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topic id 100: Is quick reply worthy of charge?
topic id 7183: I'm trying to remove a credit card remove ,from payments,system wont let me
topic id 5571: Pricing
topic id 7120: Charging practices
topic id 7090: Insanity
topic id 6931: TV commercial
topic id 5713: Quote pricing / how much will I pay per quote?
topic id 5305: Website Design Pricing
topic id 3937: Unhappy with thumbtack
topic id 4155: Rates for Yoga Instructors in Los Angeles
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Instant Match

I got charged $15 dollars on one contact when before I used to pay $5 dollars a quote. Plus, once they added 10 more quote per a request, it allowed horrible photographers to gouge prices below what w...
by dback48 Level 5 in Pricing, payments & refunds 10m ago
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by JazzMsGoodhead Level 1 42m ago
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Let's talk about our pricing

Hey there! I’m Vinamrata, a Product Manager responsible for what we charge you for contacts on Thumbtack. Our goal at Thumbtack is to help customers find the right pros and hire them. We try to get yo...
by Thumbtack Employee vinamrata Thumbtack Employee in Pricing, payments & refunds 2 hours ago
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Answer BEFORE they ask!!!

I was annoyed with getting contacted with the same 2 or 3 questions that shouldn't have been asked - which were causing me to be charged. I now make sure that my bid includes those answers so they don...
by DefiningImagery Level 8 2 hours ago
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Representing illegal companies as "pros" can cause huge misrepresention issues for TT, no?

When TT keeps referring to "pros" when offering to match users up, they are actually misrepresenting who the people will be receiving quotes from. It's actaully false advertising when they say they ar...
by DefiningImagery Level 8 in Forum 3 hours ago
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Good news about pricing!

In the few months since this Community launched, we heard a lot of pros saying that they wanted to see prices before they send quotes, since that helps them make better decisions for their business. Y...
by Community Manager JasonB Community Manager 3 hours ago
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Customer Value/Interest=CUSTOMER COST???

you said:"The cost for a contact is based on customer's interest, the more valuable the request is, the more it costs."THERE IS NO WAY TO KNOW EXTENT OF A CUSTOMERS INTEREST OR VALUE FROM A FORM THEY ...
by fitcap Level 6 in Forum 4 hours ago
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New system

Feedback for Thumbtack. The new system is horrible. Please switch it back to the way it was. Costs are way too high, and hidden, and perhaps even worse is that the leads coming in are down dramaticall...
by MailKingUSA Level 4 5 hours ago
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Confused about service categories

I offer automobile detailing. I see no such category available to me but I see other detailers in other Thumbtack areas. What category do I need to select?
by tswilson Level 1 in Getting started 8 hours ago
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What rating would Pros give to Thumbtack

I would be curiouos. And I think Thumbtack could learn a lot from having their Pros rate the Thumbtack lead generation services. Just as reviews tell the Pro & the community of the experience and the ...
by bonnie_bill Level 4 9 hours ago
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