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When we did our Q&A with Thumbtack Product Manager @CarsonP in July, many of you (@Laholt3@HKrieger and many more) mentioned that you’d like to be able to highlight successful past projects. We heard you. 

So today, we’re excited to announce that this feature is now live for many categories on Thumbtack! In our efforts to help pros like you stand out on Thumbtack, you can now highlight details from successful past projects on your profile (check out the screen shots below).

We hope you’ll take advantage of this new feature.  Showcasing your past work on your profile helps customers get a full picture of what it’s like working with you and allows you to show off your track record of success. When you add a project, you can include things like how long it took, the general cost and size of the job, and a brief description of how the project turned out. This will help you better personalize your profile and give customers a clear idea of the experience and quality of work you provide.

Past projects is not yet available for all services on Thumbtack.  If you think your service could benefit from this feature, let us know.

And to add past projects to your profile today, click here to learn more.

What do you think? Share your reactions to this new feature below.  We'd love to hear from you.







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Community Manager

So exciting!
@zalezphoto I noticed that you're using this feature, and it looks awesome! Do you have any thoughts about this that you'd like to share? We'd love to hear any insight you have 🙂 

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I really can't opine to that, since I don't know how much clients engage with profiles. I'll say this a couple of years ago I started posting photos of jobs I got with your logo in my profile, some are still there. To be honestly blunt, my  trust with you today has rapidly deminished, to the point that today I feel associating my name with TT is beginning to outweight the benefits, More important, this new feature  doesn't address the bigger issues and bad changes TT c, and how it clearly is making things more difficult for everyone, and it's showing in my engagement with your platform, searching for a better one.  

Again, I think you guys are burning down the house!  I say that respectfully and with grave concern for all of us.




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Are you still required to enter in the "job cost"?  I'd like to share projects with my customers however i do not want to be required to enter in what i did the job for.  My prices can vary on so many factors depending on so many factors ( daily and weekly workload is a huge one to) and i also worry about putting up prices for my competition to see freely and give them a chance to under bid me. Any way of entering in a price range instead? 

Community Manager
Community Manager

Great question @JSGDS you are required to enter the job cost and as of right now, there isn't the option to add a range. I'll be sure to note your concerns and submit your feedback. My recommendation for you would be to add a variety of different projects that all had different prices. That way, when customers look at your profile, they can see that the cost will range. 

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Thank you for the suggestion!  I think Ill throw some projects up there; worse case scenario is I have to take them down if customers get confused because there project is going to cost more/less.  Keep me in the loop for any changes!  

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Very interesting! I learned about this feature from Marco's Thanksgiving message. Massage therapy doesn't have that option, but below is what I included in my intro. I will keep the feature in mind as my clinical work has a lot of interesting results and is more akin to a PT approach to the human body.
•RECONNECT with your body
•flush TOXINS
•prepare for your SPORTS EVENT
•emotional aspects of LOOSING WEIGHT
•LOW BACK pain & core stability
•improve your PERSONAL BEST with optimal muscle engagement
•CONCUSSIONS and balance challenges
•emotional aspects of FERTILITY
•NECK stiffness
•FLEXIBILITY and spasming
•MENSTRUAL and organ issues
•POST-PARTUM challenges
•issues of ATTACHMENT
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Community Manager

Your insight is always so helpful @Dessi. Thanks for sharing!

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@JSGDS & @Meckell

I agree with JSGDS and disagree with Meckell. In our line of work: construction, remodeling, custom carpentry, handyman, home repair, etc.; it doesn’t usually work well to suggest prices without talking with the individual customer about their individual project, and most of the time evaluating it in person is necessary for an accurate quote. If we were just building dog houses, or installing faucets, or delivering raised garden beds that we build in a shop, then maybe this idea of a pre consult price would work. But most often the same or similar project can be very different in price because of factors that aren’t even seen until we visit the site in person. This makes it difficult to list prices on Thumbtack or do things like instant match (promote? What’s it called this week?). I think Thumbtack seems to have trouble understanding what leads and jobs are worth in the field of house/commercial repair and remodeling work. I got charged $15 for a lead on a $60 leaking toilet repair, but only $11 for a $400 awning installation. I don’t know what’s changed, but just in the last week I’m seeking a lot of jobs get “5 pros contacted” within a few minutes. This tells me that lots of pros are keeping close to their phones and watching for notifications, and that lots of customers are using the automated responses like “what’s your next availability”. I saw a fence job appear and the lead cost was $60. Within a few minutes, 5 pros were contacted. That’s $300 for Thumbtack, and none of those pros may be hired. They may all go out and look in person and none of them get the work. It really seems odd to me that Thumbtack earns $300 off making a quick digital connection like that, and all the while it’s possible that neither the customer or the pros get any work out of it.
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@zalezphoto I very much agree with you. I have happily built my business in the last 3 years and became a Top Pro through Thumbtack, and as of November 2018 I am completely lost as to what the heck happened to the Thumbtack I knew. It has become useless all of a sudden and I am very distraught.
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I see this feature is now available in the DJ category although I'm not sure why it's needed to be honest. However when I click on the Add Projects button it goes to the New Projects page for a few seconds before going back to my profile page. I've tried this using Microsoft Edge & Google Chrome. Same result so it's not an issue on my end. My profile which was super strong has now dropped down to looking good. I'm being forced to add at least two projects to bump up my profile status. My revews, number of hires & my introduction are more than enough to grab a leads attention I feel.

Community Manager
Community Manager

@Hankster past projects actually aren't yet available for DJ's, I apologize for any confusion! We started including that in the profile strength score and that's why you're seeing "add projects." Because it's not available for DJ's yet, it's not going to negatively impact you in any way. 

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Thank you. I would like to suggest then that this feature not be included in the DJ category. As a DJ my line of work doesn't involve projects. My past work peformances is already displayed in my reviews.

Community Manager
Community Manager

I'll be sure to note your feedback, thanks @Hankster

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I really love the past projects showcase, it's what my customers cite most often as the reason I won the job (maybe I shouldn't give away that competitive information ;-).  You could really help me out with a feature though. In customer conversations, I want to point them directly to a relevant past project and not just my profile. Especially as I put list more projects, it becomes unwieldy for a customer to find what I'm talking about.

Can each past project have a persistent URL? That way I can find the project and send the customer the direct link.

Thanks for your consideration. 

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@TheLast10SF thanks so much for thinking of and sharing this idea! I've made sure to pass this along.