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Learn > Advanced Thumbtack

Review Policy Nightmare

I am a Thumbtack top pro, and have been with Thumbtack for over a decade. Currently I have 107 verified ratings and reviews with only two reviews less than a "5".  This context is important to understand what happened to me, and to war... Read more
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Learn > Targeting

Not on Promote -Sent quotes never seen!

I am not on promote and dont want to be, because of the high cost and paying for leads that lead to nowhere. I am comfortable with sending quotes to select leads that sound good and paying the extra cost. It seems for the past several ... Read more
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Learn > Resource of the week

Resource of the week: Advice for new pros [video]

Hi everyone! This week I wanted to share another short video from our Pro Resources library. This one features Top Pros Preston and Leighton from Rocky Mountain Photo Booth sharing their advice for pros who are new to Thumbtack.  Read more
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Plan > Ask another pro

Thoughts on Thumbtack as a music teacher

Thumbtack has been a huge help to me and I would not be able to be running my own home music studio without it! Just wanted to share some thoughts on the system and what's not really working for me as a music teacher. Multiple instrume... Read more
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Plan > Ask another pro

bad review from a person I did not do the job?

I noticed that I have a 1 star rating with no text review - from a client that only met but did not actually work for.  can 'potential client's do that?   Read more
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Learn > Advanced Thumbtack

Bad reviews: Not hired, no explanation, customers not responding

Hi,I have two bad reviews on my profile. Neither of the customers hired me. They were left anonymously in 2017.  After reaching out to customer service, they were able to give me the name of the customers. I looked at our messages. I h... Read more
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Connect > DMV area pros


I'm looking to clean windows
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Connect > Atlanta area pros


So my account was deactivated admitted 2 years for haveing my phone number(2 years) I was top professional 2017 and 2018. Had already achieved 2019 top professional. I did not receive top row status. However upon reinstate my account I... Read more
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Learn > Advanced Thumbtack


So I got a direct match lead for my services and when I read the additional details for this job I "paid" for it describes that they are having a party at their home with 25 people and those in attendance will not be wearing masks and ... Read more
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