Customers waste my time!

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Hi. I’ve been using TT as an interior designer for years. Lately I’ve had a big problem with customers who, due to their ignorance and inexperience working with a “luxury” pro, waste a lot of my time and money! A typical scenario: customer wants his kitchen remodeled. He’s never done anything like this. He hasn’t educated himself on what things cost. He doesn’t understand what an interior designer does. (All of this info is available in droves on the internet). Customer finds me in TT. My targeting includes projects ranging from $100 to $20,000. This is because I do one hour consultations for $100. And I do full House new construction design where the budgets can be over $1M.

So customer checks $100. This is now my lead and I’m charged for it. After talking to customer, turns out, he wants to redo his kitchen, his budget for construction Is $2000 and he thinks my services are free! (In 2020, the average kitchen remodel is $25,000).

I want TT to ask customers more specific questions. Like: what’s your budget for construction? And what’s your scope of work? And what’s your budget for designer services? That way, I can turn off targeting for customers who are duds.

Any advice? Thanks

Adrienne Morgan