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Vi is a transformational leader and published author in the field of holistic health and is well known for her daily motivational quotes. She has integrated habit change techniques that help her clients get more in tune with their thoughts, feelings, and emotions that guide their everyday choices. Through her journey of deep healing and habit formation, she has realized that experiences in the body are a critical component for whole health. Vi has found that making one small change at a time in her life, will also help her clients to interact differently through the maze of life so that they can make intentional choices. Thus, live a happy, fulfilling and peaceful life that is complete, safe and whole. Vi is a certified nutritionist, a habit change health and life coach, author, storyteller and speaker. She acquired a bachelor in family and consumer science from Andrews University and a bachelor’s in nutrition and dietetics from the University of the Southern Caribbean. A master’s in food safety and quality assurance from the University of the West Indies, and dietetic internship from Dominican University and a master’s in nutrition. And health and life coach certification from the health coach institute. Vi is co-author of “Les Brown changed our lives: 77 stories to inspire you to live your dreams” and “Jesus changed our lives: stories from the heart to enrich your faith.” Also, the author of conquering your fears: adventures into parts unknown, and the power of betrayal: releasing the thorns. Vi is currently working on her passion book “The Healthier You-er You.” Whenever she has extra time and is not screening her clients, you can find her being screened in various casting roles as an extra. Vi’s academic journey was spotlighted on the student corner of the National Organization of Blacks in Dietetics and Nutrition (NOBIDAN) of Summer 2017.