Congratulations to our July 2020 Class of Top Pros

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We’re excited to announce the Top Pro Class of July 2020, and to celebrate this important accomplishment as a community!

Top Pros, we want to hear from you! Reply below and share your story about how you became a Top Pro and grew a successful business.

The Community is a great place to share inspiration with other Thumbtack professionals. Take the opportunity to converse with one another, share stories, and congratulate one another. 

Congratulations again and welcome to the Thumbtack Pro Community!

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Congratulations to all the Top Pros! It's been quite a ride this year and for many, online has been the only way to get leads during this lock down. Grateful for Thumbtack to have the resources and resourcefulness to stick it out. Thank you for the support and for thriving during adversity. 

We custom design and make fine jewelry and hope that a recovery in the consumer market reaches everyone soon. 

Continued success to all the Top Pros.

Best Wishes,

John Vardis


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Hey there Top Pros, I want to express how grateful I am for the opportunity to be able to serve my community and neighboring cities. It’s been a whole lot of Patience and discipline to be able to reach this milestone but I wouldn’t want to have it any other way. Blessings to all of you on the path towards success. 

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Hello fellow Thumbtackers 

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I’m so happy se one year top pro

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Greetings & Congrats to all you deserving and worthy of this honor!!

I'm humbled to be part of this elite group.

My name is Anish and I'm the founder of MindPranaBody LLC. which is in the business of helping people deal with stress, anxiety, depression, PTSD, and various other health conditions (aka dis-eases). I use REIKI healing, and counseling-like guidance/coaching among other techniques to help people.

I'd encourage you to look at my Thumbtack profile [ ] and my website [ ] and feel free to reach out if you or anyone you know may benefit from these services.

I have been very diligent and sincere in responding to Thumbtack queries which is probably a big factor in receiving this honor. THANK YOU THUMBTACK!!!


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Hi! I'm Shanez Padgett, CEO of P3 Media, LLC! We are so very excited to reach one of our hugest goals which was to become a Thumbtack Top Pro! We are a Photography & Videography Company based out of SC but thanks to Thumbtack, we have traveled to over 7 states outside of SC for wedding videography! We are so excited for what the future holds and are so excited to do some destination weddings! Let us know if you would like to possibly book with us! My personal IG is @I_am_shanez !

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Hello all my Top Pro professionals. It's my honor to be among some hard working determined pros. Always reach for the top then reach some more. When we stop growing is when we die. Always approach life with a positive attitude and you'll receive positive back. #dogwhisperette

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Thoroughly thrilled to be a part of the elite Top Pro class just 7 months into being a Thumbtack pro. Congratulations to all! I'm grateful that Thumbtack provides me with a steady stream of wonderful, aspiring actors and voice actors, as well as amazing professionals in all walks of life looking to enhance and expand their communiaction skills.

-Adam P. Murphy aka "Industry Eye"

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Greetings TOP PROS!!  It's an honor being amongst the Best of the Best!! 

I Own and Operate Mobile Bartending Concierge Service in Baltimore, Maryland.  We not only offer Bartending Services..we also provide DJ, Waitstaff, Drink & Decor Consultations...etc.

I look forward to learning more about you and your businesses. 

Stay Safe 

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Congrats to all of our fellow Top Pros!! Proud to be among other dedicated professional providing a valuable service to our communities.

Over the years Jim and I have cleaned and organized for friends and family as they were facing their life’s transitions. We were told many times you should start a business as you are so good at helping people. When Covid hit our income stream hard earlier this year and we realized that income may never come back so we decided to give it real consideration.

We sat down over the state mandated 6 weeks of stay at home and talked through all the different ways we could earn money to cover our bills.  We came up with the most important qualities of healthy and happy life requirements. First was having flexibility in our schedule so we could have time to enjoy life. Second was getting to work together as we really enjoy our precious time. Third was doing something that kept us moving to stay healthy in body and mind. The end result was The Domestic Duo Cleaning and Organizing company was launched on June 3rd, 2020. 

After 6 weeks from launching The Domestic Duo are doing well and covering our monthly bills. But most importantly we are discovering and testing our own humanity everyday and have tremendous gratitude to the clients and their families that have welcomed us and trusted us to come into their homes and allow us to deploy our overactive cleaning genes.  And the story continues…..

Brian & Jim
Fort Lauderdale, FL

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Hey, Im glad to be within this community!

I enjoy giving clients the best design experience!

Thumbtack has really changed my business 10 fold!

View my work:

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Hey Everyone!! 

So excited to be part of this group. I know how much hard work it goes into getting this status, especially during these times when everything is ten times much more difficult. I am glad that we have all been able to persevere and still provide amazing service during this time. 

I am the owner of The Starving Gypsy, based here in Austin, Texas and we provide catering to small to medium sized parties. 
Feel free to check us out at and on IG @thestarvinggypsy

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Good evening pros!  Never in a million years did I think I'd be here, doing THIS when I first started Thumbtack.

I am a "one man shop" architecture firm in North Carolina.  I was googling myself one evening late last year and I was not getting great results.  But I noticed something, several colleagues of mine in an adjacent market kept coming up on this thing called Thumbtack.  I had tried several other "referral" programs before with very little success, including HOUZZ.  But, this one was different... it actually ACKNOWLEDGE the professional advantage I had as a licensed Architect over several other lesser professional "draftsman" and "architectural designers" who do not have my degrees, experience, or LICENSE.  Thumbtack actually provided a place in our profile to list our licenses, checked them, and then offered a free background check.  I was blown away.  I finally had a place where I could advertise my professional advantage and possible clients would be made aware of that advantage.

Well, I spent several hours filling out my profile, uploading photos, filling out the FAQ, and even added  page to my website to feature my Thumbtack profile.

It wasn't always easy... I had to figure out how Thumbtack worked, and honestly, Thumbtack had to figure out me too.  There were a lot of misses among a few hits... but slowly, the ratios started trending in my favor.  I have steadily increased my weekly budgets and have gotten much better at identifying "tire kickers".  

I have worked hard to get references and improve my response time.

Even in these tough times, I am busy, and nearly ALL of my work comes from Thumbtack or repeat clients/referrals from past Thumbtack clients. 

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Hello & Congratulations To The Top Pros Of July2020,

Hi My Name Is Rosa And I Would Love To Thank Thumbtack For Giving Me The Power To Belive In Myself !! I started Almost 5Years Ago With My Bartending Skills Did Well Got A Hang Of Working With This Platform (Thumbtack) So I Added Wait And Event Staff .That Is Going Well So I Added Chef Service When Needed. Though ThumbTack I Learned To BELIVE IN My SELF !! I Love What I Do And My Clients Are Always Happy With My Service ! I Try To Do The Hard Work So My Clients Can Enjoy Their Event And Know It Will Be Done. . If Anyone Ever Needs A Bartender In Miami Look Me Up 🤗

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Way to go Rosa....keep up to great work!

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I am so excited to be a part of this hard working group!

I am Guadalupe wife of Dario Gonzalez, the owner of Gaxiola's Painting LLC. I am in charge of all marketing, messages, basically  an office administrator. My husband Dario ( showed in the picture)  and I started Gaxiola's Painting LLC on March 2019 so far, we have a little over 1 year in the business.  Our only method of marketing is Thumbtack and it is working so well for us as our only marketing method right now. 

Congratulations to all the Top Pros!!

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Congratulations to all the new Top Pro's.  I am a private Spanish tutor/teacher from Costa Rica. I am honored to be part of the group. Wishing you all the best on your businesses. 


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Can someone please answer why I did not get top pro? I met all the qualifications before the end of June. I even took some jobs that I normally wouldn't just so I'd have it in time. Thanks in advance. 

Community Manager
Community Manager

@DMVFixer our team is more than happy to look into this for you. Please contact our customer support at 800-948-2034 Monday - Friday 7am-6pm MST. 

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We are excited to be apart of the Top Pros!  Since day one I wanted to get to this place and at first I wasn't sure about it and how it would generate enough income to justify using it.  Boy was I wrong, even with Covid-19 and loosing 98% of our regular maintenance customers we had before Thumbtack, because put everything on hold.  Thumbtack has put us back in business a few months ago and I would say between that and our website launching, it has been insane trying to keep up with all the leads.   Then I realized towards the end of July that we had Top Pro on our profile.  I guess I expected bells and whistles to go off when it happened LOL.   We are proud that our values and work ethic already matches the service levels that Thumbtack requires to become a Top Pro.  It was an easy victory for us but never the less it is all about hard work and dedication and owning your craft.  There is no half stepping here, because you get what you give.  So we are so proud to make to the Top Pro platform, now we have to continue to stay here by staying sharp and always going above and beyond the customers expectations.  In a service business it isn't about fancy packaging, a superior product that sells it self, its about hard work, high standards, and creating a world class customer experience, that will set you apart from the rest.

-hank you Thumbtack and thanks to all our customers that helped us achieve the Top Pro status.  Congrats to all the other Top Pros as well, wish you all well and prosperous days to come.

Dawn Leclerc & Chris Williams



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Hi Team. Name is Adeleye and I’m a general contractor in Columbus Ohio. I have been running my remodeling business for over two years and I didn’t know how much more I could get better and how much more opportunities I could get until I joined thumbtack. Thumbtack hasn’t just given me opportunities but helped me to learn a lot when it comes to marketing and organizing myself and my business. I’m excited to be in this community and see success stories. I’m glad and grateful to join the winning team! Hardwork and good rating finally paying off!! Yipee!!!!