February’s product improvements

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We’re always trying to make Thumbtack better, so that pros like you can be successful. A critical part of that is your feedback and all the great ideas you’ve shared on the Community. We’re listening to you, and we’re working on turning many of your ideas into new product features.

So starting now, we’ll be posting a list of what’s changed in the product each month, at the end of the month. Check back on this board regularly for the latest and greatest updates.

Don’t see your idea on this list? That doesn’t mean we aren’t working on it. Some features are much more complicated than they seem and take time to implement. Have other ideas? Reply below to share your suggestion and you may see it in a future update!

Major updates for pros in February:

  • Specify what’s included in your base prices: You will now have much more control and flexibility to select what's included in your prices, adding or removing items from your base price so that customers can get an accurate estimate. We know that we previously didn’t always allow pros to accurately represent how they do jobs on Thumbtack, whether it was promising things they didn’t offer, or not informing customers of everything already included in the price.  This update allows for more flexible selection and display of what’s included in your prices. We know that every business on Thumbtack is different, and we want you to be able to show you’re different. That includes your pricing. Check out this new example below:Feb1.png


  • Saved replies: You will now have the ability to save the responses you send to customers - especially those responses you use most frequently. With this update, you’ll be able to reuse responses, instead of spending time writing the same response over and over again. This will also help you respond more quickly, which customers appreciate and which makes them more likely to hire you. Learn more about saved replies here.
  • Profile score improvements: We’ve made some changes to the profile score to help pros better understand what they can do to improve. Some of these changes include redefining the weights of profile fields, adding new profile fields into the score (like past projects, social media fields, payment methods, etc.), and making the profile score more category specific.  Learn more about these changes here.

Smaller changes for pros:

  • Unread Inbox message count on iOS app: We used to show the total number of unread Inbox messages and new jobs in the Jobs tab. However, we heard from you that it’s more helpful to only show the number unread Inbox messages. We made that change. And if all the messages in your Inbox are read and there’s a new job in the Jobs tab, you’ll see a dot letting you know.
  • Understanding the competition: We’re now letting pros know if there is a unique opportunity to be the first pro in your market to promote your business on Thumbtack. Get a head start on the competition. Learn more about promoting your business here.Feb2.png
  • Down-ranking pros with $1 prices: Pros who list their starting price as $1 will now rank lower in search results. So list your accurate prices -- customers want to see an actual estimate.
  • Removing notifications when a customer views your offer: You will no longer be notified when a customer views your offer. Instead, you will receive a notification once the customer reaches out to you. We want to help you focus on your interactions with customers once they contact you, because that’s when you can continue the conversation, seal the deal, and win the job!

Again, we would love to hear your other ideas. Reply below and let us know what you’d like to see on this list next month!

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I agree with you, and I'm sure that all of the Pros in the thread that @Meckell gave you a link to, will agree with you. It was a very valuable tool for all of us. And how can we interact with so-called customers if we just sit back and wait for a conversation starter.

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How to change my estimate on my profile
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@Lubert03 just to clarify, are you referring to your prices that are shown to customers? 

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Exactly! I used to send out a very informative and heartfelt response to people. It would stand out amongst the other replies they would receive, and I'd be hired twice as often as anyone else. Now, I'm just another face in the listings. There's nothing that shows up front that my work blows away the others.

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Thank you for the heads up on changes, however removing notifications when customers view your offer sounds like a big step backward for pros.  I consider viewing an offer to be a warm lead - not yet well qualified, but warm. 

TT now is like paying for a premium booth location at a trade show but we are required to stay behind the curtain.  When a prospect stops by to learn more about your service they are only see your brochure and display.  Then, if they ring a bell we pay and are invited to start our pre-sale process to convert the prospect into a customer. 

I am having trouble understanding how such a process is intended to improve sales for the pro.  I used to get a large percentage of my jobs after getting notified that a prospect has viewed my offer, whether or not they actually looked at my brochure or display. Many times the prospect would thank me for a prompt follow up and open a dialogue that resulted in a sale.  If they did not reply, then I at least could assess if a competitor was more appealing and adjust my offer wording and or brochure for future prospects. 

Engaging with the prospect as soon as they indicate an interest (viewing an offer) is the best way to establish a relationship.  It gives us the opportunity to engage proactively and help the prospect decide to buy. 

Let me know if I missed something here and that getting no opportunity to reach out to warm leads is a better strategy for lead conversion.

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Very well said!! It's been mentioned over and over by majority of the Pros. The reason they took away that very useful tool was "You will no longer be notified when a customer views your offer. Instead, you will receive a notification once the customer reaches out to you. We want to help you focus on your interactions with customers once they contact you, because that’s when you can continue the conversation, seal the deal, and win the job!" I had many bookings after I saw if customer viewed my message or quote, and then follow up with personable message, which most customers appreciated. The way it's set up now is hurting the Pros more than helping us. I, along with many other Pros, have asked that this tool be brough back, even with suggestions on how to improve the current format. Hopefully they will reinstate this useful tool.

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Exactly! 95% of the requests have always turned into ghosts. Those 5% who actually view and or respond, are precious! It had ALWAYS been my practice to contact the customer as soon as I saw that they viewed my quote. Immediately, I would reach out and say, "I see that you've viewed my quote! How does it work for your needs and budget?" And that would sometimes actually start a conversation with a person who probably would have been off in the wind. People don't like to take the initiative, and they are procrastinators - clients AND PROS!!! So I would use this to my advantage! I would be the only pro that would followup, greatly increasing my chance of getting the job! With the old system, the stats provided by TT showed that I was hired 2-4 times more often than "my competition". Now I haven't a clue how I compare, and my hires are way down. Of course they are if my tools are missing.

TT has taken away my ability to stand out from the crowd, by removing this critical tool! My highly professional practices here have put me at the top and made me one of the most successful pros on TT. I actually qualified for Top Pro when it was originally only the top 1%. But so few "pros" qualified, they had to increase it to 3%, and then even broadened it to 4%. So, apparently I know what I'm doing and I know what tools are essential.

As the system stands now, I am utterly shocked when I go in to check the "competition" and I see that most of the other contacted "pros" have not even bothered to respond!!!! AND THEY'VE ALREADY PAID FOR THE LEAD!!!! And then they come here screaming that they're paying and not getting work. HELLO????

But, for those of us who WANT to work, who are REAL PROFESSIONALS, we need the tools to do our jobs!!!

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That was so profoundly stated!!!! I am the queen of analogies and absolutely LOVE your BRILLIANT trade show equivelent!!!! Everything you said was absolutely spot on! I have been banging my head against the wall over this consistantly here and on the phone with TT. Everything you said!

What line of work are you in and where are you based?

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Thank you for your praise!!!  You are most kind. 

Your activity on the community and your profile are a good model for success.  I can pick up some invaluable tips!

I am a videographer in Houston. 

When prospects don't reply or quotes are viewed but don't get hired we need info to help assess how we can change.  But most of the metrics I use have disappeared (or I can't find them). 

One striking statistic I learned is that when I don't reply promptly when quotes are viewed, my conversion rate is near zero! So, removing visibility into quote views is a death knell for how I used to win business.  Obtaining a competitive advantage now requires developing a new strategy.  Meanwhile, revenues have disappeared.

Although I have been a TT member for several years, I am new to the commumnity forum and I was surprised to discover some of the reasons my leads have dried up recently.  I assumed I was doing something wrong and when I tried to analyze bids I discovered information I relied upon was missing. 

As a result, I am forced to repeat the same activities and hope for different results.  A strategy that won't be found on any best practices list!

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AMEN! Spot on @DefiningImagery !

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As @Hankster says, Spot on!!!

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As @Hankster says, Spot on!!!

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These "improvements" are hurting us pros!  We LIKE seeing that our profile has been viewed, and we shouldn't have to go through a bunch of steps to see things.  I used to get an email and a text when someone posted a possible job.  Now I get nothing and just "discovered" some by accident!  Will I not get any notification if someone views my profile, or replies if I send a quote?  This makes no sense!