New on Thumbtack: Smart Home Install or Repair

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Thumbtack Employee
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Five years ago, smart homes were a pretty cool concept, but they certainly weren’t the norm. Now it’s estimated that over a quarter of adults in the United States own a smart speaker (reaching over 66 million people).

Besides the Amazon Echo and Google Home speakers out in the world, there are even more smart devices. Home basics like thermostats, light switches, and doorbells are being replaced with sleek, smart home versions.

And that’s only going to continue. According to Statista, the smart home market is set to exceed $53 billion in the next three years.

That’s where you come in.

Starting today, customers can find Thumbtack pros who install and repair smart home devices. That’s because more and more customers are adding smart devices to their homes and need your help.

Take me for example. I want a smart thermostat in my home, but I have no idea how to swap it out with my current dinosaur-era version. And once it’s installed, I need to know who I can call when it (inevitably) goes haywire a year or two later.

So if you’ve got the know-how to install and fix smart home devices, this announcement is for you. To offer this new service to customers, go to your Services and search for "Smart Home Installation or Repair."