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It should be easy to see how your business is doing on Thumbtack. But where do you go to see that?

What if I told you it was your Services tab — would that surprise you? Most pros are pretty good about logging in to check for new messages or regularly updating their profile. But we learned when it came to the Services tab, many pros weren't quite sure why they should go there (or how often).

If you have our app, you can find your Services tab from the main menu at the bottom (look for the little toolbox icon).


There’s a reason why the icon for the Services tab is a toolbox. It’s where you go to add your skills and fine-tune what type of work you do. Similar to how good tools enable us to do our best work, the Services tab is the same. 

But that wasn’t always clear to you. So we made a few design changes to make it better. Here's what it looks like now: 


Now it’s easy to see: 

  1. An at-a-glance view of your businesses — down to each individual service you offer. 
  2. What services you’ve set targeting preferences for, including a new way to view services with “Targeting on” and “Targeting off” separately.  
  3. How much you’ve spent during the week, plus a few other weekly stats that are important to you. 
  4. When a service needs your attention (like a maxed out budget or incomplete setup). 

So get reacquainted with your Services tab. Check it weekly and continue to fine-tune your services regularly. That way, you’re set up to receive the right leads. If they’re not quite right, your Services tab is the first place you should go to adjust things like your budget and targeting preferences. 

Let us know what you think of the redesign by commenting below!

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@KenzieL : I am having a little trouble understanding the way this feature is set up. I click onto insights, click on to "how you compare" and scroll to one of my services. I am ranked very high in Central Connecticut for Private Cooking Lessons. When I scroll down to the section that says "most popular pros in your area"only one Pro comes up. This Pro is new to TT and has 0 hires. How is he popular? I refer to a range of zipcodes: 06057, 06019, 06020, 06022, 06059, 06001, 06105.