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Thumbtack Writer

Marketing with social media.

Social media is one of the biggest tools small businesses have to market themselves to a broad customer base — and in many cases, it's free! 

What are your best social media tips for getting your name in front of potential customers? 

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Re: Marketing with social media.

I have a Facebook page for my business Alpha junk hauling LLC and I use that the forward messages on to Facebook Marketplace. I post all my jobs all my reviews. It's a little bit of work but it's totally free and bring you customers

Re: Marketing with social media.

I think it's important to be careful with social media and make sure you're matching your pitch with the platform and the audience expectations.  I've unfollowed friends who spent most of their Facebook posts barfing business messages at me, because that's not what I'm looking for on that platform. 

Facebook - mention the business once in a while, but also keep up with the posts about your pets/kids/friends/etc
Facebook pages feel like shouting into the void these days.  With new and changing algorithms, people may follow you but never see your stuff.

Tumblr/Wordpress/Blogger - if the business is in some way related to your blog's theme, it's great to mention it periodically or even have a link to an info page prominent on your front page.

Twitter - do people really want to read posts about editing (my business)?  This might work better for other fields.

YouTube/Instagram - again depends on the field, but this can be a great way to demonstrate skills for artistic, construction, and some service industries.

Shareen Mann
Freelance writer and editor with The Write Mann, LLC
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Re: Marketing with social media.

I have a Facebook page just for my lawn business. I keep updated pics and reviews. I have gotten three new lawn contracts in the last 2 weeks from people seeing it on Facebook.

Re: Marketing with social media.

I agree that social media sites that businesses use really depend on the particular business and what you are selling/advertising.  Each platform can be great on its own merit, but your customers/clients need to be using it in the way that you are hoping to attract them.