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Hello All! I am a professionally certified dog trainer. I became a dog trainer to learn how dogs learn and to help "bad dogs" or special need dogs learn to work with humans and vise versa. There are so many dogs in shelters due to people not taking the time to train or learn how to train dogs. It isn't the dogs fault they get out of hand. People get frustrated with them, turn the dog over to a shelter and leave them. How would that make you feel if your parents did that to you for mistakes you made? Just past you off and left you. You make a commitment to that animal you will care for them for their life. They don't have choices in this life. Unfortunately we treat animals as throw-away. It is heart breaking. I am a master of crazy and aggressive behavior. I have helped raise and rehabilitate now 5 dogs to over come aggressive issues with both dog aggression and people aggression. I am your dog trainer! Contact me now so I can help you and your dog have a better life ahead!