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We know you work hard. So when you need a break from new jobs, leave the hard work to us. Whether you’re taking a well-earned vacation, or you’re too busy for new customers, now you can hide your business from search results.


When you hide your business, you’re temporarily removed from customers’ search results. You decide when you’re ready to take on jobs again, and new customers can’t contact you until then. Even better, when you’re away you don’t have to decline leads or update your availability (things that affect your rank in search results).

Hiding your business also sets expectations with customers. They won’t reach out and wait for a response when you’re unavailable because they won’t find you in their search. And if they come across your profile another way (like if another customer shares a link to your profile), they’ll see that you’re not taking new customers.

Follow these steps to hide your business: 

  1. Go to your Services.
  2. Click the three-dot menu next to “Add a service”.
  3. Click Hide my business temporarily.
  4. Choose what day you want to show up in search results again.
  5. Click Hide my business now.

Your business will reappear in search results at 8am PT on the day you set. If you’re ready to get new leads sooner than that, just follow steps 1-2 above then click Take business live.

And don’t forget to log in when your business is live again so you can respond to customers and keep up your rank. We’ll send a notification to remind you the day before your business is set to go live.

Learn more about managing your work schedule in our help article My availability. If you’ve already hidden your business, let us know how it worked for you in the comments.

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Great to see this finally implemented. It's a necessity when going on vacation. However, I'd say it's a little difficult to find -- being hidden away in the Services tab; I think it should also be placed in the Settings menu.

Community Expert

Is there a way to hide my business for particular days, or do I have to use this feature for a stretch of days? Reason that I'm asking is that I receive numerous leads for dates and times that I have blocked. And if I don't respond to those leads in a timely manner it hurts my response time.

My issue is that I have events booked for the next 3 Saturdays, but would like to pick up Fridays  on those weeks. Email support told me to use the hide business feature, but the feature is only for a block of dates and not for individual dates, true?

Any insight? Thanks

DJ Stevie 10-22-2019

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Community Manager
Community Manager

@DJStevie when you hide your business, it is for a stretch of time and not for particular days. The calendar feature is there for you to block off those specific days and times. When a day is blocked, you should not be getting leads in your inbox for those days. If you are, please contact support and they can see what's going on. 

You may see jobs in the Opportunites tab for those days, but because those customers aren't reaching out to you directly, it's not affecting your response time and you can just pass. 

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Thank you for your reply. I truly appreciate it.

That's what I thought about the hide my business feature.

Also, I have been trying to explain to support, (several reps), that I do receive leads when calendar is blocked, even sending them screenshots. They tell me it's being looked into, or that my feedback will be passed on.  But it's been happening several times in the past few weeks, and is very frustrating as it can affect my response time.

Would you suggest that I call Support? Or just continue to use the email support?

DJ Stevie 10-22-2019



Community Manager
Community Manager

Sorry for the confusion @DJStevie. Leads still can come into your inbox, but if they're for a date that you have blocked, you'll have the option to accept or decline as it's a partial match. 

Keep in mind that if the customer selects "allow pro to suggest other dates" along with the date that is blocked out, it will then be considered an exact match since the customer is saying that they're open to days other than the one that was blocked. 

It is definitely up to you if you'd rather talk to support over the phone or email. Both options are available to you!