Transfer Specialists - You convert videotapes, old film reels to DVD and USB Thumb Drive

This group is for those who provide Transfer Services - You convert videotapes, old film reels and color slides to DVD and USB Thumb Drive.

There is NO established group here in Thumbtack for us, yet search results show me at least 30-50 service pros who provide this service. However, Thumbtack only has ONE category for what we do: Transfers to DVD of VIDEOTAPES only. I don't know about you but HALF of my earnings from doing transfers are from: OLD FILM REELS (8mm, Super8mm and some 16mm) as well as some 35mm color slides. I have been trying in earnest (yet in vain) to get Thumbtack to ADD these two categories to the Transfers to DVD category. This morning I was "assured" (yet again) that my prudent suggestion would be forwarded to the appropriate decision-makers to implement my request. We shall see. I invite any pro to share their comments with me. Warmest regards, Thomas R

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