Thumbtack "Ghosting" Top Pros

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Apparently being a so called Top Pro means little or nothing to Thumbtack. My company specializes in the installation and repair of water heaters, however Thumbtack (despite multiple requests, help chats, etc) cannot seem to grasp the concept that customers do not have any idea of what they actually need. They continue to overcharge for leads, provide fake leads, not give customers enough options, actually have so called account managers disappear on you. That is not even mentioning the fact that they force you to use their promote feature (lower your ranking if you do not) but then when you are on promote leads that are in your area with topics you have selected do not come through. Thumbtack as a pro in your company I beg you to address these issues or you will not have many left. There are many more applications like you everyday, at this point they are looking like a better option.

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It is hurting our bottom line as well.

I could convery to no one at thumbtack how import 75$ was to our company.

Blanket me with leads and say they are only interested in me

Then I respond, follow up, follow up, and follow up...

I would have done nothing diffrently 



They wouldn't even give me a credit much less a refund.

How far have we come from the 3-5 dollars days with refunds after 48 hours ghosting.

There is a solution.

You guys did it before because it was fair.


Did you really think people wouldn't freak out over 75$?



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Dear all,

We've just started working with Thumbtack and the main problem we have is Job Posters who never reply after getting a response from us.

For example:

This JP asked us (and two more Pros) about availability, got our response and never received any response from another 2 Pros. So, obviously, he didn't hire anyone else he just lost interest in his project or hired someone else outside TT. Frankly, I don't understand what were we charged for.

Screenshot 2019-08-03 at 02.13.26.png

Screenshot 2019-08-03 at 02.13.06.png

How do you deal with that? Any suggestions? 




Ghosting.... Update request

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Hello Moderators, 

As I read the many posts from your customers, I still see numerous reports of Ghosting. I know I continue to have a very high percentage of them as well.

You have posted here several times that this is indeed a priority issue for you and that you understand the frustration your paying customers are experiencing.

Is there an update that you would like to share on what steps TT is taking to mitigate this issue? To date, if I recall correctly we have heard only that you understand this is an issue, but nothing on what is being done to minimize it. This issue has been out there for some time, so by now hopefully we can get a solid response.



Re: Ghosting.... Update request

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@MR you’re right. This is a topic that we hear about fairly often and are evaluating many areas to see where improvements can be made in order to have ghosting happen less frequently. As Drew touched on in his recent response to you in another thread, changes can take time. We’ve been doing more to let pros know about product changes as they relate to pro feedback in the Community. Once we have any updates to share out about certain topics like this one we will.

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Pay for leads

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Anyone else a little frustrated/irritated when someone contacts you for your availability, or more info, etc., you pay for the lead and then they don't get back to you? So you just paid for nothing. It's been happening a lot this week and I'm so frustrated. I wish they had an annual fee or something instead of paying for individual leads.