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topic id 18721: Old format
topic id 19454: Marketing Executive From Thumbtack Chooses Promoted Lead, Then Radio Silence
topic id 18206: New Model?
topic id 7183: I'm trying to remove a credit card remove ,from payments,system wont let me
topic id 17313: Thumbtack pricing for professionals
topic id 16038: Quote pricing calculations
topic id 16031: Fixed Rates vs Hourly Rates
topic id 100: Is quick reply worthy of charge?
topic id 14288: Declined "Leads" charged
topic id 578: Only Pay For Contacted Leads?
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Is Fash a new name for Thumbtack

There is a new website called and it's a clone to Thumbtack in my eyes. Has anyone seen it?  I wonder if Thumbtack is looking for an alternative due to some bad issues with pros. 
by MarioRamirez Level 4 in Forum 20 seconds ago
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Save time with saved replies

It’s not always easy to drop what you’re doing and type a message to a new customer. We know you’re busy; enter saved replies. Instead of taking the time to write the same response over and over (beca...
by Thumbtack Employee TomB Thumbtack Employee 6m ago
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Let’s talk about promoting your business

Hi everyone, I’m Courtney, and I’m the product marketing manager responsible for a new feature you’ve probably seen in your Thumbtack app. As of a couple months ago, you have the option to promote you...
by Thumbtack Employee CourtneyF Thumbtack Employee in Get hired 24m ago
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Personal Training Breakdown

I have been using TT for a year now with a lot of success. However, one thing that frustrates me is that I compete on TT with other trainers that offer 30-minute sessions or group training. It's time ...
by BMurray1987 Level 5 2 hours ago
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The numbers don't lie.....

I guess it should come as no surprise why business is so slow. 283 jobs in the last 3 months for 117 active pros.  
by StringBender Level 5 in Forum 2 hours ago
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Look yourself up on Thumbtack. Right now.

It takes 2 seconds and will change how you use Thumbtack.   Go to or the Thumbtack app — the customer one. Not the pro version you’re used to. Type in your service and your zip code. Yo...
by Thumbtack Employee TaylorS Thumbtack Employee 2 hours ago
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Initial jobs posting too vague

Example- One of the categories I'm getting notifications for is 'illustrating'. Almost always there is no info about what it's for, what general style of art etc. Much too vague to do anything but sen...
by scottb Level 1 in Find more jobs 2 hours ago
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2019 Top Pro Badge

Why did Thumbtack drop the business name from the 2019 Top Pro Badge? It removes validity of showcasing the accomplishment. Couldn't anyone simply download the PDF image "2019 Top Pro" and Upload the ...
by OsmosisFit Level 4 2 hours ago
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Decoding promoted leads.

When we launched the ability to promote your business, we thought we made it simple. First we slotted all pros into customer search results, then we saw that the top 10 pros in any search got the mos...
by Thumbtack Employee TaylorS Thumbtack Employee in Pro tips 2 hours ago
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I like promoting my business. It just makes sense.

[The following story was written and submitted by Top Pro Leslie Taylor (@RevDrLCT)]  I started my business on Thumbtack in February 2017. I’m a wedding officiant — I’ve done about 70 weddings throug...
by Thumbtack Employee TaylorS Thumbtack Employee 2 hours ago
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