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  • cakenweights
    Thumbtack canceling request?
    I was scrolling through my previous conversations & noticed one had been canceled- by thumbtack. Why would thumbtack cancel a job request? If the person wasn’t legit/got a complaint from another pro & therefore they were rem…
    cakenweights 14 views 1 comment Most recent by DustiO
  • AngelicaVasquez
    Rate Clients
    Why doesn't Thumbtack allow customers to be rated? I've received an unwarranted review and now I live in fear of my clients. Uber figured this out years ago but if you don't allow both sides to rate each other, you create a lopsided…
    AngelicaVasquez 61 views 11 comments Most recent by Hooktopi
  • cakenweights
    I got a lead today & it looks like I could see another pros message. I worry that these messages aren’t going to the lead at all. Unfortunately the leads I’ve been getting have been unresponsive lately which worries me if I am p…
    cakenweights 22 views 2 comments Most recent by Azhandyman
  • cakenweights
    Have phone numbers helped anyone? I’d prefer emails.
    I recently came back to using thumbtack as a pro & know about the new phone numbers feature. I am wondering if anyone had actually gotten a response from a prospect through texting/calling when they aren’t “reading” messages on …
    cakenweights 37 views 6 comments Most recent by Mage
  • OnTheRockies
    Another Pro copied my profile
    Recently I worked with a freelance contractor who told me of another pro they worked with who mentioned me by name. I had not heard of this other pro in my industry, and I somewhat regularly check out the competition to see where we…
    OnTheRockies 30 views 1 comment Most recent by DustiO
  • musicmanwiththeplan
    Musicians and Event Professionals on Thumbtack - Paying For Non-responsive Clients
    I am a highly rated musician on Thumbtack with a robust client base. I have used every major online marketplace you can think of to get clientele, and I am highly rated on all of them. I am lucky enough to make 100% of my income thr…
    musicmanwiththeplan 26 views 7 comments Most recent by billisdue2021
  • d4dkaren
    Collecting Customer Info
    I'd like to gather all my customer contact info to improve my marketing outreach. Is there an easy way to get this info from Thumbtack?
    d4dkaren 48 views 8 comments Most recent by Mage
  • cakenweights
    Personal trainers unable to select gender
    I’ve talked to thumbtack customer service about this multiple times, but wondering if getting it out here & having other ladies share concerns will help. As a female in the fitness space I have been harassed by male clients pre…
    cakenweights 12 views 1 comment Most recent by DustiO
  • Meckell
    Resource of the week: Get reviews [video]
    Hi everyone! This week I wanted to share another video from our Pro Resources library. This video walks you through the basics of how to get reviews on Thumbtack. The intended audience is new pros, but you may find it helpful even i…
    Meckell 31 views 7 comments Most recent by PomeranzLaw