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Community Manager JasonB
Community Manager

So glad tax season is behind us!

Did you learn anything new this tax season?

Any business expenses you deducted? Any tips you could share with other pros?

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Re: So glad tax season is behind us!

I'm glad too! As a top pro with a trusty Prius who drives everywhere for jobs making sure I track my mileage has been big this tax year. Also tells, parking, oil changes, tires, car washes. I save receipts for everything.
Thomas Sparks

Re: So glad tax season is behind us!

That makes 2 of us! Tracking expenses is so important. Last year we started using ReceiptBank and we LOVE it! It helps make sure no expense is forgotten and the app gives you the ability to take a picture of the receipt on the spot. Every penny counts and it saves the hassle of going through a mountain of receipts at the end of the year! Also, don't forget to check your state for micro business tax credits, sometimes the paperwork can be daunting but could result in a huge tax break!


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