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topic id 5713: Quote pricing / how much will I pay per quote?
topic id 100: Is quick reply worthy of charge?
topic id 5305: Website Design Pricing
topic id 3937: Unhappy with thumbtack
topic id 4155: Rates for Yoga Instructors in Los Angeles
topic id 3778: Client omitting detail of project.
topic id 2297: Why Am I getting Charged so much for one lead 35.00 for a wedding lead!?!?
topic id 717: Receiving ratings without performing any work
topic id 1855: charging
topic id 578: Only Pay For Contacted Leads?
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Business name wont update on customer view

I accidentally changed my business name from "Low Cost Roof Repair" to "t". I keep changing it back and saving it but it wont update on the customer view. On my view it is labled as "Low Cost Roof Rep...
by bubbafidern Level 1 in Getting started 25m ago
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Outragous cost

I don't know about anyone else, but I'm starting to get really angry! The cost has gotten ridiculous and now it seems as though I'm constantly getting fake leads! I have on who seems to not speak prop...
by Charsie1 Level 5 29m ago
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Instant Match

I got charged $15 dollars on one contact when before I used to pay $5 dollars a quote. Plus, once they added 10 more quote per a request, it allowed horrible photographers to gouge prices below what w...
by dback48 Level 5 in Pricing, payments & refunds 49m ago
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Our 2018 Small Business Friendliness Survey is here!

Check out the results and see what grade your city and state received!   Congrats to the cities with the highest scores: Fort Worth, TX San Antonio, TX Columbus, OH Colorado Springs, CO Jacksonville,...
by Community Manager JasonB Community Manager 3 hours ago
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How to remove wrong title on customer page

I can not remove the title Pet Care from the customer view page. My other profile page does not do this. It is titled my business name. I do not do pet care. I am a fashion designer. I do not know how...
by cebdesigns Level 1 in Getting started 6 hours ago
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The new system Instant Match doesn’t work for me. Thumbtack now look like Home Advisor! I quit when I was using Home Advisor then I found thumbtack and it was amazing compared to H.A. Now they are the...
by Pololescaille Level 5 6 hours ago
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Attention Book Editors

Book editors, is anyone getting any requests? We are used to getting many a week, and since TT combined editing with writing services, we aren’t getting any. We edit primarily fiction and are top pros...
by DPKK Level 6 in Forum 7 hours ago
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10 Days & Counting & Still No ANSWER!

Since I've been complaining on this board, I received, to my surprise, 3 potential clients. I was stunned so I went along and sent them each a quote on July 22nd & 23rd.  Today is the 3rd of August an...
by Av8tress Level 6 yesterday
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How to take a great headshot (the DIY version).

A great headshot helps you stand out from the crowd, and it doesn’t have to cost a lot. In fact, you can take a professional-looking headshot at home on your camera phone — but when, where, and how yo...
by Thumbtack Writer PhilippaB Thumbtack Writer in Small business blog yesterday
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Let's talk about your profile

Hey! I’m Carson, and I’m the Product Manager responsible for profiles.   At Thumbtack, we’re always working to help you get hired more. Using your Thumbtack profile to showcase your business and the q...
by Thumbtack Employee CarsonP Thumbtack Employee yesterday
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