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Learn > Targeting

New Targeting Policy

Just read the new targeting policy in effect July 14th. I've been with TT for many years and obtain most of my business here, but being forced to turn on targeting if I want to show up in search results may just be the last straw for m... Read more
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Learn > Advanced Thumbtack

Getting leads in more than 150 miles from your location?

Hi everyone,I run a resume writing service and I'm able to remotely service customers in all states. In the 'Opportunities' tab, I specified 'Within 150 miles', but I'm wondering if there's a way to increase that distance? I'm also won... Read more
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Learn > Targeting

New Targeted Marketing

Thumbtack.....you would think that during this time when we as small business owners are struggling you would be empathetic to your core business customer, instead however you are becoming one of "them" when for years you have stood ou... Read more
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Connect > Atlanta area pros

Software development

Hi I am parth do u have any software development projects
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Learn > Advanced Thumbtack

Review Policy Nightmare

I am a Thumbtack top pro, and have been with Thumbtack for over a decade. Currently I have 107 verified ratings and reviews with only two reviews less than a "5".  This context is important to understand what happened to me, and to war... Read more
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Learn > Community news

Introducing the TackMaster program.

Some of the best ideas for Thumbtack have come from pros. Now there’s a way to make sure we always hear about them: the TackMaster program. TackMasters are a panel of outstanding pros who act as our ambassadors on the ground. They’re... Read more
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Connect > Identity-based resources

Adapting in the time of COVID-19

Who better to talk about running a business than the business owners themselves? We asked four female business owners how they’ve successfully adapted during the COVID-19 pandemic. Here’s what they had to say.   What challenges did you... Read more
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Learn > Targeting

Targeting locations

Is there a way for me to turn targeting on for all locations? For some reason I am now no longer coming up in searches for resume writers outside my immediate area, even though my work is done entirely remotely. It’s very frustrating a... Read more
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Plan > Ask another pro

Asbestos Testing

Do contractors know about testing for asbestos if you are removing or remodeling anything over 32 square feet in a residential or 160 square feet commercial?There are over 3000 buildings materials that contain Asbestos.there are still ... Read more
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Plan > Ask another pro

Instant Booking -

Hi there -- We are a junk removal company operating in Los Angeles.   Due to the way Thumbtack shows companies in the search result, we realized that by not offering instant booking, we'd show up towards the bottom of the list, regardl... Read more
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