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Thumbtack Top Pro Alumni

Thumbtack, in the past you were able to host Top Pro Network events on the east coast (DC). Will you be able to hold a session this year?
Network events are helpful to Top Pros in order to discuss with others what works/doesnt; tips and tricks etc.

Thank you,
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Community Manager DustiO
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Re: Thumbtack Top Pro Alumni

Hi @laelasuddoo, we also see the tremendous value in helping our pros connect with one another, not only online, but also in person. 

I am so happy to tell you that we are working on pro meet-ups all over the country right now! We will be in DC later this year. If you'd like to DM me, I can get your info and make sure we see you when we are there! Also, keep your eyes peeled here for info to be posted about pro events.

In the meantime, this forum is a great place for you to reach out to local pros - head to the Pro Lounge and give a shout out to DC area pros!

Thank you!