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topic id 32826: Raising prices but do not state what the prices are!!!!!
topic id 32384: Private Chef/Catering Pricing
topic id 26197: Paying twice for the same lead
topic id 25265: Pricing
topic id 24883: The purpose of promotion and set your budget in advance
topic id 22503: Leads
topic id 22064: Questionable leads
topic id 14288: Declined "Leads" charged
topic id 19454: Marketing Executive From Thumbtack Chooses Promoted Lead, Then Radio Silence
topic id 18206: New Model?
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Message disappeared from my inbox

I was messaging with a potential client, and now the message string is completely missing from my inbox. It's not archived. What gives? Was the job cancelled or something?
by crussell821 Level 5 in Manage your jobs 3m ago
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Join me in welcoming our newest Community users! (12/01)

If you’re tagged in this post, that means you’ve joined the Community over the last couple of weeks. Welcome! The Community is a great place for you to share your inspiration, share any tips, connect ...
by Moderator Meckell Moderator 3m ago
1 11

Filter by distance to find jobs where you want

Looking for more work? The Jobs tab is where you can find customers who’ve already reached out to other pros. We show you opportunities up to 150 miles away to give you as many chances as possible to...
by Thumbtack Employee nojoh Thumbtack Employee in Product news & updates 41m ago
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Two exciting updates to the Top Pro program

Hi all,  As the manager of the Top Pro program here at Thumbtack, I wanted to share an update with our Pro Community about two changes you might have heard about already. First, we’re so excited to an...
by Community Manager JasonB Community Manager 46m ago
20 94

New ThumbTacker Seeking Advice

I'm a relatively new user whose been around for a while and has only accepted one job so far, mainly because the client and I clicked with one another.My biggest issue is with the lead costs. I don't ...
by Delyjeff Level 2 in Getting started 3 hours ago
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Need a TOS interpretation from TT

This morning I received a couple of leads where the pro picked only me. I responded within minutes and I can see that the lead read my response very quickly. However, the leads never responded back to...
by MR Level 11 4 hours ago
3 4

I Want To Turn Targeting Off

I am unable to turn Targeting off..... without lying about the reason I want to turn it off. And if my reason is not shown in the many choices, I am not allowed to leave this area of the Thumbtack sof...
by HansenJC Level 10 in Manage your jobs yesterday
2 9

Thank you Tumbtack for 400 Clients!

Thank you Thumbtack!  I just finished helping my 400th.  Looking forward to the next 400!
by thattechjeff Level 5 yesterday
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Top Pro Unanswered Leads

Hi all, This is my very first post here so if I say anything improper please correct me. That said, about 2/3 of my targeted leads never respond to my initial outreach email to them. I know how to out...
by sdannenbaum Level 4 in The water cooler yesterday
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Painting home

My wife and I do jobs like painting houses inside and outside drywall repairs etc. We have 4 years of experience and or had good comments by customers.
by Carlosylizethpa Level 2 Saturday
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