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Advertising your business on social media can be overwhelming. We know, we’ve been there. Platforms like Instagram and Facebook will put your business on customers’ feeds, but first, you have to pay. So you’re left with another charge to worry about.

We understand the cost of advertising your business, and we want to take some of that off your shoulders. Soon, your Thumbtack profile could be featured in Facebook and Instagram ads — free of charge. But not just to anyone, to customers interested in your service. We’re committed to getting you in front of even more customers to help you land even more jobs.

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So, what does this mean? Because we might showcase your profile in these ads, it means your profile needs to be top-notch. This includes how you introduce yourself, talk about your business and show your work.

Ready to take your profile to the next level? Use the guide below as a quick reference or take a look at Thumbtack Help to improve your profile. Now, go get ‘em!

How will you update your profile to stand out? Let us know below.Screen Shot 2019-04-08 at 9.07.12 AM.png


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This does not sound good at all. I am not willing to allow Thumbtack to have proxy to my business name or act as my agent. Thumbtack is supposed to be a lead generating service.
Let's see TT do that and do it well first. Most businesses are not interested in competing with themselves online. It's quite hubris to assume businesses are just going to allow TT rights to their business name and reputation to lure consumers into TT vast network.
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I have a facebook business page. Set up for free! I belong to neighborhood facebook groups, where I can advertise for free! If I want to spend a few extra pennies, facebook will promote me. Costs less than a TT lead. I remain in control of everything.

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@Julius has a valid point.

Not that they have said they won't, but TT needs to allow for an "opt out" choice for this feature as there can be implications for some lines of work that are problematic. Also, some may just not want to be part of that feature.


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@Julius @MR The only information shared would be things you already share with customers on your Thumbtack profile. And that information is shared because it’s an advertisement for your business. Showing ads on Facebook and Instagram is just one way we’re trying to help you grow your business. 

@Cranichik We’re running these ads on Facebook and Instagram at no cost to Thumbtack pros.

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@Kameron Absolutley, I understand that.

But some professions (such as attorneys) shy away from ads in some platforms like Instagram and Facebook. An attorney's ability to advertise is regulated by each state's law - in some states, I believe these sorts of ads are actually unethical and can be subject to sanctions. Illinois is ok with ads as long as the ad is very general and doesnt look like a targeted solicitation initiated by the attorney. Also, care must be taken that the ad is presented only in the state where the attorney is licensed. For example, I am licensed in Illinois. If an ad for my services is presented to a user in Wisconsin, I may be in violation of the rules of professional conduct. 

In addition, an ad in Illinois MUST state clearly that it is an advertisement for legal services and not a direct solicitation.

All I am saying is I believe you would need to give the pro an opportunity to opt out of that functionality.

The big difference is people come to the TT site seeking a pro. In an ad, I am initiating the first contact.

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Outside of Thumbtack I have been in the homes of the most recognized names in America from celebrities to business Titans. My work has been featured in magazine and I have been a regular morning show guest on CBS television. I don't want TT using or feel entitled to use my profile or pictures anywhere outside TT without my permission.
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Perfectly stated counsler.
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@MR @Julius We share your general business location, so the ads are shown in the appropriate location. Otherwise, you could show up to customers that are too far away. I'll also point out that the customers we’re showing them to aren’t just random customers. They’ve seen them on TT previously and we’re just resurfacing them to that customer to increase their chances of getting hired. However, if you'd truly like to opt out of this offer send me a direct message letting me know and I'll follow up as soon as I can. 

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@Kameron This is helpful. My concern is I am close to the Illinois/Wisconsin state line so that may become an issue.

Also, regarding what you said "I'll also point out that the customers we’re showing them to aren’t just random customers. They’ve seen them on TT previously and we’re just resurfacing them to that customer to increase their chances of getting hired."  does that mean you are using cookies or other web/mobile breadcrumbs so to speak to remarket only to those who have recently viewed the pro's profile?

As long as there is a way to opt out, be it by a button or call to customer service, we should be ok. 


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How do I get Thumbtack not to publish my business profile on google search? I am using Thumbtack to only get leads not to compete with other businesses. I have lost several customers because they searched my business on google and my thumbtack profile always appears on top, allowing them to click on it and compare my rates with other moving companies.

At first, it displays my business profile and then suggest other moving companies at the bottom of the page with competitive rates. I do not agree with this and I don't think  it helps my business in any way. I signed up to be on Thumbtack platform, not to have thumbtack displaying my business information everywhere. I just want to remain on thumbtack App and not elsewhere.

Thank you

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi there @didusa and welcome to the Community. When it comes to pros profiles appearing on Google, that's something that's out of our control and is all dependent on Google's algorithm. Please let me know if you have any other questions about this!