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  • yahyaikan
    hello guys I am new
    hello guys I am new at this platform just i want to present myself to all members I am starting a new agency that creates content for company and influencer we solve a lot of problems and help you grow your social media to the nex…
    yahyaikan 13 views 1 comment Most recent by DustiO Business Resources
  • ChicagoMurals
    Free Leads Promotion
    Hi, The other day I received a push notification and email advertising if I increased my maximum weekly allowance by $XX they'd give up to 6 free leads with the highest increase. I then increased for 6 free leads. Since then have ha…
    ChicagoMurals 120 views 1 comment Most recent by DustiO Thumbtack Resources
  • ChicagoMurals
    No Response from Customer Service
    Hello, I have been reaching out to customer service for around a week now with no human response. My profile has been flagged for not meeting community guidelines. I'm not seeing where it's faulty and I havent touched my details sin…
    ChicagoMurals 145 views 4 comments Most recent by DustiO Thumbtack Resources
  • Eber_Da_Silva
    Calling thumbtack
    i have been waiting for 2 hours in a call,, no answer from thumbtack. Is that right? As a pro i should get an answer. Also the text message dies not work.
    Eber_Da_Silva 9 views 0 comments Started by Eber_Da_Silva Network and Collaborate
  • MarkZilberman
    Not showing the right photos
    Hello, I am a wedding photographer. Thumbtack asks for photos and others from "projects". I submitted in both. But, they are only showing the pictures from projects. And, I see this is also true for other photographers. Wh…
    MarkZilberman 63 views 4 comments Most recent by MarkZilberman Business Resources
  • DustiO
    JOIN US tomorrow (Thursday 2/2) for CommuniTEA.
    If you're tagged in this post, you've been active in the Community since our last CommuniTEA networking hour and we would love to meet you! Please join us tomorrow from 9:00-10:00am PT (10am MT, 11am CT, 12pm ET) via Zoom. We'll do …
    DustiO 110 views 5 comments Most recent by DustiO Community News
  • PianoTeacherCharlie
    Piano Lessons available in Point Loma.
    Anyone feel like you have always wanted to learn the piano but just never knew where to start? Sign up for music lessons in San Diego today! Call or text Charlie’s Piano Studio LLC today at (619)991-0701.
    PianoTeacherCharlie 12 views 0 comments Started by PianoTeacherCharlie Share Your Projects
  • Idesigner74
    Is thumbtack still in business? I stopped getting any leads at all a couple months ago.
    After consistently having a very high closing rate on the project leads I met with, along with a good rating, I suddenly stopped getting any leads at all almost 3 months ago. I spoke with customer service twice a while back and the…
    Idesigner74 269 views 16 comments Most recent by 1Gerbault__ Thumbtack Resources
  • MoBeth
    Stop getting leads
    I used to get lots of leads for tutoring jobs but I haven't gotten any in ages. Don't know why they stopped coming. Something must be different. Maybe I am not be shown to prospects anymore.
    MoBeth 146 views 35 comments Most recent by GlennBates_PropMng1 Business Resilience
  • rvgrand
    Has anyone else seen their metrics crash recently? Just looking at my insights, there has been a steady decline in views and lead amounts in the past few months. Where I used to see over a 1k profile views, I now see... 135. That is…
    rvgrand 106 views 14 comments Most recent by Theresa Thumbtack Pro Rewards
  • timothyduncan95
    Customer support needed via phone call
    I operate a handyman business and use Thumbtack to find a large portion of my work. I am having an issue with my pro status. I have nearly 30 5-star reviews, a complete profile, an 85% response rate, and at the time of writing this…
    timothyduncan95 64 views 1 comment Most recent by DustiO Thumbtack Pro Rewards
  • DustiO
    ICYMI - CommuniTEA networking hour recap (11/10)
    Yesterday @soonerkimmy @ShaquealThomas @Mage @EVSNotary @CrystalFields @Stat @Daffodilly and @Cherita_Brasier joined myself and two Thumbtack team members for CommuniTEA — a biweekly networking hour where our Community members are i…
    DustiO 43 views 2 comments Most recent by jabbu12 Community News
  • DustiO
    January contest: Looking ahead.
    To enter January's contest drop a comment below and tell us: One goal/intention you have for the new year One tip for success in the new year One thing you'd like to see in this Community this year We'll pick a winner at random to r…
    DustiO 139 views 18 comments Most recent by DustiO Community News
  • HypnosisByDan
    Where do you train your refund assessment team?
    It seems the only answer that they know is No. I got a contact lead today from someone who is 16. A clear violation of your Terms of Service: "ELIGIBILITY, SERVICE PROFESSIONAL REPRESENTATIONS, WARRANTIES, AND USE OF THE PLAT…
    HypnosisByDan 18 views 1 comment Most recent by DustiO Thumbtack Pro Rewards
  • Danlupomusic
    Music Teacher Job Opening!
    To all my music teachers! *** Job opportunity! Most of you are probably killing it! Cause you know, you are pros after all;) If you know of anyone needing part time work teaching piano who lives in San Francisco, we have recently…
    Danlupomusic 1 view 0 comments Started by Danlupomusic Network and Collaborate
  • milliesmess
    Photos Not Updating On Profile
    I just tried to add some new photos and edit my featured projects, but the changes aren't updating on my public profile for customers. My old featured project is still on my public profile, but when you click on it it's just a black…
    milliesmess 107 views 3 comments Most recent by DustiO Community News
  • Samglamontheglo
    Let’s Glo 2023!
    Hi I’m Sam Glam, makeup artist, & hairstylist. As well as a beauty branding coach and content creator. My biggest goal for the year is to reach 6 figures My tip for success is to never stop networking and building relationships…
    Samglamontheglo 18 views 2 comments Most recent by DustiO Community News
  • DustiO
    2023 Top Pro Summit event Q&A
    Since we didn't have a chance to get to all of the questions that were submitted during our recent 2023 Summit event, we thought we would post them here. Questions submitted during the 2023 Summit event I have been submitting feedb…
    DustiO 40 views 0 comments Started by DustiO Inspiration
  • DustiO
    [Recording] 2023 Top Pro Summit Event
    Check out this recording of our first annual Thumbtack Summit — where we came together to celebrate our Top Pros, look back on your wins from 2022, and get a sneak peak of some exciting things in 2023. Comment below with your favori…
    DustiO 408 views 0 comments Started by DustiO Inspiration
  • MoonlightMerchandise
    More leads
    I realize that I am in a niche market (embroidery). I have been on TT for 6 years and I would like to grow my business. The number of qualified leads I get each month make it hard to even maintain a top pro badge. Is there any hel…
    MoonlightMerchandise 33 views 3 comments Most recent by MoonlightMerchandise Business Resilience
  • DustiO
    ICYMI - CommuniTEA networking hour recap (1/5 & 1/19)
    This month @EVSNotary @soonerkimmy @ShaquealThomas @Lemargriffinfilms @Mage @Js_Garage_Door1 @Brandon_Allen @Adele_Alexandre @musicmanwiththeplan @AllAroundMusic @SOUNIQUE007 @sfields7 @BorjaVisuals @Tyler_Fulwood @Jonathan_Segal @J…
    DustiO 53 views 1 comment Most recent by Mage Community News
  • DustiO
    2023 Top Pro Summit Event: Special Partnership Offers
    As part of or first annual Top Pro Summit event, we’ve worked with key partners to provide limited time discounts with several of our partners. Based on our findings, pros who work with our partners see faster response times, more l…
    DustiO 189 views 0 comments Started by DustiO Thumbtack Resources
  • Theresa
    Drop in views
    I have seen an 80 to 90% drop in views for my two categories Nutritionist and Health and Wellness. Which results in a drop of Profile views and hires. Has anyone else having same experience?
    Theresa 42 views 10 comments Most recent by DustiO Community News
  • LisaP
    Can't do it option
    I've received a lead that indicates the person is "looking for a life coach for a friend", this is not a lead I want to take. What happens if I click the Can't do it option? Will I still be charged? Thank you for the res…
    LisaP 109 views 1 comment Most recent by DustiO Thumbtack Resources
  • Prarich_2
    Request for Payment missing
    I don't see the Request for Payment tab in my messages to the customer. I was able to get part payment as an advance (it is yet to get to my bank though). But when I try to request for balance payment after job is done, I don't see …
    Prarich_2 34 views 3 comments Most recent by DustiO Thumbtack Resources
  • LombardoSD
    Account Deactivated (I didn't deactivate it and my reviews are impeccable.)
    Hi I'm having an issue logging into Thumbtack. I originally created my account using the Apple button and I've been using it for over a year now with no issues.  For the past couple weeks I noticed that I wasn't receiving any job re…
    LombardoSD 159 views 6 comments Most recent by SoCalComputerSvcs_1 Network and Collaborate

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