New travel preferences: set how far customers can travel to you

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Do customers travel to you, or do you go to them? Either way, you know what jobs are best for your business.

Before, you could only set preferences for how far you travel to customers. Now, you can also set how far customers travel to you.


So how does this help you? That depends on the jobs you’re targeting (and where your customers are).

For example, let’s say you’re a personal trainer with your own gym. You’ve found plenty of clientele in surrounding neighborhoods, but you know most customers won’t commute more than 25 miles for a workout (no matter how many before and after photos you show them).

With this update, you can control that. Just set your travel preferences so you only pay automatically for customers who are within 25 miles (or whatever distance you choose). Customers who are outside of that range may still find and contact you if they think you’re the right fit, but you’ll have the option to accept the lead or decline and pay nothing. 

But no matter how far a customer is from you, it can be worthwhile to talk about the job in case you’re the perfect fit. After all, the customer picked you from search results.

Remember, when you set targeting preferences you’re telling us what jobs you want. You only pay automatically for leads that exactly match those preferences. And you get a discount off the regular lead price.

And whether customers travel to you or not, it’s always a good idea to revisit your travel preferences to make sure you’re getting the jobs you want most.

Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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I am not sure that I really see the logic in this update. I can’t predict how far a customer would travel to me. But if it increases the flexibility for pros then I agree that it is a good thing.

I would like to see better categories because I spend a lot of time passing on items in my job list that I don’t qualify for or offer. And while I don’t have that option checked TT frequently sends me notifications to add my prices so that I’ll get selected.
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@nora I'm happy to provide some additional context. Previously, when a customer would choose to travel to the pro it was often within the range that the pro would travel themselves. As an example, say a personal trainer was willing to travel up to 20 miles to meet with a customer, but they from experience know that many clients will only travel up to around 5 miles to come to them. Many times, as a result, pros would be contacted by customers that would then realize they weren't willing to travel quite that far to visit the gym multiple times a week.

This new update allows pros to choose how far they are willing to travel for themselves and to choose how far they'd like to show up in the search for clients that are willing to come to them.

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I am a personal trainer located in NJ and live about 6 miles away from Philadelphia pa.  I have been auto paying for customers and spending hundreds of dollars a month for a long time.  In all my time on this platform, I have not found a client willing to travel from PA to NJ.  I have called prob around 20 times saying that I do not feel it fair to auto-pay for leads in PA.  They are not an EXACT match for me.  This radius is still not helping me weed out leads I can not use.  There should be an option to make only in state leads within a radius an exact match.  I have set my travel radius to 5 miles and i have not received a single lead in 3 months.  I have also not gotten an auto-pay lead from clients within my travel radius.