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Jennifer is a co-founder of something or other and is based in New York City. She is an ideator, tactician and vision-focused business leader. In college, she set up an editing suite in her apartment and produced television commercials to make a little extra cash. That led to her decision to start her career in television production (NBC, Discovery Channel and CBS Sports). Several years later, Jennifer wound up volunteering at a campaign event for then Senator Obama — a person who would later be her boss for five years. Her “Obama Years” are still very much part of who she is, both personally and professionally. After stints at Participant Media and the public relations firm, PMK•BNC, Jennifer decided to start her own company - something or other (SOO) - a strategy and growth company. Specifically, SOO conducts internal audits of specific business functions, writes strategic plans, and then operationalizes learnings by hiring new talent, evolving the brand and content strategies and taking a deep look at how internal technologies play a role in supporting the goals of the business. When not focused on something or other, Jennifer spends her time as a founding member of Chief - a club that champions women in the workplace - an advisor for a FinTech start-up called Namu, and as a part-time political consultant.