Customers waste my time!

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Hi. I’ve been using TT as an interior designer for years. Lately I’ve had a big problem with customers who, due to their ignorance and inexperience working with a “luxury” pro, waste a lot of my time and money! A typical scenario: customer wants his kitchen remodeled. He’s never done anything like this. He hasn’t educated himself on what things cost. He doesn’t understand what an interior designer does. (All of this info is available in droves on the internet). Customer finds me in TT. My targeting includes projects ranging from $100 to $20,000. This is because I do one hour consultations for $100. And I do full House new construction design where the budgets can be over $1M.

So customer checks $100. This is now my lead and I’m charged for it. After talking to customer, turns out, he wants to redo his kitchen, his budget for construction Is $2000 and he thinks my services are free! (In 2020, the average kitchen remodel is $25,000).

I want TT to ask customers more specific questions. Like: what’s your budget for construction? And what’s your scope of work? And what’s your budget for designer services? That way, I can turn off targeting for customers who are duds.

Any advice? Thanks

Adrienne Morgan

Re: Customers waste my time!

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I have a similar problem because I am a Luxury Travel Advisor. But, I don't put anything in on quotes but put it in my profile and I let them know I will need more information so I can give them a quote I get my "Plan to go fee" then I give them a quote. Because people will have me waste a whole week looking for them knowing they don't have the money! So, when the client contacts me I immediately ask them if they read my profile. But then I run across those that think because I'm a Travel Advisor that we should give them free quotes! Only newbies do that to build up a client base and experience but you can't do that here on TT., but I don't do it at all as I am a 14 year experienced Luxury Advisor with a 5-star rating!

And then, of course, many have Kool-aide money and champagne tastes! They think that two people can go to Tahiti for $2000, lol I agree that TT needs to add in more selections and the budget amount so we can see if they fit our perimeter of prices that our clients would be paying for our services.

Re: Customers waste my time!

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Web Designer here dealing with the same issues. I usually use the Construction analogy to explain to them that you can't just call a developer and ask them how much they will charge you to build a house. It's just common sense.
The problem is they don't have a way to select more in detail options or guidance to select properly.
Customers also don't know WE pay for the leads. For them it's just free and since they don't consider that the people on the other side of the screen is a person they don't care to answer.
That's a problem. And I don't see anywhere if Thumbtack is doing anything to fix that problem.