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  • DustiO
    [Join us] CommuniTEA + special guests from our Integrations Team on Thursday 5/23
    If you haven't been to a CommuniTEA networking hour, you're missing out! We would love to meet you! Please join us this Thursday, May 23 from 9:00-10:00am PT (10am MT, 11am CT, 12pm ET) via Zoom. We'll have some members of our Integ…
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  • pedrojales
    [Resource of the week] The Power of Budgeting
    Let's talk budgeting – the unsung hero of business success. Budgeting lays out your financial path, giving you clarity on income, expenses, and how to reach your goals. It's your GPS for financial success. Your budget helps you prio…
    Announcement pedrojales 40 views 2 comments Most recent by seolocal958 Business Resources
  • psieker
    [VIDEO] How to Target Your Ideal Customers
    April 18th, 2024 Hosted by: Patti Sieker, Sr Enablement Specialist This webinar is for pros who are new to Thumbtack or any pros who want to learn tips to target their ideal customers. We'll also discuss calendar management, respond…
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  • barchard
    Your First Two Weeks on Thumbtack!
    🌟 Attention New Pros 🌟 First of all, welcome. We’re so happy you’re here. My name is Brittany! Secondly, we understand that starting something new can be tricky, and we're here to help ease your transition. We wanted to share a help…
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  • barchard
    New Webinar Series for Pros
    Hi, Thumbtack Community! We’re so excited to be announcing an all-new webinar series that'll be hosted right here in our Thumbtack Pro Community.  These webinars will be open to all pros who are looking to dive into the world of Thu…
    Announcement barchard 712 views 4 comments Most recent by rschnepf13 Thumbtack Resources
  • ShaquealThomas
    Tips for fellow pros
    Just a few tips for my fellow pros and new group announcement. 1.use every tool available when receiving a lead phone text email. remember they may log off thumbtack and a phone call or text message can land that lead. 2. check you…
    Announcement ShaquealThomas 883 views 8 comments Most recent by ShaquealThomas Business Resilience
  • Analoguelife89
    Viewings Suddenly Dropped
    Typically, my weekly viewings for my tutoring profile range from about 70 to 200, but last week I was down to 4 views and this week I have had none. I am wondering why there has been a sudden drop in my viewings with no discernable…
    Analoguelife89 30 views 3 comments Most recent by Bretdouglas Business Resources
  • Swebbinteriors
    I am so tired of getting leads that provide wrong numbers or never respond back and then being denied a refund. I have been a top pro for years now and have spent a lot of money, but I'm going to go another route if something doesn'…
    Swebbinteriors 100 views 8 comments Most recent by nicole2381 Community News
  • JulietH
    Thumbtack Lead Prices Exorbitant
    Over the last 6 months, Thumback has raised lead prices by 50% and allows for far too much competition. I'm on the brink of going out of business, spending thoursands of dollars per month. Is this common?
    JulietH 56 views 4 comments Most recent by Bretdouglas Community News
  • Bretdouglas
    Ups and downs. We can ride this out
    Hello everyone this is Brad from Central florida. Just wanted to speak some words of encouragement to everybody's business models and to know that we are in a cymbient relationship. We all need to succeed and we all need to feel lik…
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  • Fil777
    I refused to work with a client and he left me a 1-star review
    I've been working with Thumbtack for almost a year now and I like this app, it's working good for me, but I think it's time to talk about this annoying little unfair thing that exists on Thumbtack.  In fact, now a client who turns t…
    Fil777 58 views 2 comments Most recent by ShaquealThomas Thumbtack Resources
  • Mightyoaks
    Instant Booking
    I went around and around with a text to from tech-support yesterday, and I kept pressing them. I found out these two things. First, supposedly they did trial runs and experiments, and found that all users want instant book, which is…
    Mightyoaks 220 views 6 comments Most recent by Red_Rock_Cleaning Business Resources
  • Bretdouglas
    Helped a pro ,are you next?
    Hello everyone I'm Brett Douglas a top pro in the central Florida area. I'm also currently on the pro advisory board that strives to help bridge the distance between the pros and the thumbtack organization. I have always felt it's m…
    Bretdouglas 14 views 1 comment Most recent by Bretdouglas Network and Collaborate
  • chilogm1
    Why does this even exist
    Why do we have another step after this. This step nothing but a trick test a change of mind not every client are looking to book if they already staring to check on availability why ask them to skip the back and forth. Direct booki…
    chilogm1 26 views 1 comment Most recent by Avixmovingpros Business Resources
  • Karakulidi
    My online service is not showing outside of my zip code
    Hi! My service (online piano lessons) is getting very few views. Upon checking, I found out that it shows just fine when searched within my zip code. However, it’s not showing outside of it (which makes no sense since I’m providing …
    Karakulidi 16 views 1 comment Most recent by DustiO Business Resources
  • pmpazo
    TT Pet Sitters
    Hi! I’m Laurie and I’m a pet sitter in the Cincinnati & Dayton Ohio areas. I’ve started getting on the bi-weekly pro calls so I can learn more to get more customers. I’m not getting leads, but I’m am getting views, so I’m postin…
    pmpazo 37 views 5 comments Most recent by DustiO Network and Collaborate
  • STL_Shooter78
    Why do I get charged for leads that are miscategorized?
    Back on 4/28 I got a lead from an individual in Shawnee, KS for wedding videography. The lead cost me $30.02. I messaged the person back and said "Sorry, I don't do wedding videography". This person had selected "Vide…
    STL_Shooter78 23 views 0 comments Started by STL_Shooter78 Thumbtack Resources
  • Mage
    Tomorrow: FREE Music Workshop!
    Hi everyone! Mage Music Studio is hosting a FREE music workshop on Saturday May 11th at 3pm Pacific. Sign up at https://mailchi.mp/magemusic/may-2024-workshop-reminder
    Mage 31 views 2 comments Most recent by DustiO Share Your Projects
  • Bretdouglas
    Thumbtack leads were amazing this week
    Just wanted to show my gratitude to thumbtack.we got 19 leads this week in Florida for landscape. Little over $400 was spent
    Bretdouglas 23 views 2 comments Most recent by DustiO Inspiration
  • Bretdouglas
    Thank you so much for working tirelessly to help pros on this platform. From all the different ideas that you always generate to the different events that you're always asking us to participate in to feel like we're part of a team. …
    Bretdouglas 16 views 0 comments Started by Bretdouglas Inspiration
  • DustiO
    Welcome to our new Community members — May 2024
    If you're tagged in this post, you've joined the Community over the past 2 months - and we're so glad you're here. Drop a comment and introduce yourself - post a pic, a link to your Thumbtack profile, tell us about your business - o…
    DustiO 132 views 7 comments Most recent by DustiO Community News
  • DustiO
    ICYMI — Today's CommuniTEA Recap
    I don't always post a recap from these sessions, but today we had such a great conversation, I wanted to share about it! One of our Community members @Mage (music instructor and performer) posed a question to the group about how bes…
    DustiO 191 views 6 comments Most recent by Mage Community News
  • Lado
    Denied lead Refund that based policy should be refunded
    1) Customer's sent me that my quote was high and he found different tech, i was charged 39.85$ and refund request denied. 2) customer did not reply back i texted but no response, I was charged 61.89$ and refund request denied 3) C…
    Lado 156 views 13 comments Most recent by DustiO Network and Collaborate
  • rileymcgriff
    A Quick Refresher on Reporting Suspicious Activity
    The majority of the customers you meet on Thumbtack are trustworthy. If you do come across a customer or situation you’re not sure about, let us know by reporting it. Take a moment to check out this article on reporting suspicious a…
    rileymcgriff 28 views 0 comments Started by rileymcgriff Thumbtack Resources
  • Mary
    Thumbtack Lead Quality
    We've had great experience with Thumbtack for the past couple of years. But recently we've been getting a lot of leads that end up being the wrong number, or did not request for a service. We've also wasted a considerable amount of …
    Mary 31 views 1 comment Most recent by DustiO Network and Collaborate
  • barchard
    Tell Us How We Can Make Our Webinars Even Better 🚀
    Hey there, Thumbtack enthusiasts! We want to hear straight from you about how we can take our webinars from good to mind-blowing. Whether you've been tuning in faithfully or you're considering checking out the next webinar for the f…
    barchard 21 views 1 comment Most recent by structuralguy65 Thumbtack Resources
  • Bretdouglas
    Don't give up. You got this.
    Hello fellow pros. This is Brett from florida. I just wanted to let you know I'm praying for all of your successes and that you have a great week. We are so blessed to have received over 14 leads this week and we have already sold o…
    Bretdouglas 14 views 1 comment Most recent by Bretdouglas Inspiration
  • chilogm1
    Why is this a thing since when do we get instant booking for multiple pros. This supposed to be a direct leads not instant book. Cause last time I check the goal for instant booking was to add all info and book one pro only for the …
    chilogm1 34 views 3 comments Most recent by DustiO Business Resources
  • Bretdouglas
    Sales are picking up
    Hey everybody. I hope your thumbtack is picking up. We started Monday with seven new leads. We have sold four of the jobs Whoop whoop
    Bretdouglas 45 views 5 comments Most recent by Bretdouglas Inspiration
  • Vianca_beauty
    Hello I have a issue with the location services I’m not in TN and a keep receiving clients I’m in NY city I only provide services around NY and Ct
    Vianca_beauty 17 views 1 comment Most recent by DustiO Community News
  • DustiO
    SPRING CONTEST: Curb appeal
    Spring is nearly upon us — from spring cleaning to home projects, this can be a really busy time of year. But we still want to see your work! For this season's contest we want to see your "curb appeal projects". Share your…
    DustiO 171 views 8 comments Most recent by Vianca_beauty Inspiration
  • pedrojales
    [RECORDINGS] Webinar Series for Pros
    Please access the "On-Demand Webinars" tab to find recordings of all our previous webinar sessions. For details on upcoming sessions and registration links, please visit our "Events" tab.
    pedrojales 165 views 2 comments Most recent by pedrojales Thumbtack Resources

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