself for the massage therapy side of things. Im Elise Young of The Spring in Winter Massage LLC: Medical and Therapeutic.

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Hi top Pros!  I'm happy to be a part of this community, and to meet you all virtually.  I hope that I can be a good resource for you not only musically, but through other business ventures and networking.  I am the owner of Opus Music Academy in Minneapolis, and Thumbtack has been wonderful in helping me build my team's student rosters.  We've built up in-home lessons, in-studio lessons, and now we are building a virtual student base literally all around the world. So cool. 

Cheers to you all, and Stay well!


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Hello Everyone and all who are a part of Thumbtack. I am proud of all those who dedicate their enthusiasm and great customer service to their business. Being attentive, honest, understanding, and a great listener to your customers will be the best achievement you can give to your business. I wish everyone the best and to stay healthy.


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Hi Top Pros!

Excited to continue to be a part of this incredibly talented, hard working group!

I'm an NYC based Fashion Stylist and Personal Stylist and would love to connect and/or partner with you guys!

My ig is @TheBlancHouse and my website is

Look forward to connecting!



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Hi my name is Jerry Fitzgerald I teach private self defence lessons to men, women, and children. I have 16 five star ratings. I teach from 7 yrs old to 55 yr old people on how to fight and take you attacker to the ground by breaking their fingers, elbows, and their ribs. I mostly teach college students at their university's gym. I give discounts for 2 or more people. If interested read my profile and check out my reviews. Its “Private Self Defence Lesson” my rate is $50.00 per session. I teach you how to get out of a 1 handed grab, 2 handed grab, headlock, full nelson, and the reverse police choke hold. I worked in special ops for our government for 25 yrs working overseas. So read my profile and I hope to be teaching you my self defence lesson. I hope to hear from you soon. Thanks, Jerry Fitzgerald

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Hi All, 
I’m excited to be in Top Pro countertops restoration! It’s been a challenging times and I’m glad we could survive. 
What makes us Top Pro? We love what we do! If you love what you do and your employees, it won’t take you too long to  be at Top Pro. 
I hope to see more successful businesses. Best wishes and stay safe!

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Hello, Thumbtack Pros!

I was an early adapter to this platform and Thumbtack has served me well thru multiple business incarnations. With current Covid restrictions, I have had to adapt and morph my business model to stay safe.  I read tarot and do custom art design...Thumbtack has been with me every step of the way.

Other sites try to copy Thumbtack, but so far, nothing equals the service and response I get from Thumbtack. So, I continue to stay loyal to what actually WORKS FOR ME.



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Hello all Top Pro,

My Name is Dharmesh Bhakta (go by Mesh) & I am in Austin TX.

Nice to meet you all. 

My first time here so looking forward to connecting with everyone. I can be found here:

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So happy to join my colleagues in this honor.Congratulations to all!

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Hello Top Pros! I've been using Thumbtack for about six years, when I started I didn't take it very seriously. I used it for occasional work, and still found it convenient compared to other freelancer apps. In 2019 I lost my full time graphic design job, I was scared and a bit concerned about whether I had what it took to go freelance. I'm glad I made the jump and started taking this platform seriously.Thumbtack has always been easy to use and the best place to find clients.

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Good Day to All the Top Pros

I'm Bert Gives Lexington, SC.

I want to congratulate all the 2020 Top Pro's nominees.

This is a real honor me and should be for everyone one of you how serves the public and like myself go far and beyond to service our clients and our communities.

I want to personally give a Big Thanks to I first heard about this site when I was living in NYC.  Thumbtack has giving another revenue for my Notary Income.

I look forward to working Thumbtack in the foreseeable future

Thank You and Again Congrats to the 2020 Top Badge Winners.

Lets look forward to 2021.


Bert Gives, Jr


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Hi everyone and Congratulations to all of the TOP PROS!!!  It is great to be acknowledged for all of the hard work, dedication, and focus we put into our business.  As a professional resume writer, it was a little tough during the first phase of the COVID19 pandemic as so many people lost their jobs or were anxiously awaiting their plight as everything was suddenly on pause.  Now that states, counties, and cities are finally starting to slowly open, many are re-evaluating their career choices and seeking new opportunities. And that is where I come in.  Whether it's developing/revising their resumes, cover letters, or LinkedIn profiles and helping many post onto a job site, it is truly my passion to help people reach their new career goals!  So I truly appreciate Thumbtack's support and guidance in helping me reach those in need!  I look forward to celebrating with you all virtually! 🙂  Joyce Price,

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    It's been a tough 2020, but thanks to Thumbtack we're sailing through the storm. I appreciate the recognition... and the new clients! 

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Hello All,

I'm so pleased to be a part of this distinguished group and take tremendous pride in the recognition! 

Small business is a large engine of the US Economy and I am blessed to be of service to this key group of people.

Thank you TT for all the support.




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  • My name is Bayo, am in Richmond Tx,am excited and joyful to be part of the top pros in Thumbtack, congratulations to all of the top pros.i hope to see more successful business in thumbtack
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Glad to be apart of the community. Looking forward to connect with others.

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Hello Hello

It has been hard this year but we keep pushing to provide services to our clients and provide for our families!  So grateful!!

Opening Easy Events in Hudson FL  as a banquet hall and studio was a huge leap for everything going on. Cheers to making the rest of this year even better!!!

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My name is Nahari. I started using thumbtack around the beginning of 2020. I didn’t know how well I would do because it was really new for me. Thanks to my experiences with Thumbtack I’ve started to make a name for myself. I’m just starting out but I’ve made good progress. I appreciate the opportunities Thumbtack has given me and the confidence in my work as well. I’ve never really been top anything so getting this notification really brightened my day. Welcome everybody!

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This is awesome!!!

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Hey folks,

my name is Travis I am an instructor in CPR/ AED First aid and stop the bleed for civilians and medical professionals. 

Our team covers most of the east coast and I am so excited that we have achieved pro level. If you ever need training please consider us.

Its all about networking. 

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Hello, everyone! Congrats to all of the Top Pros! I’m truly thankful for the Thumbtack and all of the amazing relationships I’ve been able to build through this platform.

Have you been struggling to find work with COVID? Message me, I’m offering free photo/video services for marketing/promotion. Hit me up!

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First post on the Community. Katia @ ComputerShow.

Just happy I was able to become a Top Pro even under the circumstances. Takes a lot of effort to deal with leads in TT... there are some automation and processes I do not really understand like the flow of reviews (seems there are other posts about it!).

As a community, we should be able to come up with methods that can help TT grow and so we grow too.

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Hello and congratulations to all my fellows Top Pros!!! It’s a privileged to be part of this amazing community. 
It’s been a rough year but we will survive!!!! 
I am a wedding officiant located in Florida.

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Wow! Thanks Thumbtack. Congrats to all the business owners! We have been able to get the majority of our business through this platform. You are always willing to listen to your Top Pros and learn and grow.

We have had so many wonderful professional relationships come out of this platform for our photo/video business and our most recent Dream Career and Coaching business

We have even made investment relationships that have generated close to 1 million. We thank the whole network here and we are grateful for your service. 

Coach Julie



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Hello to all and how wonderful that we’ve survived the COVID-19 last few months. Congratulations to all the top pros! I know that it’s not been easy to make it through these last months especially being

Congratulations to all the top pros! I know that it’s not been easy to make it through these last months especially being self-employed.

My name is Lynne Newman and I’m a top pro as a wedding officiant and spiritual counselor. I’ve been with Thumbtack for quite some time and their help has always been excellent - professional and friendly too -
when I reached out for assistance. 
wishing everyone here success and good health!


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Hi! I'm Elle - a music teacher in Boston. I've gotten so many great students through Thumbtack. I'm so excited to say that I've built a profitable business during COVID-19, in large part from Thumbtack's outreach.

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Hello all:  I'm Myra and proud to be a Top Pro.  I thank the awesome customers I met on Thumbtack who gave me great reviews.  It's a pleasure and an honor to serve.  #Notarization #remonteonlinenotary

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Hi gang! Thumbtack has been awesome for the most part. I coach quite a few coaches too! Building their coaching business to the next level, no matter what they teach. I have a myriad of essential communication skill sets in my offerings, including Public Speaking, Sales Training, Business/General ESL, Acting, even Poker and Chess and many more. 54 coaching sessions a week, private and group programs covering eight time zones. Busy bee over here. Perhaps I’d be a good resource for you to get more clients?

Here’s my website to learn more about me. Always love to help fellow colleagues. Maybe a simple Zoom meeting to make an acquaintance?

Community Regular

Good day Community!

 I’m grad this Thumbtack Platform has helped Promote my Photography Business.
Being in the community of
Top Pro’s is just a great Bonus. I’m a San Diego Photographer who enjoys capturing wonderful memories for clients. Please keep them coming Thumbtack.

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Greetings, Fellow Top Pros!

So glad we are still alive and well at the halfway mark at one heck of a year! I live in Los Angeles, CA and I would be happy to work with local businesses to help with any parties or events you have to bring customers back to your business. We do face painting, henna tattoos, balloon twisting, button making, slime making and airbrush art for your parties and events. 


You can find our services at 

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Welcome to all the new Top Pros

40× Award Winning Albert J. Hernandez The Untamed Chef and 3× Youngest Top Pro Chef in the Whole Country @ your Service. I  Specialize in Michelin Style Multiple Course In Home Dining on a whole other Level. That of Michelin Standards & Quality.

 Being a Top Pro pro is a true honor it means you care more it means you have a Passion for what you do and it shows not just in your reviews but your work ethic. Keep up the great work to all new & to all the veteran Top Pros.


IG: @untamedchef777 


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Hey fellow Top Pros 

I’m Dj Prime based in Columbia South Carolina. To be named a Top Pro again in these unprecedented times is amazing. I’m sure everyone had their cancellations like myself. I used the time to perfect my craft and reach out to potential clients. I did my best to provide quality service to my clients and they appreciated it. Congrats to everyone else who made Top Pro status

Dj Prime

IG @djprime20

Community Newcomer

Hello Top Pro’s,

We are Hurley Electric and are excited to be among the elites. It’s an honor that shows we put our all into what we do. We are proud to serve our surrounding areas during these challenging times. Congratulations to everyone nominated and keep up the good work! 

Community Newcomer

Hello Top Pros!

Based our of Columbia, SC, I’m David Maurice Griffin and a Licensed Massage Therapist. To be named a Top Pro during this time is commendable. I used this time to continue serving clients that need relaxation and tension relief. Congrats to everyone that achieved this status!

If you’re ever in Columbia, or the surrounding area and need a massage, please reach out at!

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Hello Top Pros! To be listed as a Top Pro is a privilege. I have worked day and night ,Holidays quoting and booking Weddings,Party events and some Bartending. I retired from a corporate job and decided to do something I love! In the times we are living ,I have to say people are still hopeful to fulfill their dreams. I want to be there for them and help them! I never thought I would have gotten the business i'm getting everyday through Thumbtack and some amazing opportunities to grow! Thank you for all the support and Honor! 

Terri Virga Triebwasser

Sidewinder Management Floral and Events

Community Regular

Hi Pros,

honor to be among the best of the best.  Thumbtack has been a God send and certainly have enjoyed serving those during these very special time.

As you all know it has been killer hard work to be a Pro in the web design world.  I look forward to promoting ya'll.  Pass my name too if anybody needs a website designer!!!

Fred Campos

Community Regular

Congratulations to all the pros!! for all the hard work you have been doing.

I am Luz Gonzalez. I am a Spanish teacher.

I have found the 90% of my lovely students on Thumbtack. It really works for me. 🌟😀

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Hi Top Pros! It's a honor to become apart of this community! I'm Brittney, a Lifestyle photographer helping entreprenuers develop their brand idenity through portraits. I also specialize in family &  maternity photography. I'm located in Marietta, GA if you are looking for lifestyle images for Soical Media or website.

IG: @iambeautography

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Congratulations to all the Top Pros!

I'm so honored to be a part of this community of service minded companies and individuals once again in 2020. Thank you, Thumbtack, for recognizing the top achievers and giving us a platform to share our success with others. I love teaching my clients how to use their computers and applications to land their dream job, earn a promotion, or find another job after losing their job in recent months due to businesses laying off or letting employees go. I'm proud to be able to help them get back on their feet and feel confident when applying and interviewing for a new job. Thumbtack has become an important tool in my business toolbox. I'm grateful to Thumbtack for introducing me to quality clients and keeping my service up and running. Thank you, Thumbtack!


Jason Stone Training


Community Regular

Hi to all Top Pros out there!

I am so excited to be a part of this hard working group!

I'm an Orlando based Interior Designer, I help people to visualize ideas, solve design problems and play with pottery!  I would love to connect and partner up with more PROS. I work a lot with online projects and clients from around the world, so if you are not in Florida, we can find the way to make things happen!  

I am to a "hi" from you! 🙂

My instagram is @visualstudioplus and my website is

Let’s create good things together 😄 


Community Newcomer

Greetings from Indiana.  It's great to be considered a Top Pro.  hard work, professionalism, and constant prospecting is the key to success.  Being in the center of a triangle of Cincinnati, Dayton, and Indianapolis makes a big difference in getting jobs.

But, it's great to be considered with the best of the company's professionals.

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Hello all!

Congratulations on being Top Pro's this month; I am very honored and excited to be a Top Pro. I am a professional makeup artist out of North Carolina and I have been using Thumbtack for some years. Actually some of my best client's have come from Thumbtack! I am so appreciative to be sharing this accomplishment with you all, and I wish you all continued success!

If you would like to explore my work, click the link!

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Congrats to all of the new 2020 Pros. My name is Bridget and I am the owner of At Your Service Travel. As you can imagine, 2020 has been a challenge for the travel industry. Here's to making the last half of 2020 phenomenal.

May each of you be blessed in your businesses this year. If you are ever in need of a great travel advisor please reach out. I'd be delighted to be At Your Service.

Community Newcomer

Hello everyone and congratulations to all Top Pros. My name is Jennifer and I'm the owner and operator of Keeping it Clean. We are a junk removal, estate cleaning and cleaning company. Thumbtack has opened so many opportunities for me to grow as a business and I'm honored to be included in the Top Pro list. 

I hope you all have a wonderful rest of your year and hope things go up from here for us all. 

Community Regular

Hi I'm Sarina an LMT in GA.  I'm from the Big Apple NYC.  Thx for this honor.  As someone stated before when you love what you do it shows through your work, attitude and spirit.  Going above and beyond the call of duty gets it every time.   Love you to life.  Keep pushing.  The best is yet to come.  My ig is:  @calmingspacemassage and my website is 

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Congrats to all of the Top Pro's!!! Like the first half of 2020 it may have been difficult but the strong survive and thrive!!! Keep killing it out there and look forward to being apart of this small community again!!!


Sunset Photography - Pensacola, FL