Thumbtack has teamed up with Nextdoor!

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Hi pros,

As of today, Thumbtack is partnering with Nextdoor to help members of the world’s leading private social network for neighborhoods instantly match with pros. 

Beginning with housecleaning, handymen, pets, and lessons, pros will benefit from increased exposure within Nextdoor search results and on Nextdoor business pages. Over time, the plan is to expand to more categories (including, but not limited to, home, events, and wellness) and we will share more information as it becomes available.

All pros nationwide who show up in Thumbtack search results are also eligible to also show in Nextdoor

Here’s how it works: When Nextdoor members search for local services, they can see up to three Thumbtack pros directly within the Nextdoor search results with information from the pros' profiles. When the customer chooses one of these pros, they are taken to the pro's profile on Thumbtack where they can reach out directly.

Still having trouble picturing it? Below is a screenshot of what you can expect:

image (2).png

Nextdoor is the newest member of Thumbtack’s Partner Network, which launched earlier this month with Google Local Services

Interested in learning more? See the full press release here.

In partnership,


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This is good news...

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Does "reach out directly" mean that I have to pay for the lead? Thanks for the clearification!

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Hi Drew, I'm a Sf based home organizer, when can I expect to be part of this ? Can we speak offline.I've been a member of next-door for three years and find it a great service and have already gotten clients from it
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@Ma as of now this is beginning with housecleaning, handymen, pets, and lessons. Once we expand to more categories we will share that new information as it becomes available. 

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Drew - This is good news!   But we would like all catagories to get equal opportunites to be seen in the marketplace.  Last night I went to the LA meet up and the speaker Nate said that the highest requested catagories in LA was housekeeping and massage therapy and . . .  crap - I forgot the others.  Sorry. But It was not my catagory even though my catagory probably has the most Pros.  Photography.  So being on Nextdoor is great, but the person sitting next to me at the event last night said to me "well what is Thumbtack doing for the rest of us that are struggling".   True!  A few years back TT had tv spots.  It got the Thumbtack name out there even though I was disappointed that it portrayed Thumbtack as a "home improvement" services.  They guy red-doing his house.  If those are the highest requested catagories then we would like to see Thumbtack start pushing the word that you are more than a "house cleaning" service provider.  There are soooo many catagories that Thumbtack has.  Are we going to see more advertising for the entire Thumbtack name . . . .   somehow portraying that Thumbtack covers photographers, lawyers, lawn care, pet care, computer repair, etc?  With the triple cost in leads, the triple effort on TT's end would be great

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I am curious when will more pros start to see more jobs shown through Nextdoor? I would love for my surrounding neighbors who use Nextdoor to see that they don’t have to go far to get service. Thank you for any updates or information
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@Gaddyair Because leads coming from the Nextdoor partnership aren’t differentiated in any way, you could already be receiving leads without knowing it. As a reminder, the Nextdoor partnership showcases Thumbtack pros within Nextdoor’s search results but when a customer clicks on your profile, they are redirected to your Thumbtack page where they move through the normal flow of creating a contact. Currently, the partnership is live in only a handful of categories with plans to expand.

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Ok great news. I was only curious because I heard the news around September last year and I know in my area on nextdoor when you look up handyman it shows 1-2 thumbtack pros that redirects to their thumbtack profile but in my professional area of HVAC it does not. So hopefully it expands and branches out into my field. Thank you for the feedback
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This is great news!!  I get very good/real leads throught NextDoor and most people I know use ND a lot, especially for referrals/recommendations.  I just had a customer post a recommendation for me on ND just yesterday.