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Community Manager

We’re excited to announce the Top Pro Class of July 2020, and to celebrate this important accomplishment as a community!


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We imagine your inbox is full of emails regarding COVID-19 (Coronavirus) updates, and rightly so, which is why we want to touch base in the community.

Thumbtack cares deeply about the health and safety of our pros and customers. First and foremost, as we monitor the rapidly-evolving global COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic, we want to share helpful information and resources: 


  • We encourage you to review the Frequently Asked Questions and Answers from the CDC. The site contains a ton of information around the virus, prevention, and things you can be doing to stay safe. 


In uncertain times, we all lean on communities for support, comradery, and direction. Now more than ever our online Pro community can be a hub for knowledge sharing among pros. We welcome you to network with pros in your profession, perhaps in different geographic areas, to share best practices for weathering this unprecedented time.

If you’d rather share local alerts or information with pros in your area, city-specific discussion boards will be available here in the online community beginning next week.

As the situation unfolds, we’re working hard to control what is within our control: continuing to work hard for you. We will continue to share updates and information as available. Our goal is to help lessen some of the burdens you may be feeling and contribute what we can to strengthening the resilience of pros.

In partnership,

Thumbtack Community Team

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Hi pros,

Soon, we’ll be sending an email to every massage therapy pro asking them to take a background check. Background checks are free on Thumbtack through Checkr, an accredited third-party. They review national and state databases and then share the results within a few weeks (and sometimes as fast as seven business days). 

Background checks on Thumbtack are usually optional but, in some situations, we’ll make them a requirement. For example, all Top Pros are required to take a background check because we know it helps build trust with customers. 

If you have general questions, our background checks help article is a good place to start. And if you have questions about your Checkr results, please contact Checkr directly at 844-824-3257 or



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Thumbtack Employee
Thumbtack Employee

I'm excited to announce that we have created a section in our Help Center that contains help articles in Spanish. There you will find a guide to how customers find you on Thumbtack, your targeting preferences, paying for leads, and profile tips. Whether you're just getting started or just need some clarification, you can find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions there.

While we don't offer support in Spanish just yet, we want to ensure you have a general understanding of how Thumbtack works so you can set yourself up for success. At the bottom of each article we ask for your feedback on whether the article was helpful, so be sure to click "yes" to help us create more content in Spanish, and reply to this thread if you have any questions!

Me complace anunciar que hemos creado una sección en nuestro Centro de Ayuda que contiene artículos de ayuda en español. Allí encontrarás una guía sobre cómo los clientes te encuentran en Thumbtack, tus preferencias de enfoque, pagando por prospectos y consejos de perfil. Ya sea que recién estés comenzando o solo necesites clarificación, puedes encontrar respuestas a algunas de las preguntas más frecuentes allí.

Si bien todavía no ofrecemos servicio al cliente en español, queremos asegurarnos de que tengas una comprensión general de cómo funciona Thumbtack para que puedas prepararte para el éxito. Al final de cada artículo te pedimos comentarios sobre si el artículo fue útil, ¡así que asegúrate de hacer clic en "yes" para ayudarnos a crear más contenido en español, y responde a este anuncio con cualquier pregunta que tengas!

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Community Manager

Hi pros,

You told us you should only pay for leads you have a real shot at winning — and we agree. That’s why we’re rolling out Price Assurance for your services with targeting preferences. 

With Price Assurance, your exact match leads are eligible for:

  • Unread refunds. If the customer doesn’t look at your first message within 48 hours, you never really had a shot at the job. So we automatically credit the cost of the lead back to your Thumbtack balance. Look for “Read” under the messages you sent. These read receipts show you the most recent message the customer saw. 

  • Shop around savings. If a customer contacts multiple pros from the start, it means more competition for you. We don’t think you should have to pay full price these. So the more pros initially competing, the lower the price (for everyone using targeting preferences). 

Check out the full terms and conditions to learn more. 

So what do we need from you?

  • Turn on your targeting preferences. You’ll pay automatically (at a 20% discount) for leads that exactly match your preferences. Learn more about targeting preferences.

  • Respond to leads within 4 business hours (8am - 8pm local time). If the lead is an exact match to your targeting preferences and you pay automatically, you’ll be covered by our Price Assurance.

Frequently asked questions

How will I get the unread refunds? 
Unread refunds and shop around savings will both be credited back to your account automatically. Check your Payments to see what you’ve saved. 

When will I get my unread refund?
We’ll email you when an unread refund is on it’s way. These can take 3-4 days to appear in your account. 

Shop around savings are included in the lead price. You'll see the savings reflected in your Payments 15-20 minutes after you get the lead.

What else do I need to know?
We're also changing the cost of leads for some services to ensure they match the quality of the lead you get. You’ll see those changes starting Monday, Oct. 28. 

Price Assurance for pros carries a simple promise: when you set your targeting preferences and pay automatically for those leads, you’re protected. We’re excited to share this update with you —  and stay tuned because we have more coming soon!

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Hi pros,

As of today, Thumbtack is partnering with Nextdoor to help members of the world’s leading private social network for neighborhoods instantly match with pros. 

Beginning with housecleaning, handymen, pets, and lessons, pros will benefit from increased exposure within Nextdoor search results and on Nextdoor business pages. Over time, the plan is to expand to more categories (including, but not limited to, home, events, and wellness) and we will share more information as it becomes available.

All pros nationwide who show up in Thumbtack search results are also eligible to also show in Nextdoor

Here’s how it works: When Nextdoor members search for local services, they can see up to three Thumbtack pros directly within the Nextdoor search results with information from the pros' profiles. When the customer chooses one of these pros, they are taken to the pro's profile on Thumbtack where they can reach out directly.

Still having trouble picturing it? Below is a screenshot of what you can expect:

image (2).png

Nextdoor is the newest member of Thumbtack’s Partner Network, which launched earlier this month with Google Local Services

Interested in learning more? See the full press release here.

In partnership,


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Hi pros,

Check out Marco’s blog post for the latest on how Thumbtack is working to help customers find high-quality pros like yourself.

In partnership,


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Below is an updated list for the month of August. We’d love to hear what you think and we want your feedback!

Don’t see your idea on this list? That doesn’t mean we aren’t working on it. Some features are much more complicated than they seem and take time to implement. Have other ideas? Reply below to share your suggestion and you may see it in a future update!

Updates for pros in August:

  • New criteria for Top Pro: To qualify for the January 2020 Class, you’ll need to meet the new criteria for Top Pro. A few of the changes include:

    • Faster response time from 24 hours to 4 hours, in order to align our criteria with customer expectations (24 hours simply isn’t fast enough to close most jobs!).
    • Background checks are now required to receive this stamp of approval. We offer free background checks through Checkr, an accredited third-party provider. Checkr will ask for your name, contact information and social security number. You must be the Thumbtack account holder in order to take the background check. It can take a few weeks to get results, but you should receive them within 10-17 business days. Take yours now.

Top Pro Criteria


4.8 Average review rate (verified reviews only)

Exceptional Quality

5 Verified reviews


Responds to 75% of contacts to within 4 hours


Has a background check on file



  • Top pro insights page: In order to give pros more control and transparency, you can now view and track your Top Pro status directly in your insights page. This page will allow pros to track their progress toward earning Top Pro status. Check it out here.

Screen Shot 2019-08-20 at 3.54.26 PM.png

  • Hide my business: Going on vacation, or no time for new jobs right now? You don’t have to close up shop completely. Instead, hide your business from customer search results. When you hide your business, new customers can’t find or contact you on Thumbtack. You can still message current customers, and you decide when you’re ready to appear in search results again.Screen Shot 2019-08-20 at 3.46.27 PM.png


  • Customer Travels to Pro: You gave us great feedback — we’re excited to share a new update we’ve made that lets you choose how far customers can travel for your services! When you set your travel preferences, you can select how far customers can travel to you. That means you’ll only pay automatically for leads from customers within the distance you set.

Screen Shot 2019-08-20 at 3.49.55 PM.png


  • Update to notification toggles: The email notification toggles in Settings have been updated to clarify what each notification means.
    • Note: the filter on the jobs tab does not affect this notification
    • If a pro has Targeting Preferences ON, they don't get any job opportunity notifications for that service.
    • New leads and messages - Pros will be notified of new leads and responses from customers
    • Lead reminders - Pros will be reminded of leads they have not replied to (including if they are not interested and have not declined the lead)
    • All opportunities in Jobs tab - Pro will be notified of all job opportunities where the customer contacted another pro
    • Best opportunities in Jobs tab - These are "Hot Jobs" where a customer hasn't heard from the pro they contacted in the first 4 hours. 
    • Refunds - Pro will be notified when they are refunded from a lead (the money be in the pro's account, but won't be refunded to their card)

Note: To turn off your push notifications, you can either turn off all notifications from the settings on your phone or you can log into the Thumbtack Pro app > Profile > Settings > Notifications and from there turn off specific notifications.pasted image 0.png


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Community Manager
Community Manager

We heard that we could do a better job updating you on the status of all the great feedback you give us. We want you to know we’re listening to you, and we’re working hard to turn many of your ideas into new product features. 

Keep reading to learn what we are (and aren’t) working on regarding your feedback. Below you'll find updates on some of the most consistent and insightful feedback we've been hearing. And keep in mind, timelines may shift as we learn more about how to improve our product.

Status Key:

Implementing - This change is coming soon! Look for it an upcoming product roundup post.

In Development - We’re revising, building and fixing updates that address this feedback.

Evaluating Options - We’re working on it and the project is in research and design stage.

Under Consideration - We’re reviewing but other projects may block us from working on it currently.

Not Planned - No change planned.

What you’ve told us you want:

  1. A cost calculator for customers before they submit a request

Status: In development

We’re currently testing a version of a cost calculator for customers when they search for pros. We also launched a cost calculator on each pro’s profile. It will be out on iOS soon, and is available now on Android and the website. To see it, search for a pro with prices listed, and click on the “View price details” link at the top of the profile.

  1. Your location and travel preferences highlighted for customers

Status: In development

We’ve been experimenting with ways to show distance that make sense for each category. It’s a complicated topic because it doesn’t always work the same for different categories. We tried showing maps on every pro profile and it led to a big decrease in the number of customers reaching out. We learned that customers often don’t want to hire someone outside their area (even if the pro travels for work).

We also started showing when a pro is remote for a category, which had a positive effect on customers reaching out to pros they want to work with. Soon we’ll start testing ways to display how many jobs a given pro has done in an area, which is a better way of showing that a pro works nearby.

  1. An option to serve multiple areas using one profile

Status: Under consideration

We understand many pros are mobile, and want to serve customers in different regions across the country. But using one profile to serve multiple areas is complex because (unless you work remotely) we use your service address to connect you to the customers searching in your area. And sometimes pros change their pricing or job preferences depending on the location. We’re considering ways we can make Thumbtack profiles work the way pros want them to.

  1. A way to sync third-party calendars

Status: Under consideration

We hear this a lot and have future plans to support third-party calendar integration. We hope that one day, pros can rely on their Thumbtack calendar as their source of truth. We also released a new calendar recently, that makes it easier to block off unavailable times. So our first priority is to make the new update easier to find and use. Learn more about using your calendar in our help article My availability.

  1. A better view of the cost of new and paid leads

Status: Implemented

For a better view of new leads, now you can see a table with the price of leads in your budget tool. To find the budget tool, click the Services tab and then select the service you want to see. Select budget, then scroll down to the “Price of leads” section. Look for the “Price of leads” section to find the maximum price you could pay for a lead, but you might pay less than that amount.

To see your paid leads, go to your Payments.

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Thumbtack Employee
Thumbtack Employee

Do customers travel to you, or do you go to them? Either way, you know what jobs are best for your business.

Before, you could only set preferences for how far you travel to customers. Now, you can also set how far customers travel to you.


So how does this help you? That depends on the jobs you’re targeting (and where your customers are).

For example, let’s say you’re a personal trainer with your own gym. You’ve found plenty of clientele in surrounding neighborhoods, but you know most customers won’t commute more than 25 miles for a workout (no matter how many before and after photos you show them).

With this update, you can control that. Just set your travel preferences so you only pay automatically for customers who are within 25 miles (or whatever distance you choose). Customers who are outside of that range may still find and contact you if they think you’re the right fit, but you’ll have the option to accept the lead or decline and pay nothing. 

But no matter how far a customer is from you, it can be worthwhile to talk about the job in case you’re the perfect fit. After all, the customer picked you from search results.

Remember, when you set targeting preferences you’re telling us what jobs you want. You only pay automatically for leads that exactly match those preferences. And you get a discount off the regular lead price.

And whether customers travel to you or not, it’s always a good idea to revisit your travel preferences to make sure you’re getting the jobs you want most.

Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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Hi all, 

As the manager of the Top Pro program here at Thumbtack, I wanted to share an update with our Pro Community about two changes you might have heard about already.

First, we’re so excited to announce the launch of our brand new Top Pro tracker

This new tool lives right in your Insights and will allow you to track your progress towards qualifying for the next Top Pro class.  We qualify Top Pros twice a year -- once in January and once in July. From now on, the Top Pro tracker will always have your latest, most up-to-date stats, so you can see exactly what you need to make the cut.


Second, as you’ll see in the tracker, we’ve made some changes to the Top Pro qualification criteria.  

Starting with the January 2020 Top Pro class, we will require Top Pros to:

  1. Maintain an average star rating of at least 4.8 based on verified reviews (this hasn’t changed)
  2. Receive at least 5 verified reviews in the last year (this hasn’t changed)
  3. Respond to new leads within 4 business hours at least 75% of the time (this is new)
  4. Complete a free background check (this is new) 

We’re now asking Top Pros to respond within 4 business hours simply because our data tells us that customers are more likely to hire a pro when that pro responds quickly.  In other words, getting a fast response makes customers happier. The longer a customer has to wait, the more likely he or she is to leave without hiring anyone at all.  

We see that 4 hours is a meaningful cut off. Of course, responding faster than 4 hours will often lead to better results (responding within an hour, for example, makes you 50% more likely to turn a lead into a conversation). But we feel confident that the 4-hour mark sets an appropriately high bar for our Top Pros without being unrealistic or unattainable. 

If that still feels like too short of a window, keep in mind that it’s 4 business hours, which we define as 8am to 8pm local time.  There’s definitely no expectation that you stay glued to your app all day and all night!  Also keep in mind that the 75% response rate means you can take longer than 4 hours every now and then and still qualify. 

Starting with the January 2020 class, Top Pros will also be required to complete a free background check through Checkr, our free and accredited third-party provider.  Background checks take only a matter of minutes to complete and help to build credibility and customer trust.  Because Top Pros are meant to represent some of the best pros on Thumbtack, it’s important that customers know they can trust our Top Pros.  

The Top Pro criteria requiring a 4.8 average star rating and 5 verified reviews have stayed the same (for more information, click here).

At the end of the day, our Top Pros are an elite group -- currently only 4% of all pros on Thumbtack qualify.  As Thumbtack continues to evolve, so, too, will the Top Pro program. Top Pro will continue to set the standard for what it means to be a fantastic pro on Thumbtack.  

Keep checking back here for more updates and don’t hesitate to reply below with any questions or feedback about this change.

Special shout-out to our July 2019 Top Pros for all of their incredible work! 

For everyone else, we hope to welcome you into the Top Pro community soon.


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Thumbtack Employee
Thumbtack Employee

We know you work hard. So when you need a break from new jobs, leave the hard work to us. Whether you’re taking a well-earned vacation, or you’re too busy for new customers, now you can hide your business from search results.


When you hide your business, you’re temporarily removed from customers’ search results. You decide when you’re ready to take on jobs again, and new customers can’t contact you until then. Even better, when you’re away you don’t have to decline leads or update your availability (things that affect your rank in search results).

Hiding your business also sets expectations with customers. They won’t reach out and wait for a response when you’re unavailable because they won’t find you in their search. And if they come across your profile another way (like if another customer shares a link to your profile), they’ll see that you’re not taking new customers.

Follow these steps to hide your business: 

  1. Go to your Services.
  2. Click the three-dot menu next to “Add a service”.
  3. Click Hide my business temporarily.
  4. Choose what day you want to show up in search results again.
  5. Click Hide my business now.

Your business will reappear in search results at 8am PT on the day you set. If you’re ready to get new leads sooner than that, just follow steps 1-2 above then click Take business live.

And don’t forget to log in when your business is live again so you can respond to customers and keep up your rank. We’ll send a notification to remind you the day before your business is set to go live.

Learn more about managing your work schedule in our help article My availability. If you’ve already hidden your business, let us know how it worked for you in the comments.

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Thumbtack Employee
Thumbtack Employee

It should be easy to see how your business is doing on Thumbtack. But where do you go to see that?

What if I told you it was your Services tab — would that surprise you? Most pros are pretty good about logging in to check for new messages or regularly updating their profile. But we learned when it came to the Services tab, many pros weren't quite sure why they should go there (or how often).

If you have our app, you can find your Services tab from the main menu at the bottom (look for the little toolbox icon).


There’s a reason why the icon for the Services tab is a toolbox. It’s where you go to add your skills and fine-tune what type of work you do. Similar to how good tools enable us to do our best work, the Services tab is the same. 

But that wasn’t always clear to you. So we made a few design changes to make it better. Here's what it looks like now: 


Now it’s easy to see: 

  1. An at-a-glance view of your businesses — down to each individual service you offer. 
  2. What services you’ve set targeting preferences for, including a new way to view services with “Targeting on” and “Targeting off” separately.  
  3. How much you’ve spent during the week, plus a few other weekly stats that are important to you. 
  4. When a service needs your attention (like a maxed out budget or incomplete setup). 

So get reacquainted with your Services tab. Check it weekly and continue to fine-tune your services regularly. That way, you’re set up to receive the right leads. If they’re not quite right, your Services tab is the first place you should go to adjust things like your budget and targeting preferences. 

Let us know what you think of the redesign by commenting below!

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Thumbtack Employee
Thumbtack Employee

You’ve seen some changes during your time with Thumbtack. First things first, we appreciate you. We can’t do this without our pros. You tell us when things don’t make sense, and you’ve helped guide us to where we are now and where we’re going. So let’s get into it.

Targeting is the new promote

Here’s the deal. You know how Thumbtack works. You told us “promote” doesn’t tell the whole story, and we agree. So we switched up the way we talk about it. 

You’ll start to notice that instead of “promoting your business”, you set your “targeting preferences” to find the right customers. Because that’s exactly what you’re doing when you set your preferences — targeting the customers you want to meet. 

That’s the only thing that’s changed. You still only pay automatically for jobs that match your exact preferences. And when a job isn’t an exact match, you decide to accept or decline it (declining doesn’t cost a cent).

Say it again louder for the people in the back

  • You turn on targeting preferences to show up in the right customers’ searches.
  • When a customer’s job matches your preferences exactly, you pay automatically for the lead and get a discount.
  • If a job only partially matches your preferences, you choose to accept the lead and pay, or decline and pay nothing.
  • Always respond quickly to leads. Pros who respond quickly rank better in customers’ search results.

To target the right customers, go to your Services and set your targeting preferences. And if you’ve already set your preferences, let us know how it’s going in the comments below.

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Community Manager
Community Manager

We heard we could do a better job updating you on the status of all the great feedback you give us. We want you to know we’re listening to you, and we’re working hard to turn many of your ideas into new product features. 

You’ve given us a lot of feedback about how we can improve the customer experience. This month’s post highlights quite a few pieces of feedback pertaining to the customer experience and how it impacts you. 

Keep reading to learn what we are (and aren’t) working on regarding your feedback. Below you'll find updates on some of the most consistent and insightful feedback we've been hearing. And keep in mind, timelines may shift as we learn more about how to improve our product.

Status Key:

Implementing - This change is coming soon! Look for it an upcoming product roundup post.

In Development - We’re revising, building and fixing updates that address this feedback.

Evaluating Options - We’re working on it and the project is in research and design stage.

Under Consideration - We’re reviewing, but other projects may block us from working on it currently.

Not Planned - No change planned.

What you’ve told us you want:

  1. An option to pause new leads when I'm unavailable

Status: Implementing 

We're working on this one. You need a way to pause new leads when you’re going on vacation, or don’t have time for new jobs. Soon you’ll be able to hide your business from customer search results. When you tell us you’re unavailable, you won’t have to worry about responding to new leads and new customers won’t reach out to you.

  1. More insight over how I rank in search results

Status: In Development

Since search results launched in 2018, we’ve been going through your feedback to improve the algorithm that decides ranking. 

Lately, we’re focused on making it easier for customers to get to the right list of pros (see next item). But we’re still collecting feedback about search results ranking and working to improve it, so keep that feedback coming!

  1. In search results, show customers if a pro is in their area or remote

Status: In Development

It’s frustrating to pay for a lead only to learn the customer doesn’t want to travel to you, because they think you’re too far away or wanted you to travel to them.

It’s complicated to get this exactly right. Some services depend on where the pro is located, and for other services, the pro’s location doesn’t affect their business at all. 

For example, some San Francisco customers won't contact a house cleaning pro listed in a nearby suburb, even though the pro works all day in the city and doesn't charge a travel fee. 

We’re exploring ways to show customers when pros are remote and when pros work near them.

  1. More direction for customers to lead them to the correct service

Status: Evaluating Options

A customer who reaches out to you but learns you can't do the job they were thinking of can feel like a waste of time and money.

Customers don't always know what type of pro they need for a project. We're exploring ways to help guide customers to the right kind of pro for each job, like providing more dynamic suggestions when customers are searching for pros. It’s a complex challenge and we’re working hard to solve it. 

  1. Bring back project status updates for customers

Status: Evaluating Options

We agree! Customers should be able to easily manage and update their projects on Thumbtack. Over the next few months, we'll be working on improving customers' ability to get to the next step in their project. 

We removed project statuses when we switched to search results, because the statuses didn’t fit the new project flow. But we’ve seen a definite need to reevaluate how we can bring this back.

We plan to show customers their project status in different ways to see what works best for them. Our goal is to help customers better understand how to hire a pro on Thumbtack, and encourage them to be more responsive.

  1. Charge customers to use the site

Status: Not Planned

We understand it can be frustrating when you don’t hear back from customers, or get customers who are shopping around. We’ve heard feedback on both these issues and we’re working hard to address them. But customers have many free options to find pros, and at this time we have no plans to charge customers for using Thumbtack.

When customers come to Thumbtack, their money should go into your pocket, not ours. 

  1. Pay only when I’m hired

Status: Not Planned

It would be great to pay only when a quality lead turns into an actual hire. But right now, Thumbtack doesn’t have a way to confirm when a hire occurs. Before considering this route, we're working on getting more pros hired.

That’s why we’re more focused on getting you better quality leads. We’re doing this by improving how we match customers with the right pros in search results, and gathering more information about each job. On the customer side, we’re building features that move customers along the hiring process. 

  1. Require customers to use all search filters before they can contact a pro

Status: Not Planned

Currently, customers must fill out every question on the job request form before contacting you (but not before viewing search results). If you receive a lead and any of the details don’t match your preferences, you’ll only pay after you review the details and choose to accept the lead.

Customers don’t always know how to use filters on search results to help them find the right pro for their job. We know this can lead to disappointing experiences for both you and customers.

We are always looking for ways to encourage customers to use the filters, but will not be requiring them at this time. We’re also looking into more ways to share when a pro can or can’t do a project based on the customer’s request prior to it being sent to you. 

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Thumbtack Employee
Thumbtack Employee


Five years ago, smart homes were a pretty cool concept, but they certainly weren’t the norm. Now it’s estimated that over a quarter of adults in the United States own a smart speaker (reaching over 66 million people).

Besides the Amazon Echo and Google Home speakers out in the world, there are even more smart devices. Home basics like thermostats, light switches, and doorbells are being replaced with sleek, smart home versions.

And that’s only going to continue. According to Statista, the smart home market is set to exceed $53 billion in the next three years.

That’s where you come in.

Starting today, customers can find Thumbtack pros who install and repair smart home devices. That’s because more and more customers are adding smart devices to their homes and need your help.

Take me for example. I want a smart thermostat in my home, but I have no idea how to swap it out with my current dinosaur-era version. And once it’s installed, I need to know who I can call when it (inevitably) goes haywire a year or two later.

So if you’ve got the know-how to install and fix smart home devices, this announcement is for you. To offer this new service to customers, go to your Services and search for "Smart Home Installation or Repair."

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Welcome to the first monthly feedback community post. We heard we could do a better job updating you on the status of all the great feedback you give us. We want you to know we’re listening to you, and we’re working hard to turn many of your ideas into new product features.

So below you'll find updates on some of the most popular and insightful feedback we've been hearing. Please keep in mind that timelines may shift as we learn more about how to improve our product, ideas, projects.

Be sure to check out the monthly product roundup to see exactly when product changes are made. 

Feedback webinar deck.png

Don't see your feedback on this list? That doesn't mean we aren't working on it. Some changes we’re working on aren't quite ready to share yet.

We'll tell you about what’s happening next soon. And if you have other ideas, be sure to reply below to share your suggestion. You might even see your suggestion featured in a future post!

What you’ve told us you want:

  1. More customer phone numbers

Status: evaluating options

We hear you loud and clear. Having a customer’s phone number can help you close the job. Depending on the customer, we’ve found some prefer other forms of communication (messaging through Thumbtack or text) before giving out their phone number. We’re looking into possible solutions to turn more leads into jobs as part of our commitment to improve your experience. One possible solution? Asking customers to provide a phone number when it’s the right next step.

We’re also investing time in setting better customer expectations. Mainly, that means helping customers understand what to expect next in their hiring journey (and giving them a few friendly nudges on what steps to take next).

Here’s one example: planning is already underway for customers who are looking to book time with a pro in services where that’s the clear next step. When contacting a pro in these services, customers are being asked to provide a phone number.

This and other solutions are being explored to improve lead quality beyond providing phone numbers.

  1. The ability to sort jobs by distance (in the Jobs tab)

Status: implemented

We heard you! You said that you wanted to waste less time searching for potential jobs in the Jobs tab. We’ve added a radius filter so you can select the distance that makes sense for you.

  1.  More control over how far customers travel to me for jobs

Status: in development

Our goal is to understand all the factors pros consider to determine whether they want a job. Many pros have found customers who live farther out won't hire them, so they’re not as interested in those jobs. Now we’re working on giving you more control over the leads you get, including which customers travel to you.

  1. Allow reviews only if the customer hired you

Status: evaluating options

We understand it can be frustrating to receive a review when you weren’t even hired. We want to allow customers to share their thoughts on their experience with a pro, even if they decide to go a different direction. Their experience is still valid and might be useful for future customers to know.

Just remember, customers can’t leave a review if they don’t have a conversation with you. Once you have a conversation and you’ve started interacting, then they can leave a review. With that, we don't always know when pros actually get hired by customers. That’s something we’re working towards and will also tie into when customers will be able to leave reviews in the future.

  1. Read receipts (so you know when customers view your messages)

Status: evaluating options

We want to give you clear signals once a customer responds to you. In the past, you used to know when a customer viewed your quote on Thumbtack. But Thumbtack has changed a lot since then. We want you to focus on the customers you are having conversations with.

While you can still send a quote to a customer (from the Jobs tab), the customers with the most potential are the ones who contact you or reply to your quote. Those customers are in your Inbox.

There are multiple ways to provide clearer signals once a customer has responded, and a "read receipt" is one option we're considering.

  1. The option to accept a previously declined lead

Status: not planned

Sometimes declining a lead can feel like a missed opportunity, especially if you realize later you’re actually interested in the lead you just declined. Once a lead is declined the customer is immediately notified you are not available and we begin introducing them to other pros. To re-engage with that customer once they’ve been told you’re not available can lead to a confusing experience for the customer.

If you are looking to fill in your calendar with canceled bookings, you can use the Jobs tab to try to fill in those times.

While we’re not directly working on the ability to re-engage with declined leads, we are working on improving the calendar so it’s easier for you to keep your calendar up to date. This will help you get matched with more leads for the times you’re available and you’ll be less likely to decline leads for availability reasons. Look out for calendar improvements this Summer.

  1. Don’t charge when customers are unresponsive

Status: in development

Never hearing back from a customer can be discouraging and we understand how those leads can feel frustrating. We're working on this one — we know it's important to you and we want to get it right. While we can't share specific details on how we're making improvements, we hope to share more news on this soon.

In the meantime, we encourage you to brush up on our tips for crafting a great response to customers. They’re much more likely to respond when you send a great response. And no, “call me” doesn’t cut it.

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Community Veteran

Below is an updated list for the month of May. We’d love to hear what you think and we want your feedback!

Don’t see your idea on this list? That doesn’t mean we aren’t working on it. Some features are much more complicated than they seem and take time to implement. Have other ideas? Reply below to share your suggestion and you may see it in a future update!

Updates for pros in May:

  • Per-day business hours: You run a tight ship. So you know how crucial it is to set a schedule and keep to it. And we know after a customer views your business hours — and sees when you’re available — you’re more likely to get hired. You told us you wanted more options when setting your availability. Based on the feedback we heard, we added the ability for you to set your business hours for each day of the week. Work the same hours each day? No problem. You can still set the same hours for the whole week. But if your availability changes day by day, we’ve got you covered.  Learn more here.
  • Jobs tab distance filter: As many of you know, you’re now seeing more opportunities in the Jobs tab. We want to give you as many chances to get hired as possible, so that's why we’re now showing all opportunities in your category within 150 miles. However, we heard from some pros that this made it more difficult for them to sort through opportunities. Now you can filter the Jobs tab by distance, making it easier to find the right opportunities. If you don't see the new filters in the app, just upgrade your app to the newest version.Jobs1.png


  • Added additional targeting preferences: We received feedback from pros like you that you want more control over the types of jobs you automatically pay for. We recently added additional targeting preferences in many services to give you more control over the jobs you pay for. Check your preferences to make sure you’ve told us which leads you want.
  • New leads reminder email: As a pro, you will now receive a reminder email at 5pm local time for all leads that you haven’t responded to yet. This is our way of helping you respond quickly in order to win more jobs.Reminder2.png
  • Updated lead terminology: You may have noticed that some of your leads are labeled as being an “exact match.” This means that the customer’s job exactly matches the preferences you’ve set for the jobs you want to target, and so you've paid automatically for this lead.  We made this change to make it easier to quickly identify and focus on the leads you’ve already paid for - the leads that are the best fit with your preferences.  Spend your time on these. Labels3.png
  • Requesting reviews within messenger: We received the feedback that you could not request reviews from customers through the app. This improvement now makes it possible for pros to request a review from a customer through the messenger, right in the app. This should help you get more reviews.reviews4.png


  • Turning reviews into past projects: For eligible services, you can now turn verified reviews into past projects on your profile.  This way, customers can get a better sense of the work you’ve done on Thumbtack and the great experience other customers had working with you.  Just click on “Feature this project” on a review to get started!

In case you’re curious, here’s one of the updates on the customer side:

  • Encouraging flexible scheduling: This update allows customers to give a wider window of availability for when they want their project done, and encourages them to select more days and times when they are free. Ultimately, this makes it easier for you to find a time that works for both you and the customer, and therefore gives you a great opportunity to land the job.

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Thumbtack Employee
Thumbtack Employee

Looking for more work? The Jobs tab is where you can find customers who’ve already reached out to other pros.

We show you opportunities up to 150 miles away to give you as many chances as possible to be hired. But pros wanted more control over the distance of jobs in the Jobs tab.

We heard you: now you can filter the Jobs tab by distance.


Thanks to your feedback, we learned that showing jobs up to 150 miles away in the Jobs tab made it difficult for some pros to sort through and find the right customers.

To keep seeing jobs up to 150 miles out, you can continue using that filter when you browse your Jobs tab. But now you can also narrow your view down to customers within five miles, or somewhere in between.

Here’s how:

  1. Go to the Jobs tab.
  2. Click the drop-down menu that shows “Within 150 miles.”
  3. Select the distance filter you want.
  4. Watch the list update with nearby jobs.

Note: If you use the Thumbtack for Professionals app, make sure you download the latest version for access to the new Jobs tab filter.

Remember: Jobs tab opportunities aren’t as valuable as the leads in your inbox. That’s because those leads come from customers who’ve picked you first from a list of pros in their search results. Learn more about using the Jobs tab in Thumbtack Help.

And let us know how you’re using the new Jobs tab filter in the comments below.

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Thumbtack Employee
Thumbtack Employee

Sometimes it’s not so easy to see which leads have the most potential. You’ve probably figured out your own way to spot potential from one lead to the next.

Maybe it’s as simple as looking for customers who include photos. Or maybe you look for a customer’s phone number. You know, those extra things you look for that tell you a customer is the right one for you (call it your spidey sense 🕷️if you will).

Whatever it is you’re looking for, when you find it, it sets those customers apart. With our latest update, those little signs pros told us they look for are now right on your leads.

Here are each of the tags you might see:


Pretty cool, right? If you see one out in the wild (i.e. on one of your leads), hover over it for more detail on what it means.

Most tags should be pretty straightforward. For example, take the tag “Shared availability.” It means the customer gave you a heads up on a few times that fit their schedule.

This is just one change we’re making to help you easily identify leads that are either more valuable or more likely to turn into hires. And now that you have a super-quick way to see what’s-what, it’s even more important to respond quickly.

Did you know? If you respond within five minutes to a customer that reached out from search results, you are 50% more likely to get a customer response.

Tell us what you think about the new tags below. We’re also interested in what tags you want to see — are we missing anything you look for? Let us know in the comments.

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Community Veteran

Below is an updated list of product changes we shipped during the month of April. We’d love to hear what you think and we want your feedback.

Don’t see your idea on this list? That doesn’t mean we aren’t working on it. Some features are much more complicated than they seem and take time to implement. Have other ideas? Reply below to share your suggestion and you may see it in a future update.

Major updates for pros in April:

  • Customer Demo: Customers find pros like you through search results, and we now have a quick way to look yourself up and see firsthand how you show up and where you rank. The goal is to help you find ways to get in front of more of the customers you want.  Take a look at the link to the demo.





  • Highlighting Nearby Jobs in the Lead: When leads are just outside your preferences, we now indicate that on the lead to help you better identify the ones you want mostApril3.png


  • Lead Signals: To help pros easily identify leads that are either more valuable or more likely to turn into hires we now highlight facts about the project that could be overlooked like “only contacted you”, “provided pictures”, “recurring job”, etc.April4.png


  • Customer notification - reminder to respond: To help remind customers that they have pros interested in their job, we are now sending a Reminder push notification 6 hours after the first pro responds (so long as the customer hasn’t responded to any other pros at that point).April5.png


  • Image Quality: We updated our quality and dimension criteria for images on Thumbtack and removed existing images that did not fit these guidelines. Our goal is to help you get hired, and customers want to see quality images when they're deciding who to hire. By making sure the photos in your profile are clear and high-quality, you can showcase your work in the best light. This update also helps your photos load faster, giving customers a better experience when they view your profile.

Smaller changes for pros:

  • Updates to prioritize relevant reviews on a pro’s service page: Reviews now show up for customers in order based on the relevance of the text in the review, so customers will see reviews most closely related to their job.

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Thumbtack Employee
Thumbtack Employee

Advertising your business on social media can be overwhelming. We know, we’ve been there. Platforms like Instagram and Facebook will put your business on customers’ feeds, but first, you have to pay. So you’re left with another charge to worry about.

We understand the cost of advertising your business, and we want to take some of that off your shoulders. Soon, your Thumbtack profile could be featured in Facebook and Instagram ads — free of charge. But not just to anyone, to customers interested in your service. We’re committed to getting you in front of even more customers to help you land even more jobs.

Screen Shot 2019-04-05 at 12.57.58 PM.png

So, what does this mean? Because we might showcase your profile in these ads, it means your profile needs to be top-notch. This includes how you introduce yourself, talk about your business and show your work.

Ready to take your profile to the next level? Use the guide below as a quick reference or take a look at Thumbtack Help to improve your profile. Now, go get ‘em!

How will you update your profile to stand out? Let us know below.Screen Shot 2019-04-08 at 9.07.12 AM.png


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Active Community Member

With the start of the spring season, we want to take a moment to remind you how the new Thumbtack works and share a tip for building your business in the year ahead: set your preferences.

With the new Thumbtack, the best way to be consistently matched with customers you want is to tell us what you like. You make this happen by setting your job preferences.

When you set preferences, you tell us exactly what kinds of jobs you really want -- the locations, days and specific kinds of jobs. We'll show you to more of your desired customers so you can get more of these leads.

Here's why: If you tell us you really want a certain type of job, we know you'll respond fast and provide a solid customer experience. So we give you a rank boost to help the right customers find you in search results. You'll be automatically charged for leads that exactly match your preferences and get a 20% discount.

You don't have to set preferences for every kind of job you can do, but you should set preferences to tell us the jobs you know you’ll always want. If you skip this step, you'll still get leads, but they may not be exactly what you want. We won't know if you want them, so we’ll still send them your way, and you can always decline them at no charge.

If you're not getting the leads you want, start setting preferences for your go-to jobs, your favorites, the ones that you really want or really need.

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Thumbtack Employee
Thumbtack Employee

Our support team is amazing, but you have better things to do than contact us over and over for help with charges.

Pros like you asked us to update our refund process, so now you can dispute a charge right from your account. Just go to your Payments and click the Help with a charge link.


No more waiting on hold while we research your case, or searching through our help center for the right link. The Help with a charge link is the best way to dispute a charge.

While our team looks into your case, you can focus on running your business. We take our time to review each case fairly (and quickly!) so you can feel confident we’re not cutting any corners.

Remember, you must dispute a charge within 30 days of paying for the lead to qualify for a refund. Here’s what falls under our refund policy:

  • The customer’s first contact is a “no thanks.”
  • The job details changed significantly.
  • You got the same lead twice.
  • A lead violates our Terms of Use.

Have you tried the new way to dispute a charge? Let us know how it went in the comments.

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Community Veteran

Last month, in an effort to increase transparency into what we’re working on, we posted our first monthly list of product changes.

Below is an updated list for the month of March. We’d love to hear what you think and we want your feedback!

Don’t see your idea on this list? That doesn’t mean we aren’t working on it. Some features are much more complicated than they seem and take time to implement. Have other ideas? Reply below to share your suggestion and you may see it in a future update!

Major updates for pros in March:

  • Refund requests right from your account: After hearing your feedback, we’re now giving pros the ability to request refunds directly from your Thumbtack account. This means you no longer have to spend time calling our support team when there is a problem with a charge. Once you dispute your charge through the Help with a charge link, you can get back to running your business while we look into your case.  Then, we’ll email you in 2-3 business days to let you know if your charge qualifies for a refund under our policy.  Learn more about this update here.

Smaller changes for pros:

  • Improved targeting: The best way to target the right customers is to set job preferences. You can get the exact kinds of jobs you want, while also getting a rank boost in search results. When you get a lead that matches your exact preferences, you’ll pay automatically and receive a 20% discount.  If you don’t set your preferences, you’ll still get leads, but they may not be exactly what you want (and you’ll pay full price). Learn more about this update here.
  • Listing the number of pros who’ve responded: We’ve started listing the number of pros who have responded to a given job (in addition to the number of pros who have been contacted) in order to give you a more accurate picture of what’s going on. For example, if a customer contacts 5 pros and all 5 have responded, the chances of winning that job are lower than if a customer contacts 5 pros and only 1 has responded. We hope this will give you a better idea of which jobs you’re most likely to win.
  • Be the first to reach out: We recently added a “Be the first!” label to jobs. This label means that the customer has not yet heard back from any of the pros she reached out to. Because none of those pros responded, you could likely to be the first pro to respond, which means you have a higher chance of winning the job — but don’t wait! Other pros can see this opportunity too.March1.png
  • Promote lifecycle emails: We recently redid some of our email communications to help pros better understand our product and how they can be successful with Promote.
  • ‘Check’ as an accepted payment method For those of you accepting checks, you can now make that clear to potential customers on your profile.March2.png


In case you’re curious, here are the major updates on the customer side:

  • Review sorting: We added the ability for customers to sort the review section on a pro’s profile by date or rating.

  • A “Responds Quickly” tag in results: In addition to “Great Value” and “In High Demand,” we’ve added a “Responds Quickly” tag next to some pros, which customers will see when they search on Thumbtack. These tags help customers find the right pro for their project based on what is most important to them. To increase your chances of achieving this tag, focus on responding to customers as quickly as possible. This includes accepting jobs you’re interested in and declining jobs when they’re not a good fit.

Again, we would love to hear your other ideas. Reply below and let us know what you’d like to see on this list next month.


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Community Veteran


We’re always trying to make Thumbtack better, so that pros like you can be successful. A critical part of that is your feedback and all the great ideas you’ve shared on the Community. We’re listening to you, and we’re working on turning many of your ideas into new product features.

So starting now, we’ll be posting a list of what’s changed in the product each month, at the end of the month. Check back on this board regularly for the latest and greatest updates.

Don’t see your idea on this list? That doesn’t mean we aren’t working on it. Some features are much more complicated than they seem and take time to implement. Have other ideas? Reply below to share your suggestion and you may see it in a future update!

Major updates for pros in February:

  • Specify what’s included in your base prices: You will now have much more control and flexibility to select what's included in your prices, adding or removing items from your base price so that customers can get an accurate estimate. We know that we previously didn’t always allow pros to accurately represent how they do jobs on Thumbtack, whether it was promising things they didn’t offer, or not informing customers of everything already included in the price.  This update allows for more flexible selection and display of what’s included in your prices. We know that every business on Thumbtack is different, and we want you to be able to show you’re different. That includes your pricing. Check out this new example below:Feb1.png


  • Saved replies: You will now have the ability to save the responses you send to customers - especially those responses you use most frequently. With this update, you’ll be able to reuse responses, instead of spending time writing the same response over and over again. This will also help you respond more quickly, which customers appreciate and which makes them more likely to hire you. Learn more about saved replies here.
  • Profile score improvements: We’ve made some changes to the profile score to help pros better understand what they can do to improve. Some of these changes include redefining the weights of profile fields, adding new profile fields into the score (like past projects, social media fields, payment methods, etc.), and making the profile score more category specific.  Learn more about these changes here.

Smaller changes for pros:

  • Unread Inbox message count on iOS app: We used to show the total number of unread Inbox messages and new jobs in the Jobs tab. However, we heard from you that it’s more helpful to only show the number unread Inbox messages. We made that change. And if all the messages in your Inbox are read and there’s a new job in the Jobs tab, you’ll see a dot letting you know.
  • Understanding the competition: We’re now letting pros know if there is a unique opportunity to be the first pro in your market to promote your business on Thumbtack. Get a head start on the competition. Learn more about promoting your business here.Feb2.png
  • Down-ranking pros with $1 prices: Pros who list their starting price as $1 will now rank lower in search results. So list your accurate prices -- customers want to see an actual estimate.
  • Removing notifications when a customer views your offer: You will no longer be notified when a customer views your offer. Instead, you will receive a notification once the customer reaches out to you. We want to help you focus on your interactions with customers once they contact you, because that’s when you can continue the conversation, seal the deal, and win the job!

Again, we would love to hear your other ideas. Reply below and let us know what you’d like to see on this list next month!

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Thumbtack Employee
Thumbtack Employee

It’s not always easy to drop what you’re doing and type a message to a new customer. We know you’re busy; enter saved replies.

Instead of taking the time to write the same response over and over (because, who wants to do that?), you can save your favorite responses to resend to more customers.

Let’s say you’re a DJ. The first thing customers might ask you about is a sample playlist or what equipment you provide. You know which questions you get asked all the time. And now you can create saved replies to answer those questions and cut down on your response time (and save your own time too).

Saved replies happen in your Inbox. Open any message and you’ll find a new bookmark icon (next to the paperclip) that’ll let you create, view, edit, and send saved replies.

Promoted Services_Artboard 1@2x.png

If you’re not sure where to get started with saved replies, here are a few tips:

  • Look back through your messages with customers to find the common questions they ask you and which responses have worked well. If you find a gem, save it!
  • Type away, but keep in mind you have a limit of 500 characters. If you want to say more, let the customer know where they can go for more information or what they should do next.

Saved replies were created with you in mind, so we hope they’ll help you in your day-to-day and open the door to more conversations (and more jobs). Remember you can still personalize the message by including the customer's name or other details specific to their job. 

Pro tip: don’t forget to check your Insights to see how your response time and response rate are doing once you start sending saved replies.

Have ideas on what would make a good saved reply? Share them in a comment below.

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Thumbtack Employee
Thumbtack Employee

How strong is your profile? Now you’ll always know. Any time you go to your profile, you’ll see its strength at the top.


Don’t worry if your profile needs some work. Along with your profile strength, you’ll see tips and ideas on how to improve. As you follow our tips, your profile will get stronger. And a strong profile is one way to boost your rank in search results.

Here are the four profile levels (and a cheat sheet on how to move up!):

  1. Needs work. We all start somewhere. And all Thumbtack pros started here: with a blank profile that needs some love. First step? Adding photos and getting reviews.
  2. Good start. You reach this level after adding the basics to your profile — photos, reviews, and an Introduction. Fill in even more details to help the customer get to know you (and level up).
  3. Looking good. You’ve completed most of your profile, so the customer has a good understanding of your business. From here, it’s about adding information that will help you stand out. Add things like pricing and past projects for a bigger impact.
  4. Super strong. You’re at the top of your profile game. You worked hard to get here, so the trick is to keep it up. Pro tip: check your Insights regularly to see how your super-strong profile is performing against the competition.

Now that you know how to find the strength of your profile, go to your profile to see where you stand and what you can work on next.

Before you go, let us know what you think of our profile strength feature by leaving a comment below. 

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Thumbtack Employee
Thumbtack Employee

It’s all in the details. And now they’re all here. Before, pros told us it was hard to tell if a lead matched their preferences, whether they already paid for it, and what to do next to win the job. We heard your feedback loud and clear, and we made some changes.

Starting today, you'll find job details are easier to review than ever before. Some of you may have already seen this since we've been testing the experience over the last few weeks. Here's what's changed:

  1. Actionable next steps. At the top of every lead you see why the customer reached out to you. You see immediately if customers are looking for an estimate, reply, phone call or your availability so you can plan your next move right away.
  2. Clear job details. You'll see exactly what the customer is looking for and whether any details are out of the ordinary (like a job that falls a bit outside of your preferences), so you can take a closer look before responding to the customer. No surprises here!
  3. Competition insights. Find out how you compare to other pros. We’ll even tell you how many pros the customer contacted to give you a better idea of the competition.
  4. Payment transparency. You’ll see whether or not you paid (and saved 20% if you were promoted). You’ll also see how much you will pay if you accept and reply to leads that you weren’t promoted for or that don’t match your preferences.
  5. Promoted job flags. Look for the message, “You were promoted” to learn how often your rank boost helped you catch the customer’s eye and get a new lead.  

new leads png (1).png

And that’s the new way you’ll get job details from customers. What do you think? Let us know if you have questions — we’d love to hear what you think of the changes.

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Thumbtack Writer
Thumbtack Writer

We appreciate the questions about how and why we track communications between you and your customers. We care deeply about your privacy and recognize that we may not have been as clear as we could have been in explaining why our Terms of Use say what they do.

To start, it’s important to remember how you pay Thumbtack for leads. You don’t pay us until a customer contacts you--for instance, when a customer messages you on Thumbtack, sends you a text, or calls you. In order to accurately charge you for those leads, we therefore have to know when a customer contacts you. So here’s how that works across different kinds of communication methods:

  • Contacts on Thumbtack: If a customer contacts you through our own platform, that’s easy--we know that occurs.
  • Phone calls: We know you want customers to be able to call you, and we do too. So we use a company called Twilio--which is used by organizations ranging from Airbnb to the Red Cross--to mask the phone number you enter on your profile, track the occurrence of the call, and forward the call to your number. We do not listen to or record those phone calls, and we would never do so unless you gave us explicit permission for a specific circumstance. Our terms of use do not give us that permission.
  • Text Messages: We are considering functionality where a customer could text you through the masked phone number on your profile, and we would, deliver the message to you through Thumbtack. We therefore would know the contact occurred and have its contents on our platform. If, however, a customer later gets your actual phone number and texts it, we won’t know anything about it.

Please keep your questions coming. We care about your privacy and do not want to misuse the trust you put in us.

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