Are you seeing an increase in potential customer ghosting you?

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I am wondering if other Pros are experiencing the same level of ghosting I am seeing.  In the past 10 days, I sent 11 responses to both Opportunities and Direct Leads.  I responded within 5 minutes to most of them.  I have even sent multiple followup messages to all of them very nicely asking what the status of their project is and whether they still need help.  10 of the 11 never responded, and the one that did respond went completely silent.  I absoluteyl understanf things change and not every customer responds, but it seems odd that in 10 days, 10 out of 11 submittals went completely ignored.  

Am I the only one experiencing this to such an extent?  Is it seasonal?  In my opinion, the fact that potential customers face no consequences on TT for acting like this simply helps perpetuate customer apathy towards Pros and assumptions that TT management makes about how things work on the platform.

If you think there should be some mechanism to evaluate/rate/impose consequences for customers, let TT know.  


Re: Are you seeing an increase in potential customer ghosting you?

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While I have a smartphone (for about 1.5 years now) I have yet to download the TT APP.

My 400+ TT new hires, were all from a desktop PC.  I am getting a sense that there are many issues with the TT phone APP. I understand, that alone makes me a minority. Not a racial minority. But a Pro who only works from a desktop PC--- type minority. 

I have heard: If a JP uses a smartphone to post a job; upon posting the job, the JP is told they MUST download the APP. I do not know if this is true. 

Savvy smartphone users understand that having a lot of APPs running in the background, will expedite battery drain. I'm told that is an issue, across brands, for smartphone owners. 

So here is the important question: If a JP uses a smartphone to post a job on TT for the first time, and then decides, "screw it I don't want to download the app"  what is the outcome? Does that posted job enter the TT system, with any Pro bidding or responding....getting ghosted?  If true, that would account for a lot of the ghosting complaints. 

I am reluctant to use my smartphone to test the TT system, as it may result in other Pro's being charged, and I do not want to do that. 

Years ago. I stumbled upon a handyman job-hookup website, with absolutely no contact information. I posted a fake job. I got a call, the pro said he got the lead from Home Advisor (and "Home Advisor" was no where to be found on the website in question). He got charged $15.00 for the lead. I felt bad about it.  I would not want to do something like that to another TT Pro. If I had known at the outset, it was Home Advisor, I would not have posted the job. 

Once again: I state my request for JP's to deposit a single dollar to use the TT system. If no Pro bids, they get their dollar back. If many Pro's bid, and the JP declines all bids, they get their dollar back. If the JP hires a Pro, upon posting a review and closing out the job, they get their dollar back.  The desire of many TT Pro's for the JP's to have an itty-bitty, teeny tiny, bit of skin, in the game, is well within reason. 

I have Targeting turned on, but I have it set, such that only very rare requests come through. I have received two refunds in the past month. One was automatic, one I had to phone and plead my case ( JP posted the job very late at night, I responded early next day...but was around 35 minutes past the 4-hour window) I emailed and was denied. I phoned, they made the "one time courtesy exception" and gave me a credit. 

I agree: 10 out 11 JP's completely ignoring you raises questions. You are not the only TT Pro dealing with being ghosted. 

Reese T. Jan 13, 2020

Re: Are you seeing an increase in potential customer ghosting you?

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@ReeseTee I'd be happy to expand on your question about customers who choose not to download the app.

If a customer uses the Thumbtack site to reach out to a pro and post their project without downloading the app, they will have at least given their email address in order to create the account and receive notifications. This includes notifications for pro responses and messages.

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