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topic id 14288: Declined "Leads" charged
topic id 100: Is quick reply worthy of charge?
topic id 578: Only Pay For Contacted Leads?
topic id 11582: Pricing
topic id 7183: I'm trying to remove a credit card remove ,from payments,system wont let me
topic id 5571: Pricing
topic id 7120: Charging practices
topic id 7090: Insanity
topic id 6931: TV commercial
topic id 5713: Quote pricing / how much will I pay per quote?
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Let’s talk about how you rank in search results

Hey there, I’m Scott! I’m a Product Manager at Thumbtack, and I work on the new search results system. Now that customers see results instantly when they search for a pro, it matters where you rank in...
by Thumbtack Employee scottz Thumbtack Employee in Get hired 13 seconds ago
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On the fence...

Since Google cut all advertising for any tech support-related keywords since this past September, my computer repair business has been hurting for new customers and I am now forced to find a new way t...
by BobsPCRepair Level 1 15m ago
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Requesting refunds

I need a refund. You just charged me for a flaking person who is not looking for hiring anyone. I need to talk to some Thumbtack representative not just leave message like this.
by Mariam Level 1 in Pricing, payments & refunds 4 hours ago
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Right from the Mouth of Marco..............

Hello everybody.  After yet another unpleasant and unproductive Thumbtack experience today and getting "Dinged" yet again for absolutely nothing of any consequence. Except for the well paid crickets.....
by K-9 Level 5 4 hours ago
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Declined "Leads" charged

Since yesterday I've been charged for "leads" that I've declined. This is an absorb!!!! Almost $200 charged in my bank account for "leads" that not even fit into my schedule and that I declined right ...
by Luiz Level 5 in Pricing, payments & refunds 4 hours ago
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Why we do not received from Thumbtack a client telephone number?

By not receiving from Thumbtack clients telephone numbers, it won't allow us to follow up with a text message. Today not too many people look for an email. They answer faster a text message!!! We loos...
by WOfficiant Level 5 6 hours ago
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8 gift ideas that make you look really thoughtful.

One minute it’s Black Friday and the next, you’re scrambling to beat the holiday shipping cut off. What’s a busy business owner like yourself to do? To help, we put together a list of our most popular...
by Thumbtack Writer PhilippaB Thumbtack Writer in Small business blog 7 hours ago
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Face to face in 2018.

This past six months, we had events where pros met each other and us in the real world. Here were the best parts.We had events across the country from Los Angeles and Seattle to Atlanta and Las Vegas....
by Thumbtack Writer PhilippaB Thumbtack Writer 7 hours ago
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Profile Consultations

The better your profile, the more work you’ll get. No one knows your business better than you, but sometimes you just need a fresh perspective to put your best foot forward. That's why we're creating ...
by Thumbtack Employee MichelleHR Thumbtack Employee in Getting started 10 hours ago
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Hi EveryoneI don’t mind paying for leads, but this new system does not let me know how much a potential conversion will cost me until after my card is charged. We aren’t stupid. This has to stop as ma...
by Dtexasman Level 5 yesterday
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False leads

I am really getting tired of getting contacted by people and them asking my availability and that is is it i can not afford to keep spending empty money on here for no return. I like Thumbtack but thi...
by NabilAmara Level 5 in Find more jobs 10 hours ago
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How to set your prices.

1. Do your research.Setting prices can be nuanced work. It all depends on different factors, from cost of materials to market demand. If the prices in your area are a mystery to you, Thumbtack’s prici...
by Thumbtack Writer PhilippaB Thumbtack Writer 10 hours ago
3 13

Pricing Q&A wrap-up

Hey pros! Thanks so much for the great feedback in our pricing Q&A with Vinamrata this week. We got tons of great feedback: 1,800 posts from over 1,400 of you, and Vinamrata’s team is hard at work add...
by Community Manager LydiaH Community Manager in Pricing, payments & refunds yesterday
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Refund of balance in light of unilateral contract change?

Will folks who have money in their Thumbtack balance have a special exception to have those monies refunded to them if they do not want to accept Thumbtack's new 'contract'?Essentially the fact that y...
by CopperCreekCuts Level 4 yesterday
4 6

"You can't do everything."

 Top pro Mic Mell of Eleven Coaching talks about the importance of marketing when running your own business. I got one important thing from my career coach, “If you’re not willing to spend a big chunk...
by Thumbtack Writer PhilippaB Thumbtack Writer in Stories of the Self Made yesterday
9 3

Soon Customers can find you right away

I received this email from TT today regarding a new feature being released soon.As I understand from this, (and please correct me if I interpreted it wrong, and I truly hope I did)  you will be incent...
by PhotobyLuigi Level 6 yesterday
23 59

New system

Feedback for Thumbtack. The new system is horrible. Please switch it back to the way it was. Costs are way too high, and hidden, and perhaps even worse is that the leads coming in are down dramaticall...
by MailKingUSA Level 4 in Find more jobs yesterday
27 167

Chasing ghost customers

In todays competative market, this app has brought me about a dozen hires. However, it does NOT compare to the money Ive spent on “ inquisitive “ online customers. Those that respond to quotes saying ...
by Dogproservices Level 5 yesterday
9 12

Give us your feedback!

At Thumbtack, when there's something we like or something that's going well, we call it a #loveit. And when there's something that could be improved, we call it a #couldbebetter. So tell us: what are...
by Community Manager JasonB Community Manager in Get hired yesterday
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Let’s talk about search results

Hey pros! I’m Chris, the product manager responsible for some of the updates you’ve been hearing about lately. As you’ve been hearing recently, you’re about to start showing up instantly in Thumbtack ...
by Thumbtack Employee cjk Thumbtack Employee yesterday
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