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Reviews are the number one factor for customers deciding who to hire on Thumbtack.

Here’s how to build up your reviews, according to insights from real customers, Top Pros, and Thumbtack data.

Start with reviews from past clients.

You’re allowed (and encouraged!) to include reviews from up to 10 non-Thumbtack customers on your profile when you’re getting started. The more you get, the better. According to our data, pros are more than 60 percent more likely to hear from a customer if they have more than five reviews on their Thumbtack profile — and five times more likely to win the job in the end.

How should you ask? Here’s a sample email from a photographer when she first joined Thumbtack:

Hi Tanner,

It’s been a while, but I still show off photos from your job more than any others in my portfolio. My customers are constantly inspired by your story and the results we accomplished. I just signed up on Thumbtack to find more excellent customers like you, and reviews are a big part of my profile. Can you take a moment to write a couple sentences about working with me? I’d love if my future customers could hear about your experience firsthand. You won’t need to sign up for anything, just go to this link: [Anja’s custom review link].

Thanks, and don’t be a stranger!

To learn more about unverified reviews on Thumbtack, and how to ask for them, visit the review page on Thumbtack’s Help Center.

Follow up after every project.

Customers are looking for more than just good reviews — they’re looking for pros that are reviewed regularly and recently. “If a pro is both well-reviewed and highly-reviewed you know that person will be competent,” explains customer Kara B.

Here’s an example of how one pro follows up with his customers. See how the message is casual, friendly and brief.

Hey Angela,

It’s me again, hope you’re great as ever! I know you’re busy, but could you write me a quick review at this link: [Jonas’ custom review link]? It only has to be a sentence or two, and I know my new clients will love hearing your story.

Thanks so much!

Remember, timing matters.

Once you’ve marked a project as ‘In progress’ or ‘Done,’ Thumbtack messages your customer to confirm that you’ve been hired and asks them to write you a review.

Exactly when you send your message to a customer will vary depending on what you do. While wedding pros wait weeks after a job to ask for reviews (at the very least, the length of a honeymoon), other pros like plumbers or house cleaners generally ask right away—while their service is still top of mind.

If your customer is having trouble finding your page or leaving you a review, you can also share this helpful article from Thumbtack’s Help Center to help guide them through the process.

Address bad reviews head on.

If you get a bad review, we recommend you respond to it directly on your profile, as well as personally over email. Here’s one example of how to do it:

I’m so sorry I was running late for our appointment. No excuses, we shouldn’t have inconvenienced you. I appreciate you bringing this to our attention. It’s valuable feedback and I’m working on adjusting my estimates. I’d love to work with you to make the situation better! Your business means a lot to us.

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