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Thumbtack should do some basic lead verification for safety reasons

I had an experience last year on TT that freaked me out pretty good. I'm a real estate/commercial photographer. I had a new lead contact me about a house they wanted photographed. I showed up at the house at the scheduled time and no o... Read more
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Learn > Advanced Thumbtack

Review Policy Nightmare

I am a Thumbtack top pro, and have been with Thumbtack for over a decade. Currently I have 107 verified ratings and reviews with only two reviews less than a "5".  This context is important to understand what happened to me, and to war... Read more
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Learn > Advanced Thumbtack

I've come to the conclusion Thumbtack is not worth it, because there are no protections for pros

Reputation means everything. No one is going to hire you if you have 3 stars, and someone else has 5 stars. And thumbtack offers basically zero protections against someone maliciously, or even just mistakenly, posting bad reviews.As lo... Read more
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Plan > Ask another pro

Refunds for Targeted Leads that Do Not Match Preferences

In the past three weeks, I have received several targeted leads that do not match my preferences.  When I ask for a refund online, I am told almost immediately that I will not be refunded because it is an "exact match."  Please Thumbta... Read more
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Learn > Targeting

Getting charged for leads that simply don't reply, or for leads that I decline right away.

So I've had an overall good experience with Thumbtack since I joined.  The top Pro status is a bit out of reach for other reasons that TT doesn't bring into consideration.  But regardless, in my area, my business has been at the top of... Read more
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Learn > Community news

Congratulations to our January 2021 Class of Top Pro

We’re excited to announce the Top Pro Class of January 2021, and to celebrate this important accomplishment as a community! Top Pros, we want to hear from you! Reply below and share your story about how you became a Top Pro and grew a ... Read more
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Connect > South Florida area pros

Anyone else who works remotely nationally suddenly only showing up in your hometown search?

Over the past two weeks, I have gone from regularly having 3500-5000 views and spending quite a bit weekly with Thumbtack. I was thrilled actually because as a life/career coach, I was getting great clients all around the country, gett... Read more
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Connect > Pro Stories

Thank you Thumbtack

The world could be fearsome for many. A lot of discontentment and disappointment. It can make a wise person go mad. But with enough prayer you can have the endurance to keep on swimming. Thumbtack definitely has opened some doors for m... Read more
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Connect > Network and collaborate

Massage Therapy

Hello everyone! Ive been a massage therapist for about 4 years now. I LOVE what I do and how i can make your whole day by just bringing you into pure bliss and get away from reality for a little while.  Everyone deserves a little me ti... Read more
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